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Steps for Live chat button integration on Joomla eCommerce website. Use Live chat software on your Joomla website and communicate with your customers on a single click. Click here to get live chat for joomla


  • 1. Steps to Integrate Live chat button On Joomla eCommerce website

2. REGISTER FREE AND FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO INTEGRATE LIVE CHAT BUTTON ON YOUR JOOMLA ECOMMERCE WEBSITE: NOTE: To keep the integration process really simple we have created Joomla Plugins. Plugins can be either downloaded from our website first and then uploaded from Dashboard or looked for directly from Extensions section. Step 1: Log into your Joomla website. Step 2: From the Extensions menu, click Install/ Uninstall. Step 3: From the Upload Package File section, click Choose File. 3. Step 4: Locate the zipped file for eAssistance PRO Chat Module for Joomla and click Open. Step 5: Click Upload File & Install. Step 6: On the Extensions menu, click Modules Manager. Step 7: From the Module Name column, click eAssistance Pro Live Chat. Step 8: In the Details area, select Yes from the Enabled field. 4. Step 9: In the Parameters area, copy the eAssistance Pro live chat code in the eAssistance Pro Live Chat Code field and click Save. Step 10: The eAssistance Pro Live Chat Module for Joomla is successfully installed and enabled on your Joomla website. Read More 5. Visit website FREE DEMO