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Adding Graphics


  • 1. Adding GraphicsJames Evans

2. Click on Add Media to add aclip that you would like to addthe graphics too. I have selectedmine from the Files andFolders button and imported mytest footage. 3. The clip has now beenimported into the ProjectAssets bin. Drag this videodown onto the Video 1 areaon the timeline below to beginediting. 4. The clip should appear on thescreen and be visible in thearea where you have justdragged it. 5. To begin adding the graphics,click on the Graphics buttonat the bottom right of thescreen. 6. Select the Graphic that youwould like to add to the clipfrom the menu above theGraphics button. I willselect the apple and drag itonto my clip 7. When the Graphic image hasbeen dragged onto the clip,click on the Applied Effectsbutton on the far right of thescreen. 8. You then need to animateyour graphics by accessingthe Show/Hide Keyframecontrols button in the topright of the Applied EffectsMenu. 9. You can now see a minitimeline. With thegraphic selected, clickthe Toggle Animationbutton in the top right. 10. Here are the key framesthat were created foreach part of motion inthe video. You can definethe starting position ofthe graphic b changingthe Position parametervalues. 11. Next you must move the slider towhere you want the graphic to changeor stop. This is done by dragging theslider to the side. 12. Then click the Add Key frame toadd a new key frame for thisposition. 13. You can now change the value forthe position by changing theparameters in the area circled. Youcan repeat this to add more keyframes and positions to yourgraphics. 14. You can now playback youranimation by moving theslider backwards andforwards to review. 15. The animation is now complete. You can now add key framesin other ways such as scaling and resizing the graphics tomake them more effective. Click Play to watch the filmplay through all the way.


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