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  • 1. Adding ingSome simple rules and examples

2. What do we do? Look at and read the word.Listen to the vowel sound is it long or short?See what happens to the short vowelwords here 3. Short vowel sounds lap lapping beg begging hit hitting nod nodding put putting 4. Rule If the vowel is a short sound with only oneconsonant after it, then you must double theconsonant. 5. How many consonants after the short vowel sound here? back backing stick sticking stand standing hunt hunting bank banking turn turning jump jumping lift lifting 6. If the vowel is a short sound,but has more than one consonant after it then just add ingCan you think of any more words like these? 7. Look at the next list of wordsTell your neighbour what you notice there is something the same about each one 8. Look come coming hope hoping joke joking fake faking slide sliding hide hiding take taking tune tuning 9. Rule If it ends in e drop the e when addinging 10. Now you think what the next rule might be Look at this new list of words. 11. What is the same? break breaking leap leaping look looking sleep sleeping cheat cheating float floating boil boiling sail sailing 12. What is the rule?Talk with your partner and then tell your teacher 13. Rules for adding ing Short vowel sound, with one consonant =Double the consonant and add ing Short vowel sound,with two consonants= Just add ing Ending in e = Drop the e then add ing Long vowel sound = Just add ing 14. Sort these words into the gridbelow: name drink snow hit fan skippaint drive meltwash dive swim Look for more examples in your reading booksJust add ing Double the Drop the e and consonantadd ing


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