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Adding Life To Your PondPond Pump Basics

When it comes to creating a beautiful backyard living space, nothing speaks to enhancing your surrounding environment like a well-maintained pond.

Here are a few tips on how to make it truly beautiful and unique.

Types Of FishWhen choosing the best fish for your pond you must consider your ponds:

DepthWidthClimate of your location

Types Of FishCarp and KoiCarp and Koi fish are very common among pond owners

Koi fish are great for ponds that have at least 1000 gallons of water and an adequate pond filtration pump in place.

Carp are especially useful in ponds for reducing the appearance and presence of unsightly green algae.

Both Carp and Koi can survive changing seasons with cold freezing winters

Pond Plant LifeFloating PlantsFloating plants thrive in a pond atmosphere and cannot survive elsewhere else in a garden.

Water hyacinths and floating hearts (lily pads) are among the most popular types of floating plants.

Their large colorful flowers can typically be found in yellow, white, purple and pink.

Pond Plant LifeSubmerged PlantsSubmerged plants offer your fish places to hide, making for a more secluded environment.

Popular Anacharis plants are:

Easy to maintainGreen in colorNon-invasive

Adding Life To Your PondConstant CirculationConstant circulation is important in a pond to prevent water from becoming stagnant and attracting unwanted pests- creating an unhealthy environment for fish and plant life.

An atmosphere for fish, plants and other organisms to thrive can be achieved through a pond pump filtration system. This will create clear, clean pond water.

Choosing The Right Pond PumpChoosing the right pump for your pond is important in maintaining a healthy environment.

The right pond pump for your garden is based according the type of garden that you have and will provide an ideal level of water while requiring little maintenance from the user.

Choosing The Right Pond PumpVolumeThe pond pump that you select should have a gallons per hour rating of at least half of your pond size.

Circulation is recommended once every 2 hours.

The pond pump should be effective working with a maximum quantity of water at varying parameters of pressure and height.

For example, a1500 gallon pond should have a pump that moves at least 1500 gallons of water per hour.

Choosing The Right Pond PumpSize of the PumpThe size of a ponds pump should correlate with the size, dimension and volume of the pond.

The general rule is to double the pumps capacity if fish or additional accessories such as fountains, waterfalls, and streams are being added to the pond.

Choosing The Right Pond PumpWaterfall HeightWaterfall attentions my require a stronger pump.

Every inch of width in the channel calls for an extra 100 gallons per hour so it is important to measure all appropriate aspects of your waterfall to get a properly suiting pump for your pond.

Tsurumi Pump Sales offers a wide variety of pond pumps available so you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor pond. We are proud to carry an extensive selection of top-of-the-line Tsurumi pond pumps, each with a standard 2-year warranty.

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