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Addressing information & Technology Competencies at Schools of Social Work. Abbie K. Frost, PhD., Faculty Gianna Gifford, Social Work Librarian Simmons College School of Social Work . Council on Social Work Education Portland, Oregon October 14, 2010. Areas for Discussion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Addressing information & Technology Competencies at Schools of Social Work

Addressing information & Technology Competencies at Schools of Social WorkAbbie K. Frost, PhD., FacultyGianna Gifford, Social Work LibrarianSimmons College School of Social Work Council on Social Work EducationPortland, OregonOctober 14, 20101Areas for DiscussionStudent Competencies In what ways do information and technology fluencies address student competencies?

Vehicles of DeliveryWhat are the most effective ways of delivering content?

Link with SW Curriculum Whats needed at entry of MSW program? during the foundation curriculum? during the advanced curriculum?

2Discussion PointsPresentation of Tech Comps at Simmons School of Social Work Purpose, Design, Vehicles of DeliveryLinks to courses in foundation & advanced curriculum

Link to CSWE Competencies

Future Directions

3What were doing at SimmonsSystematic ApproachEfforts are organized across the curriculum so that delivery is not dependent upon faculty interestRequires faculty/SW librarian collaborationTech Comps students complete before end of 1st semester Foundation courses Human Behavior Policy Research Advanced Courses Evaluation

Concentrating on what is needed in the field. Two hundred students come to their school each fall, fifty in January.4Tech Comps at SSWRequired of all incoming studentsFailure to complete by 1st semester jeopardizes their ability to register for 2nd semester coursesRequirement for graduation

Content is grouped into two areas (workshops)Attendance is required unless students complete assignments before specific workshop is heldAssignments designed to measure basic student competencies

The teeth. This says that the school recognizes that technology is important. Ten to twelve percent have not completed the assignment by October 1. The school wants the competencies completed early so they will be done and faculty members can assume a basic level of knowledge. 5Workshop #1Held during orientation one large groupAreas of focusSimmons specific technologiesE-mail, e-learningTechnology-related policies; ways to get assistanceBrief presentation about the role that information (evidence) plays in making practice decisionsThinking about the validity of information from the web the CRAAP testSocial work related web sitesInformation for Practice (NYU blog)Medline PlusPubMedSAMHSA, National registry of Evidence-based programs & practicesNational Center on Substance Abuse & Child WelfareNIDA, NIAAGovernment sites in Michigan (DCS, DHS, Michigan Legislature)

Two workshops are required by students can complete the assignment without taking the workshop to test out. The workshop is a two hour PowerPoint on their equivalent of Ctools. Its held during orientation. Twenty-five percent usually test out. C=currancyR=relevance/coverageA=authorityA=accuracyP=purpose/objectivity #1 AssignmentsComplete an assessment that includes questions about:Michigan reporting requirements for abuse/neglectState resources for domestic violenceLegislative alert for NASW-Michigan chapterAge requirements to receive Early Intervention ServicesCrisis stabilization servicesSuicide prevention

Complete an online course offered through NASW National Chapter (WebEd)Understanding Aging: The Social Workers Role

Students email her a certificate of completion for the online course as proof they took it. They are trying to anticipate what kind of information resources students will need the first day of their field placement.7Workshop #2Held during 2nd week of semester (smaller groups 25 max.)

Areas of Focus Simmons Library Resources Introduction to the library system How to access reserves Who to contact How to reach social work librarian Electronic Databases Searching techniques RefWorks

8Workshop #2 AssignmentsComplete an assessment that includes questions about:Library catalog Searching the catalogUse of electronic databasesSelecting a database to complete a searchUsing features found in databases (e.g. thesaurus)

Create a bibliography on child abuse using RefWorks(This assignment is the first step in an HBSE assignment for class 7.)

Second workshop is two hours really 1-1/4 hours with time for practice.9Challenges to ConsiderTiming of workshops

A review of assignments: Whats appropriate, whats busy work

Have we adequately considered what basic is with regard to information & technology fluency in terms of field education?

What content should be omitted or added?

Vehicles to deliver content

They are looking at different ways to deliver this information; PowerPoint, narrative, video. It is important that the information be relevant to the students. Michigan State has distance learning. They offer social work camp to cover information. 10Beyond the BasicsLinks to Foundation CoursesHBSE students are asked to search for an evidence-based article that addresses adverse childhood experiences & critique the contribution of that article to informing their practice decisionsA closer look at what evidence isSearching for a specific topic & type of articlePolicy students are asked to search for statistical information that can provide a foundation for a policy analysisFamiliar with different state, national, & international sitesHave opportunity to apply the CRAAP testResearch students complete a search proposalAdvanced searching techniquesA more specific focus on electronic databases relevant for their individual work in the class

Covered in the classroom. Many adjunct faculty have difficulty with evidence-based practice and need help with this. Including this information demonstrates faculty competencies in these areas, too. Something like this needs the deans backing. Faculty need to be on board. It cant be just the librarian.11Beyond the BasicsLinks to Advanced CoursesEvaluationResources for Tests & Measures used to meaure client outcomesResources to use once they have graduated and do not have access to the electronic databases from the library system

Simmons is focused on practice only.12Challenges to ConsiderBest fit vehicle of delivery & timing

Whats the faculty members responsibility regarding familiarity with content presented

Training for adjunct (and fulltime) faculty

What are the needs in field education?

Link to Student Competencies #12.1.1 Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordinglyBe familiar with training/continuing education offered onlineComplete NASW WebEd course on Understanding Aging: The Social Workers Role

Its important for students to know more than just that the site or resource is there and available. They also need to know how to use the site(s).14Link to Student Competencies #22.1.2 Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practiceBe familiar with what plagiarism isKnow how to use RefWorks (bibliographic database)

Link to Student Competencies #32.1.3 Apply critical thinking to inform & communicate professional judgementBe familiar with information sourcesKnow how to evaluate reliability & validity of information taken from the web (CRAAP test)

Link to Student Competencies #42.1.4 Engage diversity and diffference in practiceBe familiar with go to sources regarding best practices for diverse populations

Link to Student Competencies #52.1.5 Advance human rights and social and economic justiceBe familiar with informational resources that can be used to analyze current policies

Link to Student Competencies #62.1.6 Engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed researchBe familiar with what evidence can meanBe familiar with web-based sources on EBP and best practicesBe familiar with a range of electronic databases & advanced searching techniquesBe familiar with free access sources for professional literature

Link to Student Competencies #72.1.7 Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environmentWhile a student be familiar with a range of electronic databases & advances searching techniquesAs a graduate be familiar with free access sources for the professional literature

Link to Student Competencies #82.1.8 Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic well-being and deliver effective social workBe familiar with informational resources that can be used to analyze current policies

Link to Student Competencies #92.1.9 Respond to contexts that shape practice

Link to Student Competencies #102.1.10 Engage, assess, intervene and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities

Future Directions Link to Student (Graduate) CompetenciesAreas of Focus

Vehicles of DeliveryLinked to courses?Face-to-face, online?

This faculty member gets a workload credit for her work with this initiative. Its imperative to have faculty support. Information literacy is entwined in the social work competencies. If there is too much information to cover in orientation but the school thinks its important to cover the school needs to evaluate where and how this information will be covered. 24


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