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הַרְחֵק מִשָכֵן רָע. Adina Broder. Chazal tell us to:. Stay far away from a bad neighbor. but to any friend who could be a bad influence on you. This is not just referring to a neighbor ,. Hey, Shira . Do you want to come shopping with us?. No, thanks. I’m studying on Quizlet . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Adina Broder

Adina Broder

ח�ק ה�ר�מ�שכ�ן

ע ר

Page 2: Adina Broder

Stay far away from a bad neighbor

This pitgam isn’t tal king about

someone who could physical ly hurt you

Chazal tell us to:

Although of course you should stay away from such

a person

Page 3: Adina Broder

A neighbor, meaning a person,

who doesn’t act properly

This pitgam is referring to:

Page 4: Adina Broder

WHY should You stay away from such a person?

Page 5: Adina Broder

Because such a person could be

a bad influence on you

Page 6: Adina Broder

Hey, Shira.Do you want to come shopping

with us?

Page 7: Adina Broder

No, thanks.I’m studying on

Quizlet.Maybe next time.

Page 8: Adina Broder

You study too much.So what if you don’t do well on your test?

Come with us.

Page 9: Adina Broder

These girls are always telling me

not to study.

Page 10: Adina Broder

The last time I listened to them, I failed my test.

Page 11: Adina Broder

They’re not a good influence on me, and I

should probably stay away from


Page 12: Adina Broder

I don’t think I’ll be able to hang out with you girls this year.

I’m going to focus on my studies.

Page 13: Adina Broder

Other examples:

Page 14: Adina Broder

Did you see what

Vered was wearing?!

Page 15: Adina Broder
Page 16: Adina Broder

Instead, you should try to

surround yourself withpeople will be

a good influenceon you

Page 17: Adina Broder

רע מ�שכ�ן

Stay far awayfrom a bad neighbor

ח�ק ה�ר�