adios, au revoir, goodbye!!!

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Adios, Au Revoir, Goodbye!!!. The Life and Times of John Conway CPS 2004-2008. Conway arrived at CPS in 2001 as the new Assistant Principal…. doesn’t he look excited. . When you smile, no one notices the technology confusion…at first. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Adios, Au Revoir, Goodbye!!!The Life and Times of John ConwayCPS 2004-2008

  • Conway arrived at CPS in 2001 as the new Assistant Principal

    doesnt he look excited.

  • When you smile, no one notices the technology confusionat first.

  • As the Assistant (principal that is) to Mr. Titus

  • Sadly, Mr. Conway did not stay but a year. Luckily though, he could not stay away and soon returned in 2004.

  • This time as Principal!

  • As Principal, Mr. Conway stayed in touch with the studentsReading is such a workout with third grade, even his hair is tousled.Chillin with some friends

  • A man of many talentshe can read upside down and resist the sweet treats around himgood thing they werent Reece Cups.

  • Kite flying can be confusing. Good thing the kindergarteners have it figured outnow if someone will just help Mr. Conway

  • Looks like some line dancing is about to start

  • Another close friend

  • Picture time on Graduation day

  • Supporting the SAS members in the parade.

  • While at CPS, Mr. Conway not only worked hard as the principal, but also unknowingly became the participant of some fun celebrations.

    Who can forget his 40th Birthday?!?

    Thanks to Mama Conway, we all got to enjoy some lovely photos

  • The early years

  • What a cheeser!

  • Birthday celebration

  • So young

  • Adolescence

  • Johnny Conway

  • The birthday surprise was lots of funeven though Conway still doesnt believe that he was really nominated for The Bachelor.

    This was not the only fun, though, that the staff has had over the years, at the expense of Conway of course.

  • Anyone remember Santa?

  • How about pie in the face?Notice how clean Alicia is

  • The kids seem to enjoy it

  • No talking your way out of this one.

  • I dont think that itty bitty napkin will do much help.

  • Being the good sport he is, Conway has also voluntarily participated in activities.

  • Dunking booth.always a danger when the kids are near.

  • Cartwheels for the EOG 4sNotice the extensionthis must have been some of the first.

  • Of course sometimes you just need to have fun to have fun

  • Smiling even when put in jail

  • Must be having flashbacks

  • But now Conway has decided to move on to bigger (but probably not better) places.

    Beaufort County Schools Human Resource Director

  • Congratulations!!! We will miss you!!!