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  • Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom Deployment Guide Current Software Version: CC Lightroom Version 5 Install Location: \\massey\disk\software\Other\Adobe-CCE\32-bit\Lightroom-5-32-bit Install file: Setup.exe Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 Required Memory: 4GB RAM Required HDD Space: 4GB of available HDD space Internet Requirement: An active internet connection at least once every 99 days (see notes below). Display Requirements: 1280x1024 capable monitors. Massey University has purchased a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for Education (CCE) to facilitate installation of creative desktop applications to Massey computers which will be centrally funded by the University. These applications will be available in both Mac and Windows environments. Adobe CCE provides access to a range of applications. Some of these are available for deployment, and other additional Adobe applications can only be deployed on a case by case basis, and can be requested by contacting the ITS Service Desk. Important: Adobe CCE is a subscription based software license this means it is a non-perpetual license and is not owned by the end user. The continuation of these licenses, after the initial license expires in 2016, is at the discretion of Massey University. In order for non-perpetual licensing to work, the software requires the ability to check in with the Adobe licensing server at least once every 99 days. This means that if you do not have a valid internet connection at least once within 99 days the Adobe Creative Cloud Education software will cease to function.

  • Installation Instructions Windows 7 1) If you do not have the software share, click on the Start Menu and in the Search Programs

    and Features field, type; \\massey\disk\software\Other\Adobe CCE\32-bit and press the Enter key.

    2) Right click on Lightroom-5-32-bit folder and then click Copy.

    3) Find a location to temporarily store these installation files for example the Documents or Downloads folder.

    4) Now right click and select Paste. You will now see a progress dialogue box indicating the installation files are coping to your machine.

  • 5) Once the installation folder has downloaded, open the Lightroom-5-32-bit folder that you

    copied, then open the Build folder. Double click on the Setup file to start installing the Adobe CC software.

    6) You will now see a progress dialogue box indicating the installation process. You will not need to interact with this process at all and you will not receive a completion prompt.

    7) Once the dialogue box has disppeared completely, the installation is almost complete. You will find Adobe CC Lightroom 5 in your Start Menu under the All Programs list.

    8) There is an additional step needed to complete the installation of Adobe CC Lightroom. From the Lightroom-5-32-bit folder, open the Exceptions folder.

  • 9) Double click on the ExceptionDeployer file. A black Dialogue box will appear briefly and you

    may not see it. Once this is done the installation of Adobe CC Lightroom 5 will be complete.

    10) Browse into the sub folders \AdobeLightroom5CCMSetup-mul\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    5 CCM\ Double click the setup32.exe file and follow the prompts selecting the language and progressing through the install wizard with the default settings.

    If successful, Lightroom 5 32-bit should be installed and you should have a shortcut icon on the desktop. Note: If the program prompts regarding licensing, please contact ITS.

    Existing environment notes: The installation of Adobe CCE versions of software will not affect any existing Adobe software versions you have installed. This means your existing Adobe software products will still have their icons and shortcuts still listed on your computer. You are free to use these existing versions side-by-side with the new CCE versions. During the installation of software, the default program to open your files may change. For example, if you have an existing copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and you install Adobe CCE Photoshop 5, files will now open in the Adobe CCE version.

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