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  • Milorad Pavic

  • Something

    more than the production of teas

    Adonis has built its vision of business on its passionate devotion to nature and thus

    exceeding the usual medicinal herbs trade.


    Today, 20 years later, Nebojsa and his son gained experience in organizing purchase, processing, packaging and selling of medicinal herbs and teas.

    We do not hide and gladly share the knowledge we acquired by our dedica-tion and perseverance. From the very beginning, Adonis promotes education of pickers and an viable way of exploiting the nature with the aim of preserva-tion of biodiversity.

    Join us on a trip through our kingdom of medicinal herbs and open the doors to your health and well-being.

    Adonis came to being on 1991 when Nebojsa Stanojevic with his wife decided to dedicate his life to medicinal herbs. Four years later his son, who shared their passion, joined them.

    Beginning as any other. Modest and optimistic.

  • EXQUISITE NATURAL CONDI TIONS FOR EXQUISITE TEAExceptional altitude, pure and unpolluted air and moderate continental cli-mate give our teas special note.

    We gave time and attention to these special notes in order to create a tea that will hand down the music from the sunny slopes of mountain Rtanj to your senses. We built the tea factory with more than 2000 m2 of storage and pro-duction areas in the middle of this herbal oasis in order to preserve all natu-ral values of medicinal herbs.

    A part of the secret of our success is in remoteness of the factory from big roads and industrial installations.

  • mixingstorage


    THE HERALD OF SPRING IS THE HERALD OF NEW HARVESTSo, every year, the flower of pheasants eye-Adonis vernalis, the herald of spring that gave the name to our company, with its flowers marks the awa-king of nature and the beginning of new season.

    Adonis expanded its assortment of apothecary and classical teas with im-ported raw materials thus creating a new and exciting series of the original herbal and fruit mixtures.

    Now we are certain that you will find the right tea for you in our collection.

    The making of Adonis quality

    The magic of Adonis is born in ski-lled and hardworking hands of the pi ckers who with perennial devotion and de di cation maintain tradition of doing this job.

    Collected herbs are then stored to be accessible for processing, mixing and packaging whole year long, till the next harvesting.

  • Adonis proved its worth in the market as a producer of apothecary tea with biggest assortment.


    Apothecary tea is mainly herbal tea made from dried parts of the herbs like flower, leaf or root.Herbal tea is used as long as there exists the written history of civilization. Documents about use of herbal tea date from ancient Egypt and China.

    This tea, apart from the effect on psychophysical health of man, is used be-cause of its fragrance and anti oxidative effects.

    Senna, leaf

    Sennae folium

    Plantain, leaf

    Plantaginis majoris folium

    Bearberry, leaf

    Uvae ursi folium

    Common hawthorn,



    Sage leafSalviae folium

    Yarrow, grass

    Millefoli herba

  • Montain Germander,

    herbChamomillae flos

    Mather of thyme

    Serpylli herba

    Pot marigold,

    flowerCalendulae flos

    St.-Johns- -wort,

    Hyperici herba

    Bahu, grass

    Melissae folium

    Horsetail herb

    Equiseti herba

    Great Nettle, leafUrticae folium

    Peppermint, leaf

    Menthae piperitae folium

    Savory, herb

    Satureae herba

    Marsh- -mallow,

    rootAlthaeae radix

    Cranberry & Apple,

    fruitsVaccinii fructus

    cum Mali fructus

    Aronia & Black currant,

    fruitsAroniae fructus cum Ribis nigri


  • Hawthorn, leaves and flowersCrataegi folium cum flore

    Black tea, leafTheae folium

    Savory, herbSatureae herba

    Bearberry, leafUvae ursi folium

    St.-Johns-wort, herbHyperici flos

    Rosemallow, flowersHibisci flos

    Camomile, flowerChamomillae flos

    Black tea, leaf

    Rose hipCynosbati fructus

    Green tea, leafTeae folium

    TEA IN FILTER BAGSThings we liked for centuries should not be changed.


  • Nettle, leafUrticae folium

    Linden, flowerTiliae flos

    Wild thyme, herbSerpylli herba

    Chamomile, honey & vanillaChamomillae flos

    Fruit tea forest fruit flavour in envelope Pruni spinosae fructus cum Mali fructus

    Peppermint, leafMenthae pip. folium

    Green tea with lemon grass, lemon & ginger in envelope Teae folium

    Senna, leafSennae folium

    Cranberry and raspberry, fruits in envelopeVaccinii fructus cum Rubi fructu

    Elder, flowerSambuci flos

    With careful selection and combination of fruits, herbs and fragrances of finest quality we made a new dimension of refreshing tea for any time of the day.


    Cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon

  • IMAGINITEA Imaginitea is a special concept of pleasure dedicated to all curious people that want change, regardless of their age. Imaginitea consistently presents our visions and innovative courage.

    New tea ritualWe reconsidered the traditional way of making and drinking tea and created a new tea ritual for new age and new people open for fresh ideas.

  • Cranberry & apple tea


    Cherry & vanilla tea

    Fruit tea - forest fruit flavour

    Winter savory & Pepermint

    Chamomile tea with honey & vanilla

    Green tea

    Green tea with lemon grass, lemon & ginger

    Cranberry & apple


    Cherry & vanilla

    Fruit tea - forest

    Winter savory

    Chamomile tea with honey & vanilla

    Green tea

    Green tea with lemon

    T E A F I LT E R S P O O N

  • Sip by sip, nibble by nibble, the idea of our tea for nibbling is to bring a new dimension to the tea ritual and give a real challenge to the sense of taste!

    STEP1: STEP2: STEP3:Pour the

    content of the bag to a cup (~250ml) of boiling water.

    Leave it for five minutes.

    Drink slowly an nibble on pieces of fruit.


  • Quality and innovation are our leading principles of businessEvery year is marked by new ideas and new products, but one thing stays the same... DEDICATION TO QUALITY.

    Food safety systemISO22000:2005

    but one thing stays the same... DEDICATION TO QUALITY.

  • Dedication to quality and satisfaction of buyers is the responsibility of our every employee.

    We prove that by the system of quality, continuous reexamining and constant improving based on information

    and reactions we receive from our customers.

    Every sip of Adonis tea is your and our experience... So share it with us.

  • ADONIS d.o.o.Alekse Markisica 166

    Sokobanja / Serbiaphone: 018 830 074

    fax: 018 880 077 [email protected]

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