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Page 1: Adsense Maestro

All Rights Reserved

No part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever,Electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational Storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission fromThe author.

Disclaimer And/Or Legal NoticesThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of Publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions. This course is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.


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Adsense Maestro“The Perfect Business Model That WILL Make You Money!”


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Welcome to Adsense Maestro!

In this hot report you'll learn everything you need to know in order to start seeing great results with micro niche sites. To be honest, There's a lot of Adsense guides promising you easy cash and usually they fail to deliver. In fact, most of them use the same methods and procedures. They might work for some folks but let me tell you one thing... soon or late methods like these get saturated easily. What I'm going to show you in this manual it's something really powerful and will never get saturated. It's something that everybody seems to know but somehow no one is putting in action. Micro niche sites are easy to create and most important, very profitable. However, there's some work involved. You just can't expect make hundreds per day starting from tomorrow. Bear in mind that it takes some time to create the micro niche sites, add content , promote and get them indexed by google. But don't be put off by this, soon you'll see that the time and effort you'll put into your sites will pay off. This business model it's focused mainly on long term passive income (that's the way a business should be).

I'd like to point out that creating micro niche sites it's a really fun process. I can spend hours and hours designing my money making sites. There's nothing better than do things that you enjoy and getting paid for it again and again.

In this money making manual I'll show you everything you need to know in order to create the perfect micro niche site, add fresh content to it, monetize it and finally to do a little backlinking to give a little boost to your micro niche sites. I have mastered this system down to a science... and soon you will too!

Are you ready?

it's time to work!

Wishing you the bestCesar Galano.


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Finding Markets To Target

In order to be succesfull with your micro niche sites you must choose carefully which market or niche you're going to focus. There's literally tons of niches and you could spend the whole day trying to choose one. But since we want our sites go live as soon as possible we need to simplify the process. Those untapped niches are certainly a reality and not a myth like many markerters are claiming. Ideally we're looking after long tail keywords with little competition. I know that you've heard this phrase a lot of times before, but that is exactly the key to sucess. Avoid those niches like “make money online”, “weight loss”..etc. These niches are lucrative but chances to rank high are very slim if not impossible.

From my own experience, finding a hungry market takes time to master at the beginning, but when you already know the procedures it could take you literally less than an hour to find one. So how we should start to look after a profitable market?

It's pretty easy. You may notice that almost the whole internet it's a keyword itself. It amazes me that there are unlimited markets where you can start to cash in. Most of them are products. Yes, this kind of keywords are the most profitable because actually people want to know about that products and soon or later they'll buy them. A perfect place to start your research it's heading over to ebay to see what's hot right now. You can get unlimited ideas of what people are interested and most important, buying.

Once you are there just grab some keywords, don't spend too much time on this. Remember that we want to act as fast as possible just to see profits coming in. For example, I chose “japanese knives ”.

I chose this keyword randomly, because I don't want to spend to much time researching. Focus your efforts basically on product keywords and remember that there's an unlimited supply of keywords on ebay so you'll never run out of ideas. Ok, now that we have our keywords, let's extract some ideas from them using google's keyword tool.

Ideally we're looking for our main keyword and at least 3 or 4 sub keywords (if you find more, that's even better). We want to target as many keywords as possible to increase the chance of rank higher for some of them. Normally I always rank for two keywords, but sometimes for three. I'm completely ok with that. Not beeing greedy :)


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Let's see what we have...

Usually I stay away like plague from really competitive terms and only focus on those that seems to have more potential. “Japanese Kitchen Knives” has 3.600 searches per month and that's a good number. Go always after those keywords with less than 5.000 searches per month because usually this kind of keywords has little competition that we can beat easily. I know that 3.600 may not sound like too much searches, but if you create two sites with 3.600 searches per month that's a total of 7.200 searches per month. The power here relies on create as many sites as we can.

With that being said, let's keep on moving and check if we have any chance to rank. To do this you have to type-in your selected keywords in quotes. Doing this will display the real number of competing pages with the exact term you're targeting. Usually to rank in good positions the number must be less than 40.000 pages. If your keyword displays more than this number, you better move on and try to target a different keyword. Chances to rank high are almost impossible. That's a fact.

Well, this term has exactly 13,300 so it meets our criteria. If you're targeting a keyword that has even less competing pages that would be perfect and you'll be able to rank easily. There's a lot of different point of views about this. Some marketers say that you can rank even with 200.000 pages if you do some SEO and backlinking. Personally, I never ranked well with this huge amount of competing pages and I don't think it's that easy.


Page 6: Adsense Maestro

Doing SEO and backlinking it's obviously really good for your sites but as I said before, we don't have the time to do this. We want to rank high and start to build the next site as fast as we can. The faster we do this, the faster will see profits coming in.

If you're still running out of ideas, you can have a look also at other sites like amazon or google trends. There's an unlimited supply of hot niches that are literally waiting for you to exploit them. I recommend you to focus only on products because this kind of markets are proven to be the best ones. This is a mechanical process that once you master, you can do it in less than one hour. Don't rush, take your time to learn the concepts, understand how google works and soon you'll be able to pick a profitable sizzling hot market. Lastly, remember that each keyword that you're targeting must have more or less 5.000 searches per month and less than 40,000 competing pages. If you follow this criteria you won't have any problems to rank in good positions.

Ok, now that we can confirm that we have a possible winner it's time to gather some sub-keywords.

“Japanese Kitchen Knives” MAIN KEYWORD.

“Sashimi Knive” SUB-KEYWORD.

“Japanese Chef Knives” SUB-KEYWORD.

“Japanese Sushi Knive” SUB-KEYWORD.

That would be okay but if you want to add more content that will be beneficial to your site. The more keywords, the better. We'll write later articles about the main keyword and their sub keywords. One thing I want to mention is that don't worry if you see another micro niche site ranking well. If you do your homework you can beat them easily . For example, I noticed that someone already created a micro niche site for “Japanese Kitchen Knives”. Have a look at google and you'll see which one it is.

The competing site it's ok, but it has too many images and videos. A micro niche site must have good content and at the most, two images. Remember that we want people to click in our google ads. Too much images and videos could possibly distract them from our main objective. For example, if they watch a video, they could leave our site visiting youtube. A micro niche site must have the KISS factor (keep it simple stupid) and make people exit our site by clicking our ads. That's what you always must aim for.


Page 7: Adsense Maestro

Choosing Your Domain

Congratulations! Now that you have your keywords we need the basic structure of your whole empire: a domain name. This part is really easy and it takes literally minutes to get a killer domain. Personally I use always Godaddy but if you have another favourite registrar there's no problem. What you need on your domain it's the main keyword obviosly. You should always aim for the .com extension because it ranks easier and faster.

I don't know why exactly, but .com works like a charm. But, if the .com extension it's already registered you don't have to worry, you may have the .org, the .net and the .info version. All of them also works great, but it takes a bit more than .com's to get indexed.

Let's see if “Japanese Kitchen” is available.

Unfortunately someone was quicker than us. No problem, we still have the .info extension to register. It cost around $1 so it's pretty cheap. There's some rumours out there that say that .info are not working for micro niche sites. That's an urban legend. They do work great and I've seen many .info ranking on higher positions. If the .com extension it's already registered for some of your keywords, you should never worry about this. You can buy a dirt cheap .info and work right away with it. Of course, if you have the chance to register a .net or a .org don't let that opportunity pass you by.

Never use free domains or any other extension that isn't a .com, .net, .info or .org because google simply ignore them. I'm yet to see a micro niche site ranking first with a free domain. Like any other business, you get what you invest. Free hosting and free domains to me are good for other purposes such as personal blogs and the alike, but not for business. Have you ever seen a .tk ranking first or even second?

In case you have a low budget to start with, you can always register a .info that costs only $1 and start from there. Here I provide some coupons so you can have always the best discounts when registering domain names ;)

Click here for Godaddy coupons


Page 8: Adsense Maestro

Getting Content

This is one of the most important part when creating micro niche sites. In order to get some content you have two different choices. This first one is to rewrite articles. It takes usually 20 minutes to rewrite a quality article. For example, if you're on the “Dog supplies” niche, you can head over EzineArticles and grab some content from there. Never copy-paste an article from EZA under any circumstances. You may get into trouble and you may also get sandboxed by google.

Grabbing articles and publishing them in your site without the author's permission only leads to a lose-lose situation. It won't help you to make money. To get a general idea about the niche you're working with, read some articles a few times and then rewrite them. If you have 4 keywords that would be 4 articles wich will take you more or less an hour.

Try always to rewrite them providing some value also. I've seen some rewrites that seemed copy-pasted articles! I know that it seems a boring task, but once you get the idea it's a also a fun process which you'll enjoy doing.

The second option is to outsource the articles if you have a good budget. On warrior forum there's a lot of quality writers that will provide good unique articles at good prices too. I mostly outsource this part because I only focus in the micro niche site creation and the research part.

I create one micro niche site per day on average. You can even outsource the research part for pennies. Just go to and you'll find what you're looking for.

The key of sucess is content. If you provide what your audience is looking for (information) your site will be succesfull in almost no time. People are not stupid, they know what they want and if you go and offer crap to them, they will leave your site in almost no time too!

For SEO purposes, the best lenght for an article is 500 words (the more words, the better). You can have also great results with articles containing 500 words. I don't recommend you to abuse when you use your keywords in your articles. Doing this is harmful to your micro niche and your articles. Keep it natural, using three or four times your keywords in your article is enought and will make your site look more professional.

If you want to get your site live as soon as possible, I recommend you to rewrite articles. If you don't mind to wait a bit, outsourcing it the perfect solution. It depends on you! :)


Page 9: Adsense Maestro

Constructing Your Money Sites

To me, creating money sites it's an easy and fun process. When creating sites, I personally use NVU which it's a HTML editor that it's pretty easy to use. However, you can create your sites with Wordpress ( in this manual I just can't teach you how to use it because it's beyond this guide) if you're familiar with it. If you don't have NVU you can get it for free here.

Take your time to get familiar with NVU and if it's the first time you use it, it takes an evening to learn basic concepts (it's all that you have to know). Once you know how it works, head over to get some cool free html templates. Like I said before, keep it simple and go after those templates with less “embellishments” such as the emporium theme. It makes no sense buy premium templates when you can get cool ones for free :)

Choose always those themes with light colors like blue,white and green. I don't recommend you to use dark themes or the red ones.

See some examples:

This is what I consider a good theme:

This particular theme is suitable because with light colours like blue and white won't overchage your vision. This is something to bear in mind always.


Page 10: Adsense Maestro

This is an example of a bad site.

This template it's too fancy and don't entice people to click on your ads. It could be ok for other purposes but not for micro niche sites.

Can you see why a template makes the difference between success and failure? Choose your themes wisely and you just can't go far wrong.

Ok. This is the basic structure that will help you out when constructing your micro niche sites.


Page 11: Adsense Maestro

HEADER: This will be the firt thing that google spiders will crawl.You must use your main keyword and a little description about your site. Something like: “Discover Everything You Need To Know About..”

HOME: This will be the main page of your site.

PRIVACY POLICY: This is completely necessary to avoid legal problems. Google have introduced a requirement that all websites that wish to feature adsense advertising must have a Privacy Policy. You can use the same privacy policy I use on my “Legal Docs” Complimentary PDF.

ABOUT US: Include here a little description about your site. Keep it simple, no more than 200 words.

CONTACT US: Ocassionally, you'll receive some questions. Including a “contact us” will make your site look more professional.

DISCLAIMER: Like the privacy policy section, having a “Diclaimer” will save you from have some legal issues. You have a template that you can use in the “Legal Docs” complimentary PDF.

ADSENSE CODE: In this guide I don't show you how to create an adsense account because that's a basic concept. You have a lot of free resources where you can learn how to create and adsense account.

ARTICLE: 500 Words works really good for SEO purposes. If you want to add more words it's completely O.K and won't hurt your site.

SUB-KEYWORDS 1, 2, 3: This are the links to your to your other related articles.

PICTURE: Use a little picture or photo related to your niche.

This is how a micro niche site should look. Simple, yet effective. Too much “embellishments” is not beneficial for your sites and will distract people. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful. Our site will work basically with Adsense (We'll discuss about monetization later) and creating our sites with this structure increase the CTR dramatically. We want people to exit our site by clicking in our ads ;)


Page 12: Adsense Maestro


When monetizing your micro niche sites you should think immediately about Google adsense. With some of my sites I use the ebay or amazon affiliate program but their payout out are not that great. I always have the best results with google adsense. You can use also Clickbank but remember to promote something related to your niche. For example, if your site is about “Laptop computers”, don't promote some offers related with “Mobile Phones”. Organic traffic is one of the most targeted traffic that you could ever deal with. This traffic is really interested about their niche so it's likely that they will click on some ads or just buy something.

CPA offers are hot right now. Personally I never used CPA with my micro niche sites but if you find some offers related to your niche by all means go for it. Now, I'll show you how to add Adsense in your template just in case you don't know.

Go to adsense and get your code. Once you have it, open NVU and click on “Source”

Now, paste your adsense code. See example below.


Page 13: Adsense Maestro

That's it.

Is not too complicated at is seems :)

Remember to do the same thing with all your articles. You should always use the same colours of your micro niche site on your adsense ads. Try to blend it and you'll get better results. For example, if your template it's green, your ads shoud contain green colours.

Your site must have a certain hamony between layout and colours. I've seen many micro niche sites that were so ugly that actually I wonder if the owners realize of their grave mistake. Every single aspect of your site it's really important and if you fail on this, you're literally failing on everything.

If whatever the reason you can't get an adsense account (or you've been banned from adsense) you have other alternatives such as adbrite or bidvertiser. Personally I never used them but I read great reviews about these PPC engines. But when it comes to monetize a site, possibilites are endless. There's so many affiliate programs out there that I could spend the whole day counting them. Make sure that you promote relevant offers in your site.

Promoting random stuff will get you nowhere so avoid this. You must put yourself in your audience shoes and ask the following questions:

-What they want?

-What they need?

-How they will get it?


Page 14: Adsense Maestro

Getting Indexed

As you may know, it takes anything between 2 days- 8 days to get indexed in google. You're about to discover in this section how to speed up the process and get your site in google as soon as possible. Bear in mind that your site won't be indexed the very same thay you upload your site, so be patient. I suggest you that while your site is getting indexed you spend some time creating more micro niche sites.

Ok, the first thing we're going to do it's submit your site to google obviously.

You can submit it here:

Don't forget to add your keywords on the description.

Now go to

and add the following list:

Click on “Submit”.

By doing this, you're submitting your site to those website valuation sites that automatically will create backlinks to your site with no effort at all. But before continue, let me tell you something. There's a lot of point of views about getting indexed. To me, getting indexed means google knows that your site exists.

Like the following example below:


Page 15: Adsense Maestro

This means that my site it's indexed.

And this means that my other new site it's not indexed yet.

By now everything is ready. Like I said it takes a week or so (maximum 2 weeks although it's rare) to get your site truly indexed. Normally if you follow my guidelines you should be able to rank for the first to sixth position.

However, ocasionally you may hit the second or third page. This is a minor detail because you can always increase you rankings doing some basic backlinking that takes less than an hour to do.

In case your site still doesn't get the first positions you could start the “heavy backlinking” strategy. This involves hiring someone to do that for you, and by the way, it will cost you only $5. I repeat that you should use this strategy only when you don't see results. It will happen from time to time with some sites. This is mostly due to the competition you're facing.


Page 16: Adsense Maestro

It's pretty easy understimate your competition so my advice it's always that you have a look to which sites you're going to compete. For example, if you see that there's a wikipedia site, you must automatically think that you won't get the number one ranking. If you're able to rank in the second position you'll get also heavy targeted traffic.

With that being said,let's talk now about the most feared words when trying to beat our competition:page rank.

If you are facing several competing websites that have a page rank let's say over 4 o 5, you should reconsider your strategy. I mean everything it's possible, and of course if you do more backliking you can get higher rankings. But it's always better to avoid this difficult battle. Focus only on trying to beat weak competitors, not authority sites. If this is your case, I suggest you to head over and hire for $5 a .edu backlink builder. I always hire a particular guy that creates 5. edu and 5 .gov backlinks and honestly, this will boost your site incredibly fast!

There will be always competition but it all comes down to common sense. If you see a wikipedia page ranking first, you just won't be able to outrank it, but you may still have the second, third or fourth. You only learn the art of getting your site to the number one position with experience. You'll learn from mistakes and certainly the next time you'll create a new site you'll be aware of new things you didn't see before. Practice WILL make you perfect!


You get now what's the main idea in “Adsense Maestro”. This is a powerful business model that although it takes time to build, it's stable and most important, profitable. This is the exact method I use to make serious money with adsense. Usually you should expect to make $8-$12 per day with each microniche site.

If you're able to rank your sites anywhere between the first and fifth postion you definitely can achieve the $50 per day mark (assuming that you have 5 sites). Remember that the sky is the limit and you can monetize your site with CPA or Clickbank if you wish so.

Basically, it all depends on how well your mini sites are performing. If at some stage one of your micro niche site doesn't perform as expected you shouldn't worry because you can resell it on


Page 17: Adsense Maestro

Right now micro niches sites with adsense are hot and sell really well. If you have at least little traffic you'll be able easily to sell it for $70 or even more. You definetely can spend that money in brand new sites!

I always use this solid exit plan when one of my minisites don't do so well as I expected. Let's say it's not on the first position and it's receiving little traffic. If this happens to you never doubt about the possibility of resell it on!

Otherwise, if your site it's making even $2 per day you should keep it and grow it! $2 per day it's $62 per month!

With that money you can pay your host and you can buy even more domains!

Never understimate the power of micro niche sites even if you make a measy $2 per day on the worse case scenario :)

Another thing I would like to point out is that this is a business so always be dead serious with this! You must work every day but if you are persistent you'll see results very soon. Trust me, there's nothing better than wake up in the morning and see that you've made money on complete autopilot. As I said before, this will take time. It's a slow process but at least it's very stable. More than those CPA guides that get saturated easily.

“Adsense Maestro” will NEVER get saturated because there's so many niches and so many products released every day that it's impossible that every single person decides to target the same niche as you.

But if you're still facing problems, you only have to shot me an email to [email protected]

I check my email several times a day so you can expect a fast response, usually less than 24 hours. I take off sundays so each mail received on sunday will be responded on monday. I also have a life :)

I hope that you immediately start to create your sites and profit from them as soon as possible! Everything can be done...if you take action NOW!

All the bestCesar Galano.