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Our school promotes open exchange, in a safe, orderly, caring and supportive place, where the expectation is one of success. In the classroom and on the road, we look to foster a positive relationship between students and staff. The quality of what the students learn is of great importance to our team. At Advance Driving Academy, we offer unique information with the emphasis on creating greater layers of student safety. Particular emphasis is placed on: Alcohol Awareness, The Most Common Teen Car Crashes, and, Women's/Men's Personal Safety. Community benefit and involvement are also at the core of our work. As a beneficiary of community business, we endeavor to honor his relationship by being an involved and active force in the community. Our overall goal is to accomplish the highest level of customer satisfaction, while serving a diverse population, and this establish Advance Driving Academy as a valuable and trusted community resource.


  • 1. ADVANCE DRIVING ACADEMY Becoming a Driving Instructor

2. Thank you for showing interest in Advance Driving Academy, we know that you have many questionsand we hope that this presentation can aid you with any questions that you may have on becoming acertified driving instructor.2 3. DRIVING INSTRUCTOR OVERVIEWAs a Driving Instructor Employed by Advance Driving Academy, you will have 2 primary duties Behind-The-Wheel Instruction. In Class Instruction.3 4. BEHIND-THE-WHEELBehind the wheel instruction consist of physically going out with a Drivers ED student and teaching him/her proper driving habits. Also,teaching the student how to properly maintaincontrol of the vehicle. 4 5. AN EXAMPLESome examples of Behind-The-Wheel. City Driving Parallel Parking Highway Driving 3-point turns Backing up Emergency Procedures Pre-Driving checklist 5 6. DONT FORGET THE APPLICATION!Please submit a cover letter and resume toAdvance Driving Academy 11436 Cronhill Drive Suite 2Owings Mills, MD 2117E-mail: [email protected] 7. BECOMING AN MVA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Complete Advance Driving Academys New Hire Packet. MVA application Fingerprint /Background check form Copy of High School Diploma (or its equivalent)/College Transcript Copy 3 year driving record Take MVA Certification tests. COMAR Certification test Behind-The-Wheel test In class Presentation7 8. MVA CERTIFICATION QUALIFICATIONS Be at least 21 years of age or older. Possess a high school certificate of graduation orits equivalent. (may not use transcript as proof of degree, unless it states that adegree was awarded) Have a valid drivers license issued by Maryland, oranother state, to drive the class of vehicle you willbe using in the program.8 9. MVA CERTIFICATION QUALIFICATIONS (CONT.) If you have not lived in Maryland for at least one (1)year, you must also provide. A certified copy of your driving record for the last three(3) years. The results of a criminal background check from yourprevious home state/country. Pass the MVA Apprenticeship exam. 9 10. DISQUALIFICATIONS If you have five (5) or more points on your Marylanddriver record. Convicted of a violation in another state that wouldhave resulted in five points in Maryland, you will bedisqualified. If you have been convicted of a crime of moralturpitude you will be disqualified. Moral Turpitude- act of baseness, vileness or depravity in the private and social duties 10 11. IF YOU QUALIFYIf you qualify there are still a few more steps to complete! Study the COMAR regulations 11.23.01 &11.23.02.Will be provided to you upon request Complete COMAR practice exam.Will be provided to you upon request (Completed test must be faxed back to Advance Driving Academy for grading)11 12. SIGN UP FOR MVA TESTING When you feel that you are ready to take the MVA Apprentice Driving Instructor exam inform Advance Driving Academy and we will assist you with the sign up process You are allowed 5 attempts to pass the MVA Apprentice Driving Instructor exam. 12 13. AFTER PASSING THE MVA EXAMYou are now an Apprentice Driving Instructor 13 14. AFTER PASSING THE MVA EXAM You now have 6 months to attend Advanced DrivingSchool Advance Driving Academy can schedule this for you14 15. THANK YOU!Thank you again for showing interest in Advance DrivingAcademy, we hope that we were able to answer any questionsthat you may have had on becoming a driving instructorPlease feel free to contact us for more information regarding theCOMAR, COMAR Study Guide and the COMAR PracticeTestIf you have any other questions please contact Advance DrivingAcademy @ 410-902-9988E-mail: [email protected]