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    Advanced iPad Flying ForeFlight and Stratus tips

  • John Zimmerman

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    Advanced iPad Flying

  • Whats new in ForeFlight Advanced ForeFlight tips Using Stratus and other accessories

    presentation overviewAdvanced iPad Flying


    Additional resourcesSit back, relax and learn!

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  • ForeFlight Whats new in the app

  • Revamped Imagery tabWhats New

  • Long range forecastsWhats New

  • Visual ceiling and visibility forecastsWhats New

  • Forecast Discussions, MOSWhats New

  • New graphical briefingWhats New


  • Flight notificationsWhats New

  • Stadium TFR detailsWhats New

  • LogbookWhats New

    Automatic log entries from track log Currency tracking Attach photos to flights Customize data fields

  • Logbook - is it legal?Whats New

  • Logbook - getting startedWhats New

    One big catch-up entry OR Web import (

  • Cloud syncWhats New

    Recent and favorite routes, airports and WX imagery

    Aircraft Profiles Flight Plans Weather Briefings Logbook

  • Track loggingWhats New

  • Flight Data Recording StratusWhats New

    Stratus automatically records all flight data (up to 20 hrs.)

    Records pitch and bank in addition to GPS position

  • Weight & Balance (requires Basic Plus subscription)Whats New

  • Synthetic Vision (requires Basic Plus subscription)Whats New

  • ForeFlight Top Tips

  • Advisors: Route, Procedure, AltitudeTop Tips

  • Route AdvisorTop Tips

  • Procedure AdvisorTop Tips

  • Procedure AdvisorTop Tips

  • Procedure AdvisorTop Tips

  • Top Tips Altitude Advisor

  • Activate LegTop Tips

  • Track-up centered vs. track-up forwardTop Tips

  • How to use Track-upTop Tips

    Use the compass button to switch back and forth between track up and north up


  • Customize corridor width and alertsTop Tips

  • Terrain with rubber band flight planningTop Tips

  • Map Touch ActionTop Tips

    Tap on a chart area to bring a single chart to the front Eliminates seams

  • Map Touch ActionTop Tips

  • Hazard Advisor & ObstaclesTop Tips

  • Chart overlaysTop Tips

  • Chart annotationsTop Tips

  • FBO locationsTop Tips

  • Plate NOTAMsTop Tips

  • Auto airport diagram displayForeFlight Mobile

    More > Settings > Auto Show Taxi

  • Explore the Settings Page!ForeFlight Mobile

    Preferences -Map configurations -Map Track vector, distance rings -Hazard advisor -Default views -Airway decoding & Navlog options

    Configure audio alerts Cockpit sharing & sync Adjust much, much more

  • Included Resources in DocumentsForeFlight Mobile

    VFR/IFR Chart Legends & Supplements A/FD supplement (VOR checks, etc.) Class B supplement and Flyway Charts Full versions of FAA Handbooks Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)

    Import your own documents

  • ForeFlight Stratus tips

  • Accessory Considerations

    Backup Power GPS / ADS-BMounting

  • GPS Accessories Add WAAS GPS navigation and position data to your iPad

    Plug-in model for Lightning Wireless Bluetooth Options

    Dual XGPS160

    Garmin GLO

    Bad Elf Pro

    Bad Elf

  • Stratus 1S and 2S

    ADS-B Receivers

    Subscription-free weather ADS-B Traffic Built-in WAAS GPS Dual-band 978/1090 MHz Integrated AHRS Eight hour battery life Totally wireless (WiFi connection)

  • In-Flight Weather Radar 5 10 minutes old

  • Coverage at 1500 ft. AGL

    Stratus Tips

  • Coverage at 5000 ft. AGL

    Stratus Tips

  • Stratus Tips

    Make it a habit to check ADS-B status Battery life Age of weather products GPS reception LED dimming

    Checking status

  • Stratus Tips Show ADS-B ground stations

  • Stratus Tips Measure tool

  • Stratus Tips Rubber band flight planning

    Dont fly up to the weather, then deviate 10 degrees here, 20 degrees there

    Change your flight plan and miss it all

    ATC likes this

  • Stratus Tips Remember the delay

  • Stratus Traffic Tips Traffic filter

  • Stratus Traffic Tips Visual and audio alerts

  • Cockpit route sharing

    Bonus Stratus Tip

  • Scenario 1 Animate the radar

    Phew the storms are moving out just in time.

    Lines always move from west to east, right?

  • Scenario 1 Animate the radar

    Wrong! Storms were sagging

    south, not moving east as expected

    Animate radar to see real trends.

  • Scenario 2 Unable

    ATC: I need to vector you southeast of the ILS for traffic.

    Me: Unable due to weather. Information in context:

    Radar Approach chart Airplane position Route

  • Video training program from SportysFlying with ForeFlight

    70 Minutes of in-depth video Pilots Guide Review Quiz iPad Preflight Checklist FAA iPad Guidance App or online course

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  • John Zimmerman

    Advanced iPad Flying ForeFlight and Stratus tips