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Advanced Java Online Training

Glory IT Technologies

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Undergraduate, Graduates and Post-Graduates

Java Programming


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Using GenericsType ErasureType BoundariesWildcardsGeneric MethodsStrengths and Weaknesses of Generic

Legacy Code and Generics

1. Generics

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A History of Time ... in JavaLimitations of Date and CalendarThe Time APITemporal TypesAccessors and AdjustersFormatting

2. The Time API

Page 5: Advanced java online training

Decomposition Into FieldsDate ArithmeticManaging PrecisionDuration and PeriodTime Zones and OffsetsConverting Between Time Zones

2. The Time API

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Delegation-Based Stream Model Input Stream and Output StreamMedia-Based StreamsFiltering StreamsReaders and WritersByte-Array StreamsString Readers and WritersClosing Streams, Readers and Writers

3. The Java Streams Model

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The File ClassModeling Files and DirectoriesFile StreamsWorking with File SystemsThe Path InterfaceThe Paths and Files UtilitiesProcessing with

4. Working with Files

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BufferingData StreamsPush-Back ParsingByte-Array Streams and String Readers and Writers

5. Delegating Streams

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The Challenge of Object Serialization Serialization API Serializable Interface Object Input Stream and Object

Output Stream The Serialization Engine Transient Fields Read Object and write Object Externalizable Interface

6. Java Serialization

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oThe OSI Reference ModeloNetwork ProtocolsoThe Socket ClassoThe Server Socket ClassoConnecting Through URL ObjectsoHTTP and Other TCP ServersoDatagram Clients and ServersoNon-Blocking Sockets

7. Sockets

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Java Thread ModelCreating and Running ThreadsManipulating Thread StateThread SynchronizationSynchronized Blocks and Methodswait and notifyjoin and sleepMulti-Threading in Servers

8. Threads

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The Concurrency APISemaphore and Other Synchronizers

Concurrent CollectionsAtomic OperationsExecutor and Executor ServiceThread PoolsParallel Processing

9. Concurrency

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•Uses for Meta-Data• The Reflection API• The Class<T> Class• The java.lang.reflect Package• Reading Type Information•Navigating Inheritance Trees•Dynamic Instantiation•Dynamic Invocation• Reflecting on Generics

10. Reflection

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The Proxy PatternDynamic Proxies in JavaUse CasesThe Invocation Handler InterfaceProxy Classes

11. Dynamic Proxies

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Aspect-Oriented Programming and Java

The Annotations ModelAnnotation Types and AnnotationsBuilt-In AnnotationsAnnotations vs. Descriptors (XML)

12. Annotations

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oAutomated TestingoJUnit and Related ToolsoThe Test AnnotationoThe Assert Class UtilityoTest RunnersoLifecycle MethodsoExpecting ExceptionsoTest Suites

13. Automated Unit Testing with JUnit

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Test GranularityReusing Test LogicRecording and Comparing OutputTest IsolationControlling the Test EnvironmentManaging Dependencies

14. Writing Tests

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Non-Invasive TestingDesigning for TestabilityFactoriesTesting and Threads

14. Writing Tests

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Writing the Test FirstThe TDD CycleAdvantages of TDDResistance to TDDA Case Study

15. Test-Driven Development

Page 20: Advanced java online training

Mock Objects in TestingMock Objects in Test-Driven DevelopmentStatic vs. Dynamic MocksStubbingVerifyingMatching and CapturingUsing a SpyPartial Mocking


16. Mocking

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