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<ul><li><p>Subject IndexAalto University library, 186187, 188communication and marketing, 201human resource management,</p><p>194195merging organizations and creating</p><p>new structures, 191, 192organization of, 192services, developing, 198team structure of, 196</p><p>Advocacy, 11, 60, 61community advocacy, 70, 72, 88forced advocacy, 60, 62</p><p>AIM hack method, 150AirPac, 151152Alachua County Library District</p><p>(ACLD), 30Alire, Camila, 21Altaramas SMSreference, 148, 150American Association of School</p><p>Librarians (AASL), 56American Community Survey (ACS), 62American Federation of State, County</p><p>and Municipal Employees(AFSCME), 67</p><p>American Library Association (ALA),xiii, 9, 13, 44, 61, 140, 164, 178</p><p>Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 173Annual Report of the Board of Trustees</p><p>(1928), 43Annual Report of the Board of Trustees</p><p>(1929), 42, 43Annual Report of the Board of Trustees</p><p>(1932), 43AOL Instant Messenger, 150AppBreeder, 144, 146AppMakr, 144145, 146Association of College and ResearchLibraries (ACRL), 13, 163, 178</p><p>AT&amp;T Bell Labs (19841991), 98autopsy, 101environment at departure, 100101environment upon arrival, 99strategies for change, 99100</p><p>Athabasca University (AU) Library inCanada, 147</p><p>Avoid bureaucracy group, 186</p><p>Baker Library. See Harvard BusinessSchool</p><p>BookMyne, 152Boston, 59, 87Boston Public Library (BPL), 43, 59,</p><p>60during 2010/2011 budget, 7576event on April 7, 2010, 7173event on April 9, 2010, 7375event on February 17, 2010, 6467event on March 9, 2010, 6771and Los Angeles Public Library</p><p>(LAPL)</p><p>community advocacy, 88differences, 87lessons for the future, 8889</p><p>public discussion and involvement,6364</p><p>service hours, 63Broadtexter page, 149, 150Budget cuts, communities response to,</p><p>59Boston Public Library (BPL), 6276Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL),</p><p>7787</p></li><li><p>Subject Index232Cataloging and catalog maintenance,169171</p><p>of state documents, 172173of websitesfrom Choice reviews, 173175from news publications, 175176Cataloging costs, 170, 171Cell phone, usage of, 140Censorship, 10Centralized searching, value of,</p><p>161162Chaordic enterprise, 185Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library</p><p>systemservice hours reduction in, 45staff and compensation reductions at,</p><p>45Chicago Public Library in the</p><p>Depression, 42Choice, 163, 173175, 178Choice Reviews, 159Christian Science Monitor (CSM), 169,</p><p>175Choice cards, 173-175, 178Collaborative innovation, 207</p><p>barriers to, 219</p><p>knowledge, information, and data</p><p>management systems-relatedbarriers, 220221</p><p>organizational and hierarchicalbarriers, 219220</p><p>physical and temporal barriers, 219public sector organizations,</p><p>221222relational and cultural barriers, 220</p><p>choosing partners and innovationnetworks, 212similarities, 213215</p><p>essence of innovation, 209newness, 209, 210outcome and other classification</p><p>types, 210211imperative for, 211212leadership, 218219management of, 216Collaborative research and course</p><p>development. See Harvard BusinessSchool</p><p>Collection developmentexpenditure reductions, 4549tools for free puppies, 163ipl as resource, 163164</p><p>College &amp; Research Libraries News, 163,168</p><p>Communication and marketing, 200at Aalto University library, 201at Turku University library, 201at University of Eastern Finland</p><p>library, 201202Communities of practice, 213Community engagement, at LAPL,</p><p>8384Complete Discovery Solution, 162Complete Planet, 161Consultation Service. See Harvard</p><p>Business SchoolCooperative Online Resource Catalog</p><p>(CORC), 162Copyright, 1011Current library environment, in United</p><p>States, 314building librarian, of future, 810digital revolution, 67information, free access to, 1011mega issues, exploring, 46societal and demographic changes,</p><p>78Current recession, 44</p><p>collection development expenditures,reductions in, 4546</p><p>service hours, reductions in, 45staff and compensation reductions,</p><p>4445Curriculum and Information Research</p><p>Support (CIRS), 124Curriculum Services Group, 114Cutback decisions, 39, 44, 48, 50Cutback management, 37</p></li><li><p>Subject Index 233economic cycles, power of, 3940public management cutback</p><p>strategies, 40current recession, 4446Great Depression, 4143implications, 4649</p><p>Cuyahoga County Public Librarycompensation reductions at, 45</p><p>Dallas Public Librarycollection expenditures reduction at, 45staff and compensation reductions at,</p><p>45Decision-makers, 50Desire2Learn, 130Digital revolution, in libraries, 67Distinctive capabilities, refocusing, 113</p><p>Baker Library Services . See HarvardBusiness School</p><p>Future State, 114115Knowledge and Library Services</p><p>(KLS), 114, 128, 130131,136137</p><p>District of Columbia Public Library(DCPL), 4243, 153</p><p>service reduction in, 45Do nothing approach, 147148Duke University Libraries, 147</p><p>Early Retirement Incentive Program(ERIP), 81</p><p>Economic cycles, power of, 3940Economic downturns, 2022The Economist, 161, 169, 175176E-government services, 20, 22, 23, 28,</p><p>29, 31E-Government Tools page, 29Electronic documents, 172173Embedded Information Research</p><p>Specialist. See Harvard BusinessSchool</p><p>External information environment. SeeHarvard Business School</p><p>External innovations, 210Facebook, 7Fast Answers, 122Ferguson Library</p><p>service hours reduction in, 45Fiduciary duty, 48Finance, 38, 42, 47Findability Services Project. See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolFinland, merger process in. See Merger</p><p>process, in FinlandFiscal crises, 41Food stamps, 21Forced advocacy, 59, 62</p><p>in Boston Public Library (BPL), 59,60, 6276</p><p>in Los Angeles Public Library(LAPL), 7787</p><p>public library funding, 89Fort Worth, budget cut in, 45Free public Internet access, 20, 22, 23Free web resources, in online catalogs.</p><p>See Online catalogs, free webresources in</p><p>Friends of the Library (FOL) groups, 68Funding, for libraries, 56</p><p>advocacy, 11associations role, 13public perceptions, 12research and libraries value, 12</p><p>Future State. See Harvard BusinessSchool</p><p>Google, 29, 147, 161, 162, 177Google Voice, 148, 150, 151Government information accessing, in</p><p>libraries, 10Government-provided social services, 21Graf, Fran, 163Great Depression, 37, 39, 41, 47, 51,</p><p>60, 61, 68, 139Boston Public Library (BPL), 43District of Columbia Public Library</p><p>(DCPL), 4243public libraries during, 21</p></li><li><p>Subject Index234Harvard Business School (HBS),134135</p><p>Baker Library Services (BLS), 113,115, 118</p><p>embedded information and tools,</p><p>130132online collaborative research spaces,</p><p>128130organizational chart, 119120project management, 125128Research Services Delivery Model,</p><p>123125Research Support Continuum, 118,</p><p>121Consultation Service, 122123In-Depth Reference service, 122knowledge creation, 123observations, 123Ready Reference, 122Self-Service, 121122</p><p>Service Delivery Model, 123125strategic shifts, 116117</p><p>charting a course, 114115Embedded Information Research</p><p>Specialist, 131132Findability Services Project, 131Information Management group,</p><p>122, 131Interaction design, 137Knowledge and Library Services</p><p>(KLS), 114, 135137collaborative research and course</p><p>development environments,128130</p><p>embedded information and tools,130132</p><p>Future State, 114115, 133</p><p>external information</p><p>environment, 133134Harvard Business School (HBS),</p><p>134135goals of, 115Project Management Office (PMO),</p><p>125128Research Support Continuum, 118,121123</p><p>Service Delivery Model, 123125strategic shifts, 116117</p><p>Project Charter, 126Project Pipeline, 126, 127</p><p>HAWHAW, 145Houston Public Library</p><p>expenditure reduction in, 46Human resource management</p><p>at Aalto University, 194196at University of Eastern Finland,</p><p>197198at University of Turku, 196197</p><p>IBM, 40Image, of librarian, 89Immersion Experience Program (IXP),</p><p>131132Incremental innovation, 210, 214In-Depth Reference Service. See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolInformation, free access to, 1011Information age, libraries in, 4Information Management group. See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolInformation Resources and</p><p>Contemporary Collections group(IRCC), 119, 122, 128</p><p>Innovation, 60, 131, 132collaborative. See Collaborative</p><p>innovationInstant Mobilizer, 143, 146Interaction design. See Harvard</p><p>Business SchoolInternal innovations, 211Internet, 23, 29, 49, 60, 77, 78, 80, 84,</p><p>101, 151, 160, 166, 198, 201, 202and libraries, 1314on mobile devices, 140, 142in public libraries, 1920report on cell phone, 148</p><p>Internet Public Library (IPL), 163Internet technologies, 101</p></li><li><p>Subject Index 235in communication and marketing,202</p><p>Interorganizational innovation, 207,208</p><p>ipl2, as resource, 163164, 177iSites, 145, 146iWebkit, 145</p><p>Jefferson County Public Library, COcollections budget decrease in, 4546staff and compensation reductions at,</p><p>45Jobs</p><p>at Dallas Public Library, 45for graduates, 910seeking services, in public libraries,</p><p>23, 27, 29Joensuu and Kuopio Universities,</p><p>merger of, 188, 193Journal of Internet Cataloging, 162</p><p>Kent State University, 142Knowledge and Library Services (KLS).</p><p>See Harvard Business SchoolKnowledge creation, 121, 123, 135,</p><p>136, 216, 218</p><p>LA Weekly, 77, 84, 86, 88Leadership, 42, 48, 52, 215, 218219</p><p>change in, and mergers, 204, 185in innovation network management,</p><p>217Lesser General Public License (LGPL),</p><p>145LibAnswers, 122, 132, 148, 149, 150LibData, 168LibGuide, 149, 168LibQUAL, 193, 199Librarians Internet Index (LII),</p><p>163164Librarians Axiom, 21Library, definition of, 14Library Anywhere, 151, 152Library Journal Budget Survey, 44Library of Congress Cataloging inPublication (CIP) program, 176</p><p>Library partnerships and economy,2930</p><p>Library websites, 142collaborative approach, 147do nothing approach, 147148open source codes, 145146RSS feeds, 144145vendors, 143144</p><p>Links to the World, 161, 165167,168, 177</p><p>page visits, 167topical areas in, 166</p><p>Linna, Markku, 187Los Angeles, 76, 86, 88Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL), 77</p><p>and Boston Public Library (BPL)</p><p>community advocacy, 88differences, 8788</p><p>budgetsFY 20082009 budget, 80FY 20092010, 8082FY 20102011, 8283general budget climate, 79operating costs, paybacks for, 79special meeting of board, June 16,</p><p>2010, 83ups and downs, 20082009</p><p>through 20102011, 8687charter amendment, 8586community engagement, 8384Early Retirement Incentive Program</p><p>(ERIP), 81governance system of, 7778property taxes fund public libraries,</p><p>78service hours, 77</p><p>Los Angeles Times, 77, 86, 88</p><p>Magazines for Libraries, 163Managing, innovation network, 217Mankatos Library Services, 160MARC record, 174, 176</p></li><li><p>Subject Index236Masters of Library and InformationScience (MLIS), 61</p><p>MBA programs, 132, 135Medicaid, 21, 29Meetings, importance of, 127, 198Mega issues, exploring about libraries,</p><p>46bad news, 56good news, 45</p><p>Menino, Thomas Michael, 64, 69, 70,73, 74, 75, 76</p><p>Merger process, in Finland, 183in Aalto University, 186187best practices in, 203challenges in, 189communication and marketing,200202</p><p>developing services, 198200human resource management,</p><p>194198merging organizations and creating</p><p>new structures, 190194in University of Eastern Finland,</p><p>188189in University of Turku, 187188</p><p>Miami-Dade Public Librarystaff and compensation reductions at,</p><p>45Microsoft, 40, 127, 128Minnesota State Resources, 164</p><p>Links to the World, 165167Minnesota Legislative Reference</p><p>Library, 164165overview of, 159survey of social work free puppy</p><p>collections, 168169websites value as resources, 160161</p><p>Minnesota State University, Mankato,160161, 168169, 172173, 178</p><p>Minnesotas Legislative ReferenceLibrary (LRL), 160</p><p>MIT Mobile Web Open SourceProject, 145</p><p>MobileBridge, 152Mobile Online Public Access Catalogs(MOPACs), 151</p><p>AirPac, 151152BookMyne, 152MobileBridge and Library Anywhere,</p><p>152WorldCat Mobile, 153</p><p>Mobile services initiative with free/inexpensive methods, 139, 141</p><p>library websites, 142</p><p>collaborative approaches, 147do nothing approach, 147148free services, 149151mobile web services, 146open source codes, 145146RSS feeds, 144145smartphones, 141142vendors, 143144, 146, 148-150</p><p>literature review, 140marketing and assessment, 141successes, 140</p><p>Mobile Online Public AccessCatalogs (MOPACs), 151AirPac, 151152BookMyne, 152MobileBridge and Library Anywhere,</p><p>152WorldCat Mobile, 153</p><p>short message service (SMS) reference,148</p><p>MobiSiteGalore, 143144, 146Montclair Public Library</p><p>service reduction, 45Mosios Text a Librarian, 148, 149, 150MyMobileWeb, 145Myths and realities about library</p><p>efforts needed, 1415funding, 1113image, of librarian, 89jobs in, 910trends, 67usage, in information age, 46with Internet invention, 1314younger librarians, 10</p></li><li><p>Subject Index 237Newness of innovations, 209, 210New Public Management, 50, 51New technology development</p><p>network, 213New York Times, 168Nongovernmental organization</p><p>(NGO), 161Nuorteva, Jussi, 192Nylink, 104</p><p>autopsy, 107108environment at arrival, 105environment upon announcement of</p><p>closure, 106107strategies for change, 105106</p><p>OCLC MARC record acceptable copyexample, 174</p><p>Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc.(OLAC), 177</p><p>Online catalogs, free web resources in,159</p><p>cataloging and catalog maintenance,169171</p><p>Choice reviews, websites from,</p><p>173175news publications, websites from,</p><p>175176print and electronic documents,</p><p>172173centralized searching, value of,</p><p>161162collection development tools, 163</p><p>ACRL and Choice, 163ipl2 as resource, 163164</p><p>Minnesota, free puppy collections in,168169</p><p>Minnesota State Resources. SeeMinnesota State Resources</p><p>websites value as resources,160161</p><p>Online collaborative research spaces,128130</p><p>Open-access model, 134Open innovation, 208, 212, 219Open University (OU) Library in theUK, 147</p><p>Operating costs, paybacks forin LAPL, 79</p><p>Oregon State University Libraries, 140,141</p><p>Organizational change. See AT&amp;T BellLabs; Nylink; University ofBuffalo</p><p>Organizational culture, 185, 189, 195,202</p><p>Paradigm innovation, 211Partnerships and economy, 2930Pasco County Public Library System,</p><p>29PhoneGap, 145, 146Position innovation, 211Print documents, 172173Project Charter. See Harvard Business</p><p>SchoolProject Management Office (PMO). See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolProject Pipeline. See Harvard Business</p><p>SchoolProperty taxes</p><p>funding for LAPL, 78Public administration, 50, 51Public and private organizations,</p><p>differences between, 46Public discussion and involvement, in</p><p>BPL, 6364Public good, 62Public libraries. See also E-govenment</p><p>serviceschange in hours, 23, 24and economic hardship, 2022e-government services in, 23, 28Internet in, 1920job seeking services in, 23, 27partnership examples, 3940trustee role changes, 50</p><p>Public Library Association (PLA), 61Public library funding, 89</p></li><li><p>Subject Index238Public Library Funding and TechnologyAccess studies, 19, 2229, 31</p><p>Public library services, 23, 26, 47Public management cutback strategies,</p><p>40current recession, 4446Great Depression, 4143implications, 4649</p><p>Publicness, concept of, 38, 46Public perceptions, 12Public Service Options, 65Public versus private sector</p><p>employment, 4647Publishing, changes in, 7</p><p>Queens Borough Public Library, 45</p><p>Radical innovation, 210, 214Ready Reference. See Harvard Business</p><p>SchoolRecession-related decisions, 50Research agenda, 51Research and value of libraries, 12Research Services Delivery Model. See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolResearch Support Continuum. See</p><p>Harvard Business SchoolRestructuring, 185, 189, 204Rettig, Jim, 21Ryan, Amy, 64, 65Ryerson University Library, 147</p><p>SBC, 101Sectoral consortia, 213Sectoral networks, 213Service-based libraries, 190Service Delivery Model. See Harvard</p><p>Business SchoolService hours</p><p>in Boston Pu...</p></li></ul>


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