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  • Subject IndexAalto University library, 186187, 188communication and marketing, 201human resource management,

    194195merging organizations and creating

    new structures, 191, 192organization of, 192services, developing, 198team structure of, 196

    Advocacy, 11, 60, 61community advocacy, 70, 72, 88forced advocacy, 60, 62

    AIM hack method, 150AirPac, 151152Alachua County Library District

    (ACLD), 30Alire, Camila, 21Altaramas SMSreference, 148, 150American Association of School

    Librarians (AASL), 56American Community Survey (ACS), 62American Federation of State, County

    and Municipal Employees(AFSCME), 67

    American Library Association (ALA),xiii, 9, 13, 44, 61, 140, 164, 178

    Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 173Annual Report of the Board of Trustees

    (1928), 43Annual Report of the Board of Trustees

    (1929), 42, 43Annual Report of the Board of Trustees

    (1932), 43AOL Instant Messenger, 150AppBreeder, 144, 146AppMakr, 144145, 146Association of College and ResearchLibraries (ACRL), 13, 163, 178

    AT&T Bell Labs (19841991), 98autopsy, 101environment at departure, 100101environment upon arrival, 99strategies for change, 99100

    Athabasca University (AU) Library inCanada, 147

    Avoid bureaucracy group, 186

    Baker Library. See Harvard BusinessSchool

    BookMyne, 152Boston, 59, 87Boston Public Library (BPL), 43, 59,

    60during 2010/2011 budget, 7576event on April 7, 2010, 7173event on April 9, 2010, 7375event on February 17, 2010, 6467event on March 9, 2010, 6771and Los Angeles Public Library


    community advocacy, 88differences, 87lessons for the future, 8889

    public discussion and involvement,6364

    service hours, 63Broadtexter page, 149, 150Budget cuts, communities response to,

    59Boston Public Library (BPL), 6276Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL),


  • Subject Index232Cataloging and catalog maintenance,169171

    of state documents, 172173of websitesfrom Choice reviews, 173175from news publications, 175176Cataloging costs, 170, 171Cell phone, usage of, 140Censorship, 10Centralized searching, value of,

    161162Chaordic enterprise, 185Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library

    systemservice hours reduction in, 45staff and compensation reductions at,

    45Chicago Public Library in the

    Depression, 42Choice, 163, 173175, 178Choice Reviews, 159Christian Science Monitor (CSM), 169,

    175Choice cards, 173-175, 178Collaborative innovation, 207

    barriers to, 219

    knowledge, information, and data

    management systems-relatedbarriers, 220221

    organizational and hierarchicalbarriers, 219220

    physical and temporal barriers, 219public sector organizations,

    221222relational and cultural barriers, 220

    choosing partners and innovationnetworks, 212similarities, 213215

    essence of innovation, 209newness, 209, 210outcome and other classification

    types, 210211imperative for, 211212leadership, 218219management of, 216Collaborative research and course

    development. See Harvard BusinessSchool

    Collection developmentexpenditure reductions, 4549tools for free puppies, 163ipl as resource, 163164

    College & Research Libraries News, 163,168

    Communication and marketing, 200at Aalto University library, 201at Turku University library, 201at University of Eastern Finland

    library, 201202Communities of practice, 213Community engagement, at LAPL,

    8384Complete Discovery Solution, 162Complete Planet, 161Consultation Service. See Harvard

    Business SchoolCooperative Online Resource Catalog

    (CORC), 162Copyright, 1011Current library environment, in United

    States, 314building librarian, of future, 810digital revolution, 67information, free access to, 1011mega issues, exploring, 46societal and demographic changes,

    78Current recession, 44

    collection development expenditures,reductions in, 4546

    service hours, reductions in, 45staff and compensation reductions,

    4445Curriculum and Information Research

    Support (CIRS), 124Curriculum Services Group, 114Cutback decisions, 39, 44, 48, 50Cutback management, 37

  • Subject Index 233economic cycles, power of, 3940public management cutback

    strategies, 40current recession, 4446Great Depression, 4143implications, 4649

    Cuyahoga County Public Librarycompensation reductions at, 45

    Dallas Public Librarycollection expenditures reduction at, 45staff and compensation reductions at,

    45Decision-makers, 50Desire2Learn, 130Digital revolution, in libraries, 67Distinctive capabilities, refocusing, 113

    Baker Library Services . See HarvardBusiness School

    Future State, 114115Knowledge and Library Services

    (KLS), 114, 128, 130131,136137

    District of Columbia Public Library(DCPL), 4243, 153

    service reduction in, 45Do nothing approach, 147148Duke University Libraries, 147

    Early Retirement Incentive Program(ERIP), 81

    Economic cycles, power of, 3940Economic downturns, 2022The Economist, 161, 169, 175176E-government services, 20, 22, 23, 28,

    29, 31E-Government Tools page, 29Electronic documents, 172173Embedded Information Research

    Specialist. See Harvard BusinessSchool

    External information environment. SeeHarvard Business School

    External innovations, 210Facebook, 7Fast Answers, 122Ferguson Library

    service hours reduction in, 45Fiduciary duty, 48Finance, 38, 42, 47Findability Services Project. See

    Harvard Business SchoolFinland, merger process in. See Merger

    process, in FinlandFiscal crises, 41Food stamps, 21Forced advocacy, 59, 62

    in Boston Public Library (BPL), 59,60, 6276

    in Los Angeles Public Library(LAPL), 7787

    public library funding, 89Fort Worth, budget cut in, 45Free public Internet access, 20, 22, 23Free web resources, in online catalogs.

    See Online catalogs, free webresources in

    Friends of the Library (FOL) groups, 68Funding, for libraries, 56

    advocacy, 11associations role, 13public perceptions, 12research and libraries value, 12

    Future State. See Harvard BusinessSchool

    Google, 29, 147, 161, 162, 177Google Voice, 148, 150, 151Government information accessing, in

    libraries, 10Government-provided social services, 21Graf, Fran, 163Great Depression, 37, 39, 41, 47, 51,

    60, 61, 68, 139Boston Public Library (BPL), 43District of Columbia Public Library

    (DCPL), 4243public libraries during, 21

  • Subject Index234Harvard Business School (HBS),134135

    Baker Library Services (BLS), 113,115, 118

    embedded information and tools,

    130132online collaborative research spaces,

    128130organizational chart, 119120project management, 125128Research Services Delivery Model,

    123125Research Support Continuum, 118,

    121Consultation Service, 122123In-Depth Reference service, 122knowledge creation, 123observations, 123Ready Reference, 122Self-Service, 121122

    Service Delivery Model, 123125strategic shifts, 116117

    charting a course, 114115Embedded Information Research

    Specialist, 131132Findability Services Project, 131Information Management group,

    122, 131Interaction design, 137Knowledge and Library Services

    (KLS), 114, 135137collaborative research and course

    development environments,128130

    embedded information and tools,130132

    Future State, 114115, 133

    external information

    environment, 133134Harvard Business School (HBS),

    134135goals of, 115Project Management Office (PMO),

    125128Research Support Continuum, 118,121123

    Service Delivery Model, 123125strategic shifts, 116117

    Project Charter, 126Project Pipeline, 126, 127

    HAWHAW, 145Houston Public Library

    expenditure reduction in, 46Human resource management

    at Aalto University, 194196at University of Eastern Finland,

    197198at University of Turku, 196197

    IBM, 40Image, of librarian, 89Immersion Experience Program (IXP),

    131132Incremental innovation, 210, 214In-Depth Reference Service. See

    Harvard Business SchoolInformation, free access to, 1011Information age, libraries in, 4Information Management group. See

    Harvard Business SchoolInformation Resources and

    Contemporary Collections group(IRCC), 119, 122, 128

    Innovation, 60, 131, 132collaborative. See Collaborative

    innovationInstant Mobilizer, 143, 146Interaction design. See Harvard

    Business SchoolInternal innovations, 211Internet, 23, 29, 49, 60, 77, 78, 80, 84,

    101, 151, 160, 166, 198, 201, 202and libraries, 1314on mobile devices, 140, 142in public libraries, 1920report on cell phone, 148

    Internet Public Library (IPL), 163Internet technologies, 101

  • Subject Index 235in communication and marketing,202

    Interorganizational innovation, 207,208

    ipl2, as resource, 163164, 177iSites, 145, 146iWebkit, 145

    Jefferson County Public Library, COcollections budget decrease in, 4546staff and compensation reductions at,


    at Dallas Public Library, 45for graduates, 910seeking services, in public libraries,

    23, 27, 29Joensuu and Kuopio Universities,

    merger of, 188, 193Journal of Internet Cataloging, 162

    Kent State University, 142Knowledge and Library Services (KLS).

    See Harvard Business SchoolKnowledge creation, 121, 123, 135,

    136, 216, 218

    LA Weekly, 77, 84, 86, 88Leadership, 42, 48, 52, 215, 218219

    change in, and mergers, 204, 185in innovation network management,

    217Lesser General Public License (LGPL),

    145LibAnswers, 122, 132, 148, 149, 150LibData, 168LibGuide, 149, 168LibQUAL, 193, 199Librarians Internet Index (LII),

    163164Librarians Axiom, 21Library, definition of, 14Library Anywhere, 151, 152Library Journal Budget Survey, 44Library of Congress Cataloging inPublication (CIP) program, 176