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Locations in Second Life that you might want to visit - what could you do here?


  • 1. 4.4 SL Learning and Emerging Technology presented to Dr. OConnor Authored by: Irene T. Cruz

2. MUSEUM ISLAND After leaving the Science Building for our initial connection Michele, Tracy and I were suppose to meet up at Museum Island. Michele contacted me via chat and asked for me to transport her to my location I did with pleasure. Unfortunately, we lost Tracy along the way. We meet and began to discuss the island and other projects that we are currently working on together in the MALET program with ESC. If this island were mine - It would be an excellent fit for the instruction of ESL/ELL students. The cultural background the possibility of activates that involve conversations between cultures limitless. 3. EXPLORATORIUM ISLAND When Michele and I said goodnight I decided to explore further Dr. OConnor placed this site in my world transport choices I was intrigued. There were many scientific and mathematical experiments. I came along an experiment and it allowed me to insert myself into a pollen module! I can envision this island as mine for the purposes of teaching literacy skills to adults. The scientific and mathematical skill sets were incredibly challenging and fun! 4. MUSE ISLAND After leaving Exploratorium Island I ventured to Muse Island I had been to this island before this island contains great folk music, creative dance, arts/etc. I was able to touch a cubicle command and I began to dance to the music Great fun! This island would be a great source of both kinetic, tactile and visual learning. Adult Learners in a variety of study areas would benefit from this involvement. Skill sets used with ESL/ELL and HSE learners could be used in group activities for exploration of the arts/music/etc. 5. STEAMPUNK INFO ISLAND The last adventure was the SteamPunk Info Center. (Mieville) I went back to the Science Center and took the link to the location from Dr. O'Connor's wall presentation in order to travel here This island and/or information center was a bit ghostly the lights were dim and it was twilight or so it seemed. Although it was a beautifully designed island I am not sure how I would utilize it for my students.It was a great adventure to walk the streets and view the Victorian designs/crafts/furniture. 6. I CAN'T CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND, BUT I CAN ADJUST MY SAILS TO ALWAYS REACH MY DESTINATION. - JIMMY DEAN In review of all these new adventures within Second Life I see even more possibilities of what can be achieved for my learning environment and my audience. Incorporating a Second Life island is a step that requires careful consideration and can be accomplished with the study of the design and how the needs of the audience are met.