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A talk I gave at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable on November 3, 2011 in San Francisco.


<ul><li> 1. Adventures inEntrepreneurship Margaret Wallace, CEO, PlaymaticsTwitter: @MargaretWallace</li></ul> <p> 2. Margaret Wallace Shirley Lin Trust Us.Were Dressed as Pirates. 3. Entrepreneur AdviserInventorTwitter: @MargaretWallace Tech, Media, Gaming 4. Entrepreneurs Must Juggle Many Things. 5. and people.UsersFriends/ Employees Family Investors 6. Entrepreneurs Must Wear Many Hats. 7. Rainmaker 8. Therapist 9. Visionary 10. Enforcer 11. Inventor 12. We Do Whatever it Takes. 13. That Goes forFunding. 14. Different Funding Options Different Considerations 15. Understanding The Impact of Funding Choices Important. 16. Five Start-Ups Ive Worked With or Founded Lessons Learned 17. Start-Up #1: PF.Magic 18. Be Passionate or Go Home. 19. Excel in at LeastOne Thing.Then innovate. 20. Create Meaningful Rituals 21. Offering to Software Gods at GMC. 22. Diversity in theWorkplace Matters 23. Funding Options Venture CapitalAngel / Super- Angel Friends &amp; FamilyBootstrap 24. Start-Up #2:Skunk Studios 25. Start-Up #2:Skunk Studios 26. Start-Up #2:Skunk Studios 27. Start-Up #2:Skunk Studios 28. Start-Up #2:Skunk Studios 29. Timing isEverything 30. Own Your Audience 31. Own Your IP 32. Create OngoingRevenue Streams 33. Dont Get Stale. 34. Funding Options Venture CapitalAngel / Super- Angel Friends &amp; FamilyBootstrap 35. Start-Up #3: Rebel Monkey Raised $3.5 million in VCCopyright 2010. Margaret Wallace. Please Attribute Proper Credit if You Use These Slides 36. Understanding VC Psychology 37. Strength of IdeaMarket Size Strength of Team CompetitionTakeaway: VCs are all about managing risk. The morerisk you remove, the more comfort they have with you. 38. How VCs Rate Your Chance of Success5%15% 80%Takeaway: VC &amp; Start-Up Goals Are Not Always in Alignment. 39. Verbal Cues Can Be Misleading 40. Non-Verbal Cues Can Be Misleading 41. Pivoting Takes Runway,Strength &amp; Shared Vision. 42. Choose your Investor (orVC firm) carefully. 43. Choose your individualVC carefully. 44. Choose your attorneycarefully. 45. Guard Board Compositionwith your Life! 46. 1.Cover Page2.Company Snapshot3.Numbers4.Timeline &amp; Runway5.Demo6.Traction7.TrajectoryFrom: 365 Days, $10 Million, 3 Rounds, 2 Companies, All With 5 Magic Slides 47. Stop Using the projector for initial meetings.-- Tim Young 48. Accept FailureSwiftly &amp; Gracefully 49. Start-Up #4: Playmatics 50. Funding Options Venture CapitalAngel / Super- Angel Friends &amp; FamilyBootstrap 51. Breaking Bad: Cost of Doing Business 52. Gamification 53. Start-Up #5: Shadow Government 54. Funding Options Venture CapitalAngel / Super- Angel Friends &amp; FamilyBootstrap 55. Find a CompletelyUnique Niche 56. The Truth isNot Out There. 57. Questions?Margaret </p>