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  • 1. Where our content goes your adverts go too! Extending ouraudience reach and enhancing yourbrand visibility Presentation for Zimbabwe Marketers Suppliers Expo 20 March 2014

2. Doing business in a digital world The Zimpapers Group has responded to emerging digital technologies and consequent audience migration by creating innovative digital products that have increased its audience reach and enhanced the visibility of advertorial content 3. BH24Zimbabwe Providing prime business news content targeted at top executives and decision makers. It is a digital product for those who want to have access to real time detailed business updates and analysis. A digital free sheet targeting business leaders that exclusively provides: Real time news updates Breaking news and alerts on any and all emerging business developments Commentary from sector-specific industry experts Incisive business news analysis from Economists Localized impact analysis on regional and international business news 4. We can connect you to 24 hours of business ADVERTISING SPACE AVAILABLE ON ALL BH24 PLATFORMS: Our trendy and responsive website The Mobile app Newsletter Download the BH24 app onto your android mobile phone and get connected Log on to our website and catch up on the latest news, updates and analysis Subscribe to our mailing list by registering your email address via to receive the newsletter 5. Get the news on your mobile! The Zimpapers Mobile news service was launched in 2012: Launched on Econet on May 1, 2012 (currently has over 200 000 subscribers ) Launched on NetOne May 1, 2013 Launched on Telecel on October 2013 We pride ourselves in being the only media house that offers mobile news across all the networks! 6. What mobile news offers: ConvenienceConvenience AffordabilityAffordability AdvertisingAdvertising Enjoy the convenience of having news delivered to your mobile early morning. Kick start your day with top summaries from around the country on political, business, entertainment/showbiz, and sports stories. The tariff for the MNS and MMS is 88 cents per week or $3.50 per month. We moved to weekly subs after feedback from the market. The mobile news subscription base continues to grow. Mobile news offers pictorial/image advertising space via the MMS platforms. Mobile news provides guaranteed visibility for your advertising content. Trial run for Breaking News is underway as a value adding service to Mobile News keeping our nation in the know! 7. Upcoming digital products SportsInfo24 Mobile Classifieds Online Classifieds Digital editions Mobile Classifieds is a resource for our readers to access adverts on mobile phones . Online classifieds will be available via website and accessible to our readers. Digital versions of our print papers will be availed online for subscribed readers who cannot access the hard copy. SportsInfo24 is a mobile app that will be accessed through android phones. 8. Zimpapers titles and their online reach Visits Unique Visitors Page views Page Visits Visit duration The Herald 2,023,593 584,966 7,497,403 3.70 00:07:46 The Chronicle 330,044 115,242 1,171,636 3.55 00:06:54 Sunday Mail 48,659 35,417 133,397 2.74 00:04:24 Manica Post 47,523 29,630 160,297 3.37 00:06:05 Kwayedza 99,479 49,073 349,759 3.52 00:08:27 Combined reach 2,549,298 9,312,492 Google Analytics and Stats from 15 Feb 15 March 9. Content Marketing Social media marketing opportunities Combined FB Pages reach: 150 078 Herald 122 077 Sunday Mail 4 053 Chronicle 6 998 Sunday News 6 950 Combined Twitter reach: 18 797 @HeraldZimbabwe 8 075 @ZimpapersViews 7 706 @SundayMailZim 1 505 @ChronicleZim 1 018 @SundayNewsZimba 493 By aggressively marketing our content we have grown our social media audiences and can monetize these platforms by offering great advertising deals! 10. Zimpapers Digitalenhancing brand visibility Social Media Traffic to News Sites has reportedly increased by 57% since 2009 as digital has far surpassed print in the way people consume news Zimpapers websites provide consistent quality content that naturally funnels traffic toward its conversion pages thereby providing leverage to online advertisers who benefit from increased visibility, enhanced global audience reach Through our social networking platforms we can avail your adverts to diverse digital communities across the globe that converge on our platforms daily Our mobile apps tap into mobile technology that readers have migrated to 11. Advertise with us and enhance the visibility of your brand!