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Presented at the IAB Entertainment Conference - 12/1011


  • 1. Advertising to Todays Video Gamer Graham Ratcliffe UK Client Strategy Manager

2. Video Games IndustryEvolution1976 2011 3. Todays video gamersIs it everyone? Video Games c. 60% of marketGaming Britain study 4. What candigital tell usabout theaudience? 5. Battlefield 3 Audience insights First person shooter developed and published byElectronic Arts Due for release 25 October 2011... Its going up against the next Call of Duty, which is presentlythe #1 game in the game industry, a game that last year did$400 million dollars in revenue on day one. [Battlefield 3] isdesigned to take that game down...John Riccitiello, CEO, Electronic Arts BUY WHAT YOU Valuable insights into your customers LEARN ABOUT YOUR Tribal Fusion Insights provide an in-depth view into your audience AUDIENCE _________________ Understand what behaviors drive consideration, intent and conversions?I am a huge sports fan and Directly actionable - Share with clients and improve performance Im in-market for an SUV. Analyze over 20,000 unique behaviors Evaluate lift - What behaviors index highly when compared to the generalaudience? 6. Battlefield 3 - Findings Area of employmentVideo gamesOther entertainment 7. Battlefield 3 - FindingsOther behaviours 8. What doesonline do best? 9. Where do you hear about new releases? AwarenessQ: Now we would like to know where you typically hear about new game releases. Which, ifany, of the following do you use? Base: All (n=937) 10. VideoSite skins 11. VideoSite skins 12. Where do you research game purchases? ConsiderationQ: Now we would like to know which, if any, of the following sources you use to researchwhich video games to buy. Looking at the list below, please rank the three sources that youuse most often. Base: All (n=937) 13. Customise the messaging on the flyDynamic ads 14. Where do you buy video games? PurchaseQ: From which, if any, of the following places do you buy video games? Base: All (n=937) 15. Use audience data to drive purchasesDataIn-market dataCustomise impression based on site visitUser visits gameor product pagesPersonalised re-targeting 16. Video Games IndustrySummary Video games industry has evolved significantly Use online insights to understand your audience Research from Tribal Fusion and YouGov shows: Online is the most important channel for driving awareness, consideration and purchaseAwareness large high impact formatsConsideration customised adsPurchase - data 17. Thank youGraham Ratcliffe UK Client Strategy ManagerE: