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    FABLES The word fable comes from the Latin fabula, which means tale in English. A fable is a

    short story that teaches a moral lesson. Usually fables use non-human creatures as their characters. These characters are almost always anthromorphized or given human characteristics such as talking, working, cooking, etc. (This is a bit different than personification as in personification the human-like characteristics given to non-humans are to provide imagery to writing.) Often when we hear the word fable we think of the famous Greek Aesop as he is supposedly the father of fables. Not much is known of him, but supposedly he was a former slave who lived around the 7th C B.C. Whoever this man was, his stories were told from generation to generation and are commonly known to many today.

    YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Explore the website above and select a fable to read. Try and find a fable you have never read before. Answer the questions below in complete sentences with proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Submit your assignment in the appropriate

    SHOWBIE folder. 1. What is the title of the fable you chose? 2. Who are the characters in your fable? Is there a clear protagonist as well as an antagonist? If so, identify each. 3. What is the problem or conflict that the characters are facing in the fable? 4. Summarize the fable in two to three sentences. 5. State the moral of the fable as shown at the bottom of the text. Rephrase the moral of the fable in your own words. MORAL: REPHRASE: