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Friend in need is indeed. The hare was in danger and needed help. She had many friends and it was time to ask for their help.

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Aesops Fables?

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Aesop is a Greek man. He wrote many short stories to give advice. Most of his stories are about animals and beasts.

Fable: a short false story with a moral


As her friends refused to help one by one, the angry hounds were getting closer and closer. When she heard them coming closer, she ran as fast as she could back into the forest. Luckily, the hare managed to escape. From that day was never seen in the farm.


Once upon a time, there was a hare which lived in forest. She had so many friends from a nearby farm. They had great times together. One day, she was chased by a group of furious hounds. My friends, said to herself, they will help me.


Horse: Im sorry; I have so much work with my Master.

Ram: I do not like to interfere with others business!

Bull: Im so busy dear. Sorry!

Goat: Im afraid my back would hurt if I carry you!

Sheep: Im afraid the hounds would go after me as well!

Calf: Well, if the older friends cant help, I cant as well.


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