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Affrimations for JOB



    I take action on my inner guidance.I make decisions easily.I find winning solutions.I now experience a new level of clarity, well-being and self-confidence.I release any feelings of self-pity and blame. I know I can create any reality I want.I know exactly what to do to create the results I want.I now take charge of my life.


    I am magnetic to love.I send peaceful, loving thoughts to other people.Every day I experience more love in my life.I connect with people through my heart. I radiate love.I release all negative thoughts and judgments of others.I sense the souls of others when I am with them.I see the good in others.I radiate my soul's light wherever I am. I am a radiant light.I spread love and goodwill wherever I go.I like who I am around other people.I am centered and balanced around other people.I receive love easily and others give it to me generously.


    I am a special, unique person.I am filled with light.I accept and love myself unconditionally.I appreciate myself and acknowledge all the things I am doing well.I nurture myself, I take care of me.I believe in myself.I like what I see in the mirror.I am wise. I give myself good advice.I am patient with myself.I follow my inner guidance.I nurture my inner child.I can be calm, balanced, and in my centre whenever I choose.I am relaxed and at peace with the world and myself.All of my feelings are a part of myself and I love and accept all of them.I am a wonderful human being, doing the best I know how.I find time every day to relax and just "be".I deserve to be treated with kindness and love, and I am.I love and accept my emotions.


    I allow myself to have a beautiful body.I love taking care of my body. I deserve to have a beautiful, fit, and healthy body.I love and accept my body.I love my clothes. They reflect my inner beauty.I picture myself with a fit, trim, and healthy body. As I picture it, I create it.I am a slim person who can eat whatever I want.

  • I have a lot of physical energy.I am beautiful within and without.I now make healthy choices.I release any negative self-images.I notice when I have negative thoughts about myself and replace them with positive ones.I visualize my ideal body daily. As I hold a steady vision, I make it a reality.I am in top-notch condition, fit and energetic.I am at my healthiest, most optimum weight.I release all guilt about the food I eat.My thoughts about my body determine my shape. I use my creative imagination to think myself perfect.


    I, your soul, can strengthen and recharge you. Sit in silence and make a connection to me. All you need do is ask, sit quietly for five minutes or so, and I will send you energy that will strengthen and recharge you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


    All answers are within me. I follow my inner wisdom.All my experiences are opportunities to gain more power, clarity, and vision.All my feelings are a part of myself and I accept all of them. All my money is working for me to increase my abundance, joy, and aliveness. All that I need is within me, waiting to be released. As I do what I love, money and abundance flow freely to me. As I Release The Child Within I Start To Experience True Life.At every moment I am becoming a more perfect light. Channeling brings me answers and wise guidance. Channeling expands my consciousness at every level.Each thought brings me a new idea, insight, or clarity.Every connection I have is a healing one for me and for the other person. Every gift I give serves and empowers other people. Every time I call upon my guide I establish a deeper and clearer connection.Everyday I increase the amount of light I can hold and radiate.Everyone appreciates and supports me for who I am.Everything comes to me in the perfect timing and in the perfect way. Everything I create fulfills me.Everything I do brings me aliveness and growth.Everything I do contributes to the higher good of myself and others.Everything I do increases the harmony, beauty, and order in my life. Everything I give to others is a gift to myself. As I give I receive.Everything on the earth plane is composed of light and energy. You can work with light and energy to create results on the physical plane.Feel your love expanding. Contribute to the oneness by offering love to all life.Good things come to me easily.I am in a state of inner listening and focused awareness in all I do.I accept and love myself as I am right now.I accept and love myself for who I am right now.I accept myself for who I am. I accept people for who they areI acknowledge and appreciate my good qualities. I align with the Higher Will today to better know and live my higher purpose.I allow all good things to come to me. I deserve to have a wonderful life.I allow myself to think and dream in unlimited ways.

  • I allow people to be any way they want to be. I accept and love others unconditionally.I allow the wisdom, love, and power of my higher self to become who I am.I always choose the path of most light. I always have enough time. I always have time to exercise. I always look for ways to make the other person a winner; as I help others win, I win as well. I am a creative person. I am a creative, insightful person.I am a healer through my words, thoughts, and deeds. My relationships support my and the other person's higher purpose.I am a lucid dreamer. I am a radiant being of light.I am a source of light and awakening for others.I am a success. I allow myself to feel successful. I congratulate myself often.I am a valuable person. My path is important. I am a world server.I am abundantly provided for as I follow my path.I am alert to my opportunities. I am always being guided to the higher solution.I am an unlimited being. I can create anything I want.I am awakening spiritually to my full potential.I am aware of all the energy I am around. I transmit love wherever I go. As I radiate love, I offer others the choice of a higher way to be.I am aware of my feelings when I am with other people.I am aware of other people's realities and I stay centered in my own calm, clear energy.I am aware of the images I send to other people. I send them positive, confident and loving images of who I am.I am aware of the messages my guide is sending me.I am aware of what things charge and revitalize me. I attract more of these things into my life.I am building a bridge of light to my higher self.I am calm and peaceful.I am confident and serene. I am conscious of many realities simultaneously.I am doing what I love from moment to moment. I am filled with light.I am filled with new ideas and I put them into action.I am flexible and open to new ideas. I am fluid. My energy flows. I am fully present in the moment.I am growing spiritually every day. As I link with my higher self, I become a source of light and love for others.I am guided by the light of my spirit in all I do.I am in a state of inner listening and focused awareness in all I do.I am in charge of my destiny. I am the builder of my life.I am increasingly magnetic to money, prosperity, and abundance. I am linked with the higher forces of the universe.I am loved. I am lovable.I am magnetic to love.I am magnetic to my higher good and it is magnetic to me.I am now living my higher purpose. I am open to creating or receiving money in any way that is in alignment with Divine Will.I am open to receive all the gifts the universe has to give me.I am open to receive my higher good. I am open to receive. I am pain free. My body feels good.

  • I am pleasing to myself.I am reaching levels of consciousness beyond anything I imagined possible. I am strong and capable.I am taking a quantum leap.I am tolerant of other people's realities.I am true to myself in all that I do.I and my higher self are in charge of my destiny.I appreciate all that I am and all that I have.I appreciate myself. I give thanks for my wonderful life. I ask for and receive higher guidance.I ask for what I want and I am open to receive it in whatever form it comes. I ask my higher self and soul to show me answers and solutions. I believe I can become enlightened in this lifetime.I believe I can grow instantly and I do. I believe in my unlimited potential.I believe in myself.I believe in myself and in my unlimited capacity to create whatever I want. I believe in myself and my path. I believe that the universe is friendly.I bring out the best in people.I call upon angelic assistance today.I can have what I want.I can send and receive telepathically.I can sense my guide's presence. I change the world around me by changing myself. I choose my emotions. I choose to feel calm and good.I choose my higher path from moment to moment.I choose my path of most light. I choose peace.I choose to live an abundant life.I congratulate myself oftenI connect with people through my heart. I connect with the earth. I am grounded and centered. I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love. I create what I want easily and effortlessly.I create what I want with energy. Good things come to me easily.I create with light and energy before I take action.I deserve a positive, nurturing, and harmonious environment. I dissolve any fear in the light.I do things that allow me to relax and silence my mind. I do what I love. I now have my ideal life.I draw to myself many wonderful opportunities to make a difference in the world.I easily reach expanded states of consciousness.I expand my channel to my guide and higher self. I expect only the best to happen and it does.I experience continuous opportunity for joy and play in my life. I Experience Peace And Joy In Life Through My Inner Child.I feel good, calm, and at peace with myself.I find the light and good in any situation. I Flow In The Pureness Of My Heart's Energy.I flow with the current. I know that everyth