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  • 1. Complete SEO Package for $79Article Writes has launched a $79 Search Engine Optimization service.The method is the same to the one we practice for Article Writes SEO serviceworth $500 to $1,200 per month. We guarantee that this strategy is effective as wealready applied them to our clients who are working with us for multiple keywords.However, Article Writes decided to market the service in an affordable way butfor single keyword only.We may not be a shooting star optimizer who will target the luckiest KW that mayhit, what we can do is to target specific keyword requested by the client.You probably have 2-4 keyword phases instead of single phrase keyword to enjoyyour $79 SEO service, because we all know that single phrase KW is hard tooptimize.Quality over Quantity: We are part of the SEO team who believes Quality ismore powerful than Quantity and our website, Article Writes, is the living proof tothis. In fact, Article Writes is on the top of the SERPs in many relevant KWs on theniche we played and competing with big companies online.From there, we will show you our $79 SEO Services

2. Write and Post: How much it will cost you for this job?How much will it cost you for Guest Posting for this site level? $30 to $100 per post?But we will not just provide 1blog post for you.We can provide you4 Blog Posts! 3. Write and Post: How much will cost you for this job?How much will it cost you for Google News Site Press Release?$50 to $100 per post?How about Website and Reputation Review?$70 to $250?How about News Release?$30 - $60? 4. Let Assume the Lowest RateResearch, Write and Post to blogs: 30 x 4 = $120Research, Write and Post to Press Release: $50Research, Write and Post in Review Site: $70Research, Write and Post as News Release: $30Total Cost: $ 270.00How about the Social Campaign? The Bookmarking andPinging?Is that for FREE? A.. ah That work will cost you about $300 or ifyou did not agree with this price:the overall cost will likely be $250?, $200?, $150? or 100?How about if we offer it for $79 for all of this jobs. Are you going to agree? Check the diagram below for your $79 5. AW SEO Gig - Diagram Blog 2Blog 3 $79Blog 1 Blog 4News SiteNo Link because this isthe Brand BuildingMethod we Practice Press Release from Google News Site With link but Domain only becauseReputation this is a Press Release PostSite 6. $79 7. Quality Optimization for $79Step 1 Process:1. You have to work first on your on-pagea. You must have all-in-one SEO plug-in.b. SEO friendly permalinkc. Highly Recommend: Keyword must be in the content page that we are going to optimize (KW must be mentioned twice only: not once, not trice or more but only twice).d. Will provide you a How to for your On-page.. 8. Quality Optimization for $79Step 2 Process:2. With Off-page operation, we are going to perform quality linkbuilding with LTK and LSI method. We will write the articleand submit the content with relevant image to the followingsite types:a. 4 content to our private blog network.b. 1 quality press release to our exclusive PR sitec. 1 news release to AllVoice.comd. 1 reputation building site to our exclusive business rating site. 9. Quality Optimization for $79Step 3 Process:3. Social Signals and Bookmarking. We will share 7 links to the following:a. 5 FB Share = 35 Total Linksb. 5 Pinterest = 35 Total Linksc. 5 Stumbleupon = 35 Total Linksd. 5 G+ = 35 Total Linkse. 5 Tweets = 35 Total Links 10. Quality Optimization for $79Step 4 Process:4. We will ping all the 7 off-page posts to 83 ping services andthese are categories based on your niche and KW. 11. Quality Optimization for $79Step 5:5. Our turnaround time is 10 days and on or before ourcompletion date, Article Writes SEO Gig will submit report. 12. Service RequirementsSubmit the following:URL:Keyword:Brand Name:Press Release Name:Company Address: (For PR purposes)Contact Number: (For PR purposes)SERPS Current Rank:Paypal Email Used:Paypal Transaction NumberAttention Buyers: We can only accept 1 campaign in a month for 1 URL andKeyword. If you want re-campaign, please wait for 30 days before ordering gig forthe same URL and KW.To much links in one specific URL will harm your website in Search Engine Results.FAQ: Can I be penalized in this SEO method?Answer: 100% No! Because Article Writes work is manually performed and donecarefully with informative and quality content. Definitely no overloads.And we are not spammers, fakes nor robots. We are humans who care about theSearch Engine results and aims to help the Web community for real, true andinformative results. 13. What sites we cant work with?1. Porn Sites2. Gambling Sites3. Illegal Drugs and Viagra4. Dating Sites5. Scam Sites6. And other Adult SitesFor more details, please buzz Bryan on Skype: cincobr What is the turnaround time?Ten (10) DaysPlease avoid doing follow-ups since we are an organized SEO TeamFor five (5) Days rush completion, we require additional $30 pay. 14. Refund Policy for this GigPlease review this offer first before purchasing because we cannotrefund any payment once the work is delivered.This is for the reason that we pay writers to research and write, we also pay poster and link builder for this task and we supervise people to work for this gig. With this, it is impossible for us to refund the amount. Nonetheless, we guarantee satisfaction and excellence in our every work.Moreover, we assure that all the articles are well-researched, unique, high quality, properly posted, linked to your site as citing reference, shared in Social Network, Bookmarked and Pinged.In failure to deliver, we refund 100% after 10 days.