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Agenda – Monday, March 31 st. Collect take-home quiz Bozo Buckets Motivation background notes Homework: Reading Quiz  WEDNESDAY Exam #4  FRIDAY AP Test Countdown  35 days ! (24 school days). Bozo Buckets. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Agenda Monday, March 31st

Agenda Monday, March 31st Collect take-home quizBozo BucketsMotivation background notesHomework: Reading Quiz WEDNESDAYExam #4 FRIDAYAP Test Countdown 35 days! (24 school days)Bozo BucketsIn front of you will be five targets. Each is placed an increasing distance from where you are standing. You have THREE beanbags to toss at the target of your choice.

Bozo BucketsIf you hit target #1: Earn 2 pointsTarget #2: Earn 4 pointsTarget #3: Earn 8 pointsTarget #4: Earn 16 pointsTarget #5: Earn 32 pointsMotivationn-Ach: Need for achievementDesire to overcome obstacles and to meet high standards of excellenceDavid McClelland (yellow sheet) argues that if you have HIGH n-Ach, you will shoot for the third or fourth bucketWhy?Motivation LOW n-Ach: Select sure things AND/OR impossible goals

HIGH n-Ach: Avoid goals that are too easy, but also know limitsVery INTRINSICALLY motivatedAsk yourself: Why are you in the class?Contributes to the four types of motivation discussed in this chapterMotivationAll processes involved in starting, directing, and maintaining physical and psychological activitiesTypes of motivation:HungerSexualSocialWorkTheories of MotivationWhy are we motivated to behave a certain way?

Example:Are you motivated to consume a Bacon-ator when you are starving in the same way you are motivated to do well in high school and receive college scholarships?

Theory #1Drive Reduction TheoryWhat is it?Motivation comes from our desires to reduce internal drives by meeting our needsPhysiological needs Food, water, sleep, etc.Internal drives Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, etc.

Theory #2Optimum Arousal TheoryWhat is it?People feel motivated to maintain a certain level of arousal, despite a lack of physical drives to do soExamples: Riding a roller coaster, seeing people after being along all day, attending a concert

Theory #2Yerkes-Dodson Law (aka The Inverted U)Low and high levels of arousal produce lower performance than moderate arousal

Theory #3Incentive TheoryWhat is it?Motivation is the combination of factors that push us towards something or pull us away from pursuing somethingExamplesDetentions and extra credit are used to motivate behaviorRunners run to either beat their own times or to beat other runnersTheory #4Instinct TheoryWhat is it?Automatic innate responses to certain environmental experiencesExamplesGeese fly south for the winter (response) when the weather becomes cold (environment)Babies search for food (response) when something touches their face (environment)Theory #5Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsWhat is it?Abraham Maslows argument that we are motivated to achieve certain basic needs before pursuing higher psychological needsExamplePeople do not want to work on their marriage problems when they are starving and homeless


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