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  • Howdy Aggie Moms!

    What a great time of year! Excitement is in the air at Texas A&M

    University, and by now your Aggie has completed their third

    week of school and youre hoping they are finding time to study

    along with their new activities. Maybe your student has

    graduated and is now experiencing a new chapter in their life

    that brings exciting and rewarding opportunities.

    A wonderful group of moms have committed their support and

    energy to serving on our Board. They, along with our Committee

    Chairs, have been working all summer to plan an exciting year

    for our club. We hope you will find a place to serve and

    contribute to the successes we anticipate for CCAM 2015-2016.

    We know you will find fellowship and activities that we have

    planned throughout the year to be fun and enlightening! If you

    are a new mom to our organization, please do not hesitate to

    call on myself or any board member, if you have any questions,

    concerns or suggestions.

    Whether you are a new mom, a transfer mom, a returning

    member, or a member of our Ring of Honor, lets make it a great

    year of serving TAMU, supporting our Aggies, and to be there

    for each other. We are so glad you are joining us as we come

    together to serve our students, our community, and build lasting

    friendships along the way! Grab a friend and come enjoy the

    Aggie Spirit that is like none other!

    Aggie Mom Tip #12: Teach your Aggie to separate the maroon

    laundry from the white laundry.

    Thanks and Gig Em!

    Christy Kinnaird

    Mom of Madeline 16

    Presidents Message

    2015 New Moms Tea

    C o l l i n C o u n t y A g g i e M o m s C l u b Volume 32 / Issue 1

    September 2015

    Aggie Moms Connect ing

    The new Aggie Moms of Collin County enjoyed an afternoon tea on Sunday, September 13. Approximately 90 ladies joined their

    CCAM hosts for a program of information, friendly visiting, and a full spread of lovely garden party style finger foods and desserts. It

    was great to meet the new moms and hear about their Aggies academic endeavors. The new moms are already getting into the

    Aggie spirit, and we are looking forward to a wonderful fun filled year. It was the perfect way to spend the day after a great Aggie win

    at the new Kyle Field.

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    CCAM Membership

    CCAM Donations

    This information bears repeating for our

    new members who may not be familiar

    with the success of our fundraising

    efforts during the 2014-15 school year.

    Through the following programs, our

    clubs fundraising efforts resulted in a

    very rewarding year:

    Pecan sales, Boutique sales, Scrip,

    Poinsettias, Spring Round-up and Silent

    Auction, and Raffle

    In May of 2015, we concluded the year

    with the following donations:

    $12,000 in student scholarships

    $12,300 to various A&M student organizations

    $6,000 to the Texas A&M Foundation

    Our appreciation goes to all of our Aggie Moms and

    Families and Friends who supported our fundraising

    efforts last year... this WHOOP is for you!

    Howdy Aggie Moms!

    Are you a new Aggie mom and havent joined yet?

    Are you a returning mom and havent renewed your

    membership for 2015-16?

    Join the Collin County Aggie Moms club for the 2015-16

    school year. Membership registration is currently

    underway for new and returning Aggie Moms.

    Annual dues are $25 for new and renewal

    memberships. Ring of Honor memberships for moms of

    graduated Aggies is $12.50.

    Join the club by the October 19 deadline to be included

    in the annual CCAM membership directory.

    Membership forms are available on our website and at

    the September 21 and October 19 General Meetings.

    Click on the following link and complete the

    membership form:



    For additional information, contact:

    Suzan York, Membership Vice President,

    Aggie Moms Connecting

    Artwork by Benjamin Knox

    First General Meeting

    Join us!

    Dont miss the first meeting of the school year

    on September 21, 2015! The Texas A&M

    University Police Department will be our guests

    and they have lots of information for new Aggie

    moms! and old ones, too! you know

    seasoned! The police department does a lot

    more than just give out parking tickets!

    Come join us at the pre-meeting dinner at Tin

    Star on Coit Road around 5:45 pm. We take the

    speakers to dinner and it is a nice way to meet

    them and to fellowship with other Aggie moms

    in a smaller setting. Good food too!

    Other great programs coming up this school

    year include Octobers meeting with students

    leaders from CARPOOL as our guests. "Caring

    Aggies R Protecting Over Our Lives" a.k.a.

    CARPOOL, is a student organization that

    provides free, nonjudgmental rides home every

    Thursday through Saturday nights from 10 p.m.

    to 3 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters in

    Bryan/College Station.

    We love to host our Aggie students and hear

    about all the amazing things they do in

    Aggieland! In November, we will have a

    representative from Student Affairs sharing

    information about what is available for our


    Congrats Graduates! We will be recognizing these

    awesome Aggie graduates at our

    September meeting. WHOOP!

    Samantha Courtney Coulter 15

    BS Human Resource, minor in

    Business Administration

    Proud Aggie parents Rosie and Mike Coulter 78

    Youssef Seoudi 15

    BS Economics, minor in Mathematics

    Proud Aggie parents Mai Hegazy and Mohamed


  • Leave no fish behind pay it forward!

    Calling all seasoned Moms to GET HOOKED and help

    welcome our Fish Moms to our wonderful club. We

    have a large SCHOOL of FISH Moms who need to be REELED IN. We still need you as Aggie Angels for our

    new FISH Moms! Its Easy! We give you the information. You just need to be a friend, answer the

    occasional question, and be willing to "Adopt a Mom."

    Please be an AGGIE ANGEL and help comfort those

    Freshman jitters!" Click on the following link and fill

    out the form to be an Aggie Angel:

    Do you have questions or concerns? Aggie Angels are here to help. An Aggie Angel is a sophomore, junior,

    senior, or alumni mom who has "been there" and is

    available to answer your many questions concerning your student's first year at Texas A&M.

    If you would like to participate in this program, just let one of us know. We will match you with an Aggie Angel

    or you can request someone you know to be your Big Sis.

    For more information please contact:

    Norma Walker 281-636-3971


    Andi Rosenfield

    Aggie Angels

    Attention New

    Fish Members

    Page 3

    Volume 32 / Issue 1

    Aggie Moms Connecting

    Aggie Moms Connecting is a fun, no pressure way to

    meet and fellowship with other Aggie Moms. We host

    several fun events throughout the year, and every

    event is open to any Aggie Mom that is interested. We

    started the year with our first event, a Cheers, Tears,

    and Beers gathering at TUPPS Brewery in McKinney. If

    you joined us, we hope you had a wonderful time, and

    if you didnt, no worries!

    Please join us at our upcoming events:

    Painting the Aggie BarnSeptember 24

    Bunco Kick-OffOctober 2

    Evites are sent with specific information before each

    event that lets you know the cost, location, and any

    additional information you need. Some events are

    exclusively for moms, but there are some events where

    you can invite spouses, significant others, or friends.

    Our goal is for every mom to feel welcome and to get to

    know each other, and mostly to have a lot of fun! We

    are looking forward to another great year of Aggie

    Moms Connecting!

    Newsletter Warning! Last years CCAM Newsletters on the website will be

    deleted at the end of September. If you want to

    save the newsletters for nostalgic reasons, print

    them before they go away!

    CCAM Historian Needed! Do you like taking pictures and making scrapbooks? We

    need you! Contact Christy if interested at:

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