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In this workshop we play card games to investigate the topic of Agile contracts. How we can improve the performance of Agile teams looking at the organization around them and the contracts for the projects they work on. For this we will compare rules of play for games with contracts. If things go wrong: no matter what they tell you, it is a people problem. This means that contracts don't solve problems but they have influence. Using three card games we create awareness of this infuence and we offer a platform to discuss how contracts can stimulate an Agile way of working. Take these games to your team/managers/organization to let them experience what you already feel to be true. Agile works!


Contract: spelregels van het spel

Agile Contracting GamesExperience What It Takes to Build a Cooperative Environmentv2.0 December 2011

1IntroductionWho are we

Remi-Armand CollarisAgile Facilitator at OrdinaWing Yu ChongProduct Manager at ABZ2



IntroductionSchedule4IntroductionSurveyLets Play Game 1EvaluationRules of PlayGame 2EvaluationRules of Play versus ContractsWhats at Stake?Game 3EvaluationSummary & Conclusions

4Introduction Definition of a ContractGeneral:A contract is an agreement between two or more parties which can be legally enforced.

Contract implies an offer and an acceptance of that offer.Offer: delivering a product or service.Acceptance: rewarding the successful delivery.

55Introduction Agile Manifesto on ContractsWe have come to valueCustomer collaboration over contract negotiation

6What does this statement mean?No contract (negotiations)?Focus contract on collaboration?6

7IntroductionWhat Comes Into PlayWhat is the goal of playing a game?WinningTeam playImprove your skills (Learning)Satisfaction

What emotions come into play?MotivationCreativityHopeDisappointment

7Lets Play!

Lets PlayGame 1: Playing the GameNumber of players: 2 + observers.Available time: 2 min 30

Goal: to win!

Assumptions:Each participant knows how to play cards.The players can interact and discuss

Material: Two stacks of cards


19Lets Play EvaluationObservations:The rules of play.The goal of the game

What if 1000.- were at stake?

Put experience into practice10

Rules of Play

Rules of PlayGame 2: The Rule ManagerAvailable time: 5 minRoles: n players + 1 rule manager + 1 observer.Preparation: each player gets 5 cards.stack of cards face down with one card facing up at the sideRounds:Player 1 plays a card.If rule is applicable the rule manager explains the rule.The rule is executedPlayer 2 plays a card.etc.Game end and score: The first player who has played all his or her cards wins.

Goal: To win a game of Jacks (pesten)! Assumptions:Each participant knows how to play cards.The players can interact and discuss.The rules have been described and handed over to the rule manager.

Material: Stack of cards.Rule paper.12

Rules of Play Game 2: EvaluationObservations:The Rules of PlayRolesStrategyChanging Rules

Put experience into practice13

13Rules of Play Structuring Rules of PlayContextnumber of personsduration of the gameages of participantsGoal of the gameMaterialsRolesPreparationRoundsstepssituationsexamplesexceptionsGame endScoring


Rules of Play Simple Contracts?

GoalScoringRounds & ExamplesPreparationMaterials & RolesGame endRounds & ExamplesContext, Persons & Age1515Whats at Stake?

Whats at Stake? Game 3: SaboteurAvailable time: 10 minRoles: 4 - 6 players (builders, saboteurs) + 1 observer.

Preparation: Each player gets 4 cards.Prepare construction site Put down a closed deck of cards and have a discard pileGame end :Time is up or All cards have been played.Goal: Create a road spanning 5 lanes.Scorebuilders win when a road is created.saboteurs win when no road is created.Assumptions:The players may not discuss their roles.As a saboteur it is wise to not show your intent to early.Material: Deck of cards.Rule paper.

1717Whats at Stake?Game 3: Saboteur Building a Road61012345StartEnd18discard pilestack97Different colorRank difference