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  • How does Agile do UX?6 Agile UX scenarios

  • Why traditional Agile doesnt work for UX

    The primary focus of Agile methodologies is the delivery of quality software

    The primary focus of User Experience Design is the delivery of experiences

  • Customer End User

  • Agile Manifesto

  • Quality in Agile

  • IDEOs design thinking

  • UK Design Councils Double Diamond Methodology

  • UX strategy

  • Is there no hope?

  • - Highly Creative- Works in Photoshop, Illustrator- Sits alone in their room- Perfectionist- Produces beautiful designs- Can become protective and defensive of their


  • The Superstar Designer can be the result of :

    1. Shoehorning Design into Agile practices

    2. Unmatched expectations in hiring - Graphic Design vs UX

  • Solving the Superdesigner problem

  • Erik Flowers

    UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution

  • UX vs UI

  • - The UX is integrated into the Agile team

    - Works one sprint ahead of dev

    - But they have become a bottleneck

    - Dev is frustrated by changing requirements

    - UXer feels cant do proper design

  • Solving the Beast-Feeder problem

    Software Development Product Development

  • Solving the Beast-Feeder problem

    Are design and development priorities aligned?

    Involve the whole team in designing the next iteration Pair designers with developers and include developers in design review and

    collaborative design practices

    Living design guidelines

  • Solving the Beast-Feeder problem

    Is designer doing Just enough design?

    Lo-Fi wireframes Conversations are often more valuable than deliverables Rapid prototyping Discount User Testing methods

  • - Agile is fairly mature in the organisation

    - Several cross-functional scrum teams with an embedded designer

    - UXers are involved in Agile activities

    - The do Just Enough Design

    - Pair with Devs

    - Share results of user testing with the team

  • How do we make sure we dont get lost in small design problems and keep track of the big picture?

  • Design Spikes

  • Basically its a process of structured brainstorming for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing new ideas with users throughout one to five days workshop

  • The Google Design Sprints

    Monday: Understand and defineTuesday: Divergent design activities. Wednesday: Decide on which ideas to go for. Create a StoryboardThursday: Prototype the storyboard. Friday: Validate. Test your prototype with users

  • - Isolation

    - Loss of vision

    - Broken UX

    - Lots of increments but no innovation

  • Managing a growing UX team in Agile

    - Good Cop/Bad Cop Design pairs- Design guilds- Design leadership- Storyboards VS Product Roadmaps- Design systems

  • Build - Measure - Learn

  • Conclusion

    - The organisation needs to buy into Agile and understand what UX is - UX is not Graphic Design- UX needs to be integrated into the Agile methodologies- Design needs to be iterative, but leave space to be creative as well- Design vision set in Design Spikes and Sprints- Evolve UX leadership- Lean UX or Agile UX

    No silver bullet!

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