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Agile Strategy Development Cone Made


  • 1. Agile Business Development Learn how to run your business the agile, easy to lead way in five minutes CONE ADVISOR
  • 2. Agile Strategy Highlights CONE ADVISOR
  • 3. Do you have the agility, flexibility and fast reaction to survive in hostile environments?
    • How to react fast enough in a hostile environment?
      • We need to react much faster
    • ... How to get innovative new businesses to market fast?
      • We have lots of ideas, but we dont know where to start
    • Looking for
      • Agility, flexibility, faster reaction,
  • 4. Can you break-down the elements of your New Business?
    • In high velocity environment, it is impossible to manage business with 1000 tasks or with too large mega project
    CONE ADVISOR NEW Business Model Avoid 1000 operative tasks Avoid one MEGA project
  • 5. Agile Business Development vs. Traditional Stage-gate Model CONE ADVISOR Traditional planning Agile Development Strategy as Document 30 pages Strategy as Model with 30 elements Project lasts 12-24 months Development Sprint 1-6 mo, typically 3 months (with several mini-projects) Detail planning of all tasks beforehand Detail planning in Sprints Long project meetings 3-4h Weekly short status updates 30 min In Gate 4 (piloting/testing) something happened in practice (stage-gates 1-5) Every Sprint develops real actions in practice
  • 6. Defining right amount of projects for the new business CONE ADVISOR 30-40 4 - 6 = PROGRAM
  • 7. Agile Business Development Model * Sprint Workshop is the meeting where all project will be get new priorities, responsible person, owner, etc. CONE ADVISOR * Discuss 30 min / week 1w Develop Experiment Manage 1 mo 8 9 10 7 6 Program 4 3 2 1 Business in practice 5 Development Period ( Sprint ) 3 months Sprint workshop
  • 8. Agile Business Development based on Sprints 1-3 months CONE ADVISOR Experiment: in practice and interact internally and externally Execute : manage actions and use KPIs linked with strategy models Explore : new opportunities and set actions and targets Execute 3E Rapid iterations
  • 9. 5 steps to Agile Business Development
    • Create Strategy Model with 30 elements
    • Define projects about 30-40 pcs and link projects to modeling elements
    • Prioritize projects and select needed project for next 3 months development sprint in Sprint Workshop
    • Put the rest of projects in timeline to 3-6 mo, 6-9kk mo and 9-12 mo. Agile method creates a rolling system for business development
    • Document actions to status reports per project
  • 10. Create Strategy Model with 30 Elements CONE ADVISOR Case example Southwest Airlines Strategy Model (centric / mindmap) max. 30 elements (see more Cone Made Library)
  • 11. Define about 30-40 projects CONE ADVISOR Select FLAGS Projects and red flag [Pr] appear By clicking [Pr] flag appear pop-up with the key information. Put your cursor on the element and use left mouse button to get circle menu and (+) Project. Define Responsibility Matrix ( RACI )
  • 12. Define timetable for projects CONE ADVISOR Execute shows projects and KPIs. Select Projects. Select projects for next sprint from list. Open to edit project from icon. Define start and end date for project
  • 13. Development Roadmap CONE ADVISOR Select Roadmap -view One 3 mo Period = Sprint Move projects & change start and end dates
  • 14. Document to Status Reports CONE ADVISOR Document shortly actions, next steps, comments and decisions per project. Use Dashboard to your own My Projects or create your own widget.
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    Learn more about Agile Strategy development Need help making your business easy to lead ? Check:
  • 16. CONE ADVISOR So now that you know how to start and run projects flexibly... do you know which projects will bring fruits? Learn how to manage projects by using Stage-gate tool