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Towards Civil War

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Towards Civil War

Towards Civil War

Divided Country

Free vs Slave StatesKansas Nebraska ActIntroduced by Stephen DouglasMethod of resolving the Kansas Nebraska territory issueRepeal Missouri Compromise and Introduce popular sovereignty (For both Kansas & Nebraska)Becomes law in 1854Stephen Douglas

The Race for KansasPopulate, Settle and VotePro-Slavery and abolitionists race to settle KansasSettlers to vote on slavery (popular sovereignty) Pro-slavery people from Missouri cross border to vote (fraud) Pro slavery government established in LecomptonResult of ElectionAbolitionists furious over eventsEstablish government in Topeka (1855)Conflict between the escalatesBloody Kansas is termed

Violence Reaches the SenateCaning of SumnerCharles Sumner (Mass) speaks on The Crime Against KansasVerbally condemns south, slavery and some southern senators Congressman Brooks strikes Sumner in the head (repeatedly) on the chamber floorSumner suffered brain damageBrooks attack on Sumner

Split in Political Parties

Events escalating the conflict

SecessionSouth Carolina: December 20, 1860Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, LA, Texas1861 Confederate States of AmericaJefferson Davis; Mississippi

War Begins

North Strength & Strategies StrengthStrategy

South Strength & StrategyStrengthStrategyStay in the field Dont let them take the SouthDefensive

Major Early Battles (July 1861)Bull RunAlso called Battle of Manassas (by South)First Battle of the warUnion crosses Bull Run to begin march toward Richmond Confederate Army stands firm/ Stonewall JacksonConfederate WinSome thought war was over and went home

Images from Bull Run

Bull Run (First Civilian Casualty)Judith Carter Henry85 years oldRefused to leave her house

Mississippi Campaign Ulysses S. GrantFeb. 1862Fort Henry (Tennessee River)Fort Donelson ( Cumberland River)Shiloh/25000 killed, wounded, capturedFarragutSeizes New Orleans (April 1862)Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead

Antietam (Sharpsburg) September 17, 1862Stroke of LuckFound Lees orders wrapped around cigarsArmies were divided 26,000 casualties McClellan does not pursue the Confederate Army into Virginia

Politics of WarLincoln