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Design Competition for AIDS Memorial Park in NYC


  • AIDS Memorial ParkDesigned By: Jared W. Sell

    Entry #

    Aerial View Stone Fountain

    Open Lawn

    Main Path and Piano Sculpture

    e park memorializes the victims of the AIDS crisis, but also serves as a functional space for the members of the community. e memorial encompasses three elements: Spirit, Soul, and Community. Transforming West 12th Street, 7th Ave, and Greenwich Ave into a central remembrance beacon, this park will evolve and grow with time and become more beautiful every day.

    e stainless steel silhouettes are incorporated into the benches around the park. Frozen in time, these sculptural pieces are a reminder of the victims who lost their lives at such a young age. Not white or black, these silver silhouettes are a statement against the discrimination of the disease, having no color or race aliation.

    e spirit of the park can be found in the trees. Surrounding the park, the trees give a sense of safety and enclosure. e soldiers protect the visitors and grow and change with time. e moving winds remind guests that your family and loved ones are always with you.

    e soul of the park is focused in the very center of the intersecting pathways. A stone piano sculpture brings unity, not only with the pathways, but with music. is crisis tore apart the community, as many historical events have, but one uniting factor has always been music. Carried on in our hearts, minds, and souls, music is the stitching that this country has needed time and time again.

    e community of the park is anchored at the south end. e black granite fountain has several tiers representing the various groups aected by the disease. Water runs down the stone and can be touched by visitors. Housed inside the fountain is a staircase to the lower level of the park, the home of the new AIDS Memorial Museum. From the gay commu-nity, to the families and friends, to the hospi-tals, the disease touched millions and this site will be a memorial for those to remember and celebrate the lives.


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