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Answers for energy. Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear for the oil and gas industry

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  • Answers for energy.

    Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgearfor the oil and gas industry

  • World-class expertisefor all challenges

    The demand for global energy is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2030. Oil and gas deposits whose exploitation was considered uneconomical in the past are constantly gaining importance in view of increasing energy prices. Exploration and production are focusing on remote locations in harsh environments, including polar latitudes and ultra-deep waters. This means that technological solutions must be robust and compact with a high priority on personal safety, operational reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

    Medium-voltage power supply serves as an important interface and plays a decisive role within this context. As a pioneer of air-insulated switchgear technology, Siemens has more than 50 years experience and is a technology leader in the development of switchgear and switching devices. A global manufacturing base and a service network with consistently high quality standards provide support for Siemens medium-voltage switchgear.


  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)



    Gas-to-liquids (GTL)Coal-to-liquids (CTL)

    Rigs (onshore/offshore)



    Meeting challengeswith proven solutions

    Siemens air-insulated switchgear serves as a base for highly reliable electrical networks. With more than 400,000 air-insulated panels installed worldwide, Siemens is committed to continuously enhance its portfolio and to integrate market-driven requirements. Thus, Siemens is able to fulfill your technical needs and helps you meet your economic targets. A comprehensive solution designed to ensure highest performance in all applications will play a fundamental role in meeting tomorrows challenges head-on in terms of technology, economy, and the environment.

    Health, safety, and environmental protection

    Siemens is committed to protecting its employees and customers health and safety. All products and services are designed to enhance environmental performance and contribute to climate protection.


    IEC 62 271-200

    ANSI/IEEE C37.20.2 and C37.20.7-2007

    GOST (Russian standard)

    Germanischer Lloyd (GL)



    Quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001

    Innovative design

    High personal and operational safety

    High reliability and operator- friendliness


    High availability

    Reduced operational expenses

    Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

    FPSO (floating production, storage, and offloading)


  • Safety

    The challenge: Uninterrupted power supply

    Oil and gas applications need to operate around the clock with highest reliability and availability in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Huge amounts of electric power are required for such applications, and every interruption causing production downtime means a loss of revenue and profit.

    The Siemens solution: High reliability and availability

    To ensure the reliable operation of the switchgear, standard components such as current and voltage transformers, vacuum circuit-breakers, and contactors (whose switching cycles typically exceed operational demand by far) are selected after being proven by rigorous testing and service. The LSC 2B classification with partition class PM means that accessibility to all compartments and components is possible in the withdrawable switchgear without the need to shut down the busbar or impairing personnel safety after meeting interlocking requirements. This means the plant remains productive even while work is carried out to meet new operational needs.

    Increases productivity

    The challenge: Maximum personal and operational safety

    Medium-voltage switchgear units in the oil and gas industry are decisive grid nodes. They must meet the highest safety requirements in terms of staff and operational safety.

    The Siemens solution: Safety in design and technology

    Siemens air-insulated switchgear fulfills the internal arc classification (IAC A FLR) according to the rated short-circuit current with 1s (IEC) / 0.5 s (ANSI) arc duration and with a fast shutdown option of 0.1 s.

    The service continuity category LSC 2B (separate partitions for busbar, connection, and switching-device compartments), the partition class PM in pressure-resistant design, mechanical interlocking, and the fact that all switching operations are only possible behind a locked high-voltage door offer high personal and operational safety.


  • Peace of mind

    The challenge: Reliable operation despite harsh environmental exposure

    Oil and gas production sites are more and more often located in regions with harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Furthermore, oil and gas plants are often built in areas with above-average earthquake risk. Switchgear on ships and platforms are permanently exposed to vibrations.

    The Siemens solution: Reliable and robust technology

    The air-insulated switchgear, based on a modular platform design, is type-tested according to the latest IEC or ANSI standards. Our type testing incorporates testing of the panel with the circuit-breaker and the earthing switch (IEC) inside the switchgear panel. Earthquake and vibration tests along with many years of experience in switchgear technology assure the reliability of Siemens switchgear under severe environmental and operational conditions. This is proven by more than 400,000 installed air-insulated switchgear panels all over the world, which are also used in many oil and gas applications, such as FPSOs, pipelines, or refineries, to mention just a few.

    The challenge: Reduce investment and operational lifetime cost

    Investment, operation, and maintenance costs need to be as low as possible. Especially for offshore use, but also for onshore installations, space-saving switchgear design with minimum footprint is required to minimize expenses for buildings. Operators are controlling an increasingly large amount of equipment, which brings about the need for simple operation and maintenance procedures.

    The Siemens solution: Cost-effective and innovative design

    The compact design of the circuit-breaker and the contactor feeders allows the owner to minimize building expenses. The use of standard and reliable components reduces the probability of an outage to an absolute minimum, while switchgear maintenance intervals are up to ten years. The switchgears type test proven design and its quality ensure that it can be safely operated and maintained by trained regular operating staff.

    Saves money


  • Siemens your global andlocal partner

    A global platformtailored to your requirements

    Siemens has sited its Centers of Competence where product development is carried out close to all major hotspots of technology throughout the world. All relevant technical standards are considered and coordinated on a common platform and then adapted to suit regional requirements.

    As a global supplier, Siemens ensures fast delivery times and provides solutions and services that help extend the lifetime of your investments. Siemens experts talk your language and are dedicated to enhancing the value of your assets.

    Product range

    Circuit-breaker panel

    Disconnector panel

    Metering panel

    Bus sectionalizer/coupler

    Contactor panel/motor control center (MCC)

    Type NXAIR the switchgear for the IEC market

    Main features

    Factory-assembled switchgear, type-tested according to IEC 62271-200

    Withdrawable switchgear with accessibility to all compartments and components

    Loss of service continuity category LSC 2B

    Partition class PM (metal-clad)

    Switchgear with internal arc classification according to IAC A FLR up to 50 kA, 1 s

    Type NXAIR Type GM-SG

    R&D center Factory location

    Oil & Gas CoC / hub

    Sao Paulo(Brazil)






    Raleigh, NC (USA)

    Corroios (Portugal)

    Karachi(Pakistan) Kalwa


    Centurion(South Africa)


    Type GM-SG the switchgear for the ANSI market

    Main features

    Metal-clad switchgear according to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.2

    Available with UL or C-UL (for Canada) listing

    Short-circuit ratings up to 63 kA

    Type GM-SG-AR: arc-resistant according to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7-2007 to 50 kA, 0.5 s, accessibility type 2B

    Jeddah(Saudi Arabia)


  • Successful on a global level

    Whatever challenges arise whether on a technical, environmental, or logistical level Siemens solutions for the oil and gas industry have proven to be a success in numerous projects.

    Siemens manages large projects by combining expert capability in project fore casting, planning, engineering, and implementation with the target of creating value for the customer.

    Project description

    Pearl GTL will be the worlds largest gas-to-liquids plant. It is being built by Qatar Petroleum and Shell. Siemens was responsible for the electrical power supply of the construction worksite and the workers village, which provides accommodation for more than 35,000 employees.

    Project description

    The compressor station in Cologne-Porz is a key installation for gas distribution in Germany, and facilitates the transportation process of natural gas within Europe by keeping the gas moving at the desired rate. The heart of this compressor station accommodates several special compressor drives with a total power of 100 MW and the proper power supply station