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    AIRPORT COMMUNITY SCHOOLS October/November 2019


    On September 27, thirty-eight high school students and I visited the campus of Henry Ford College for their Discover Day. When we arrived we were greeted with gift bags and a passport to be completed around campus. Students then attended a career presentation where they all completed an informal True Colors assessment, learning how their interests and skills fit into college majors and careers. Afterwards, students walked around HFC at their leisure, collecting passport stamps and visiting campus buildings to learn more about the programs and opportunities offered at HFC. Of particular interest to my group was the virtual cadaver housed in the health sciences building. The students were able to virtually dissect a cadaver and view the internal bones and organs. Henry Ford College also invited other Michigan universities, enabling students to learn what programs and transfer options were available to them. Thanks to HFC for inviting Airport High School and being wonderful hosts! Submitted by Jessica Edwards, Career Development Coordinator

  • Board of Education

    President Gina H. Baker

    Vice President Margaret A.


    Secretary Janice M.


    Treasurer Will F. Lang

    Trustees Allen J. Burger Paul A. Miller Julie Missler

    Upcoming Board of

    Education Meetings at 6PM

    October 17 Niedermeier Elementary

    November 7 Ritter Elementary

    November 21 Sterling Elementary

    December 19 Airport High School

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to



    The Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) is an entity centrally located in Monroe County and has a unique mission. First of all, the MCISD is primarily responsible for the special education programs that are offered in the local school districts around the county. They also work very closely with the local districts to support programs that can benefit students locally within the districts. Our awareness to mental health trauma and issues related to stress and anxiety in students has become a growing problem for all schools. Traumatic incidents, difficult personal situations, and a lack of healthy coping mechanisms for children, as well as adults, has led to increased difficulty to teach and learn in our classrooms. Students are coming to school with an increased number of problems and the severity of these issues seems to be more significant. Michigan schools have recognized this problem and have spent many resources to try to diminish the impact of this trauma and help our students learn healthy ways to deal with tough situations at school and at home. Recently the MCISD made a large commitment to students and staff members of our local districts by adding a mental health support department. Using some money from a grant, the MCISD set out to establish and hire a mental health coordinator. Through that process it became evident that the need in Monroe County was significant enough that it would serve the students in Monroe County better if additional support was hired. In addition to the Mental Health Coordinator, our county now has two Mental Health Consultants to support county schools. As we began the 2019-2020 school year we are encouraged to have a complete mental health department at the MCISD that has been and will continue to work with local districts to support students and families to improve their experience in school and also help them with situations in their personal lives. Sincerely, John J. Krimmel, IV Superintendent

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    EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION The Michigan State Lottery launched the Excellence in Education Awards Program through WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, WSYM Channel 7 in Lansing, WNEM Channel 5 in Flint and WXMI Channel 17 in Grand Rapids to recognize Michigan K-12 public school teachers and staff who are making a significant impact in the lives of Michigan students. Congratulations to Wagar Middle School Teacher, Brenda Tally, who was selected for this award. Mrs. Tally goes above and beyond the expected teaching tasks. Her students demonstrate above average student growth. She was chosen to teach summer school due to her ability to improve student learning. She also founded the Watch Dog Program at Ritter Elementary, bringing in positive male role models for students. Each school year the Michigan Lottery selects 34 teachers for this award. Teachers are nominated by students, parents, members of the community, or colleagues. Those selected are given $1,500 for themselves and $500 for their school. They are also invited to Lansing to tape a segment for the News to announce their award. The 34 teachers that are selected each year are entered for the chance to win $10,000 at the end of the school year. Submitted by Daniel Bondy, Wagar Middle School 7/8 Principal



    AT RITTER ELEMENTARY Whale Hill Elementary is a Primary School located in Shanghai, China. Seven students and two teachers from there spent 12 days at Ritter Elementary in the 3rd grade with Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Hamilton's classes. Rick Schaffner, executive director of Michigan International Education Services, and Mike Wang, general director of China Services International has been working with Airport Community School for 4 years. Several Airport teachers have gone to China to teach during the summer. Mr. Krimmel and several board members have also participated in educational trips to China through Mr. Wang. However, this is the first time the kids have joined us in America and at Airport Community Schools. During their visit, they were paired with teachers at Airport Community Schools as host families. Mrs. Lambrix, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Hopper, Mrs. Kull, Mr. and Mrs. Marino as well as Airport Board member, Paul Miller, invited each one into their homes. Along with participating in the regularly scheduled school day, the Whale Hill students’ twelve days were packed with fun-filled activities. They enjoyed a trip to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, a tour of the University of Michigan’s campus, the Cottage Inn for pizza, Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum, bowling, Cow Town 5050 after school robotics camp, GEMS activities with Mrs. Devoe, Homecoming parade and game, hayrides, and a final farewell picnic at Board Member Paul Miller’s home.

    Ritter Elementary students worked hard to help the Whale Hill boys and girls by translating words using the I-Pad with a partner in the classrooms, assisting at lunch and on the play- ground. Partnerships in the classroom allowed both the Ritter students to learn some Chinese words while reinforcing English for the Whale Hill students. It was a great experience for all the students in the classroom and the students from Whale Hill will always be part of the JETS family. Submitted by Mrs. Spears, Ritter Elementary Principal

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  • VARSITY SPORTS SCHEDULES Cross Country—Coed Sat 10/12/2019 Monroe High School Away TBA Thurs 10/17/2019 Huron League Invite Away TBA Sat 10/19/2019 Airport MOE Invite Home TBA

    Football Fri 10/11/2019 Flat Rock High School Away 7:00 PM Fri 10/18/2019 Milan High School Home 7:00 PM Fri 10/25/2019 Melvindale High School Home 7:00 PM

    Volleyball Sat 10/12/2019 Hanover Horton MS Away TBA Mon 10/14/2019 Riverview High School Home 7:00 PM Wed 10/16/2019 S.M.C.C. Home 7:00 PM Mon 10/21/2019 Milan High School Away 7:00 PM Wed 10/23/2019 Grosse Ile High School Home 7:00 PM Wed 10/30/2019 Huron High School Home 5:30 PM Sat 11/02/2019 Bedford High School Away 8:30 PM

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    October is “I Applied” month! All Airport High School Jets are setting goals for the future, exploring future careers, and preparing to take flight when they graduate from Airport High School. Airport High School seniors are focus- ing on applying to college or trade programs related to their post-secondary goals. Airport High School counselors are presenting lessons to seniors on goal-setting, career and college research, the application process, and paying for college. Seniors will be receiving the Affording College in Michigan 2019/20 Guide Book for Students and Families, and are invited to attend Paying for College night on October 22, 2019. Mrs. Edwards, the district Career Development Coordinator, visited 11th grade English class- rooms earlier this month to help students explore their interests, set future goals, and begin the process of working on a resume. The counselors and Mrs. Edwards will be visiting 9th and 10th grade classrooms to have students set college and career goals. The collective mission is for every high school student to focus on creating an academic plan that may include course selections, Career Technical Education opportunities, and post -secondary plans based on goals. Please take