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LIST Community Service Student Council I am Vietnamese Dodge Ball Art SpanishCommunity Service is a club that would be focused on events for the community. Students will do charity works in this club. Community Services activities will be under the direction of Ms.Kathleen. Student Council is a club that organize events for the school such as Dance Parties or Holiday Celebrations. You will have a lot of fun with Ms. Sarah and Ms. Elizabeth


COMMUNITY SERVICEDodge Ball Learn about the culture of Vietnam. You could be interested in the Vietnamese club. Youll be in this club with our Vietnamese TeachersDodge ball is a very fun game to play. Youll join this club if youre interested in sports. The 7th and 8th graders will meet Mr. Kuffner and Mr. Wu for the 6th graders!

I am Vietnamese

Spanish is a world-wide language. This language is now popular all over the world. Have fun learning how to speak basic Spanish. Have a good time with Ms. Shelly.If you like drawing or painting, you will be interested in joining Art Club. Thanks Ms. Donna for guiding this club!SPANISHART

Come and join us!

Join a club now! It would be very relaxing after a stressful day of studying. You will spend a very good time in your clubs with your friends!