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  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg



    I would like to thank Sh.Jitender anand {Senior Manager (H.R), LPS} who helped me in arr!ing out thi" pro#e t "tud!, a ting a" the guiding "pirit $ehind the ompiling o% thi" report and putting tremendou" e%%ort %rom hi" "ide to a""i"t me a" mu h a" po""i$le.

    I am al"o e&uall! grate%ul to LPS and Sh.' P L *H+ -I (Senior /e uti0e H.R) or hi" 0alua$le "ugge"tion" and en ouragement gi0en to

    me %rom time to time.

    I am al"o thank%ul to all 1 2+ I3 S 4 5 2+M - I - 2 - R , LPS %or their time, and o6operation and helping attitude toward" me, whi h made me omplete thi" pro#e t.

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg


    PR 2 I2 L R I-I-'


    L 7SHMI P 2ISI - S2R 8S LIMI 5


    (HISS R R 5 R H 7)9

    Su$mitted o: Su$mitted *!:

    Mr. 3ina! 7HIL 7 5I - M 6;

    (< HSem)

    Roll -o.;=;;=

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    " an integral part o% *a helor o% te hnolog! (*. e h) our"e, a "tudent ha" to undergo a "i/ week" o% the real on"tru tion world. 4ul%illing thi"

    our"e urri ulum, the pro#e t wa" under taken at L 7SHMIPR 2ISI - S2R 8S LIMI 5 (LPS)

    , he pro#e t work ha" $een undertaken to anal!>e the indu"tr! in India in the li$erali>ed e onom! with parti ular re%eren e to LPS.

    he %ollowing report will dri0e the reader an in"ight in to the inter plant manu%a turing "!"tem $a"ed on "tandard produ tion. he omparati0e anal!>e will ena$le to anal!>e trend o% per%orman e and pre"ent the

    pi ture o% operation o% LPS in li$erali>ation.

    he report pre"ent a %rame work (in li$erali>ed en0ironment) %or the trend o% produ tion per%orman e o% the ompan!, the hange in the

    per%orman e, the 0ariou" %a tor" leading to the"e hange", the e/penditure on raw material, operating o"t, produ tion et .

    ( 7HIL)

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    Lak"hmi Pre i"ion S rew" Ltd. (Hereina%ter re%erred a" ? he [email protected]) i" a high ten"ile manu%a turing unit whi h wa" e"ta$li"hed in the !ear AB

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg


    he 2ompan! look" upon while upholding the need" o% it" lient" %or pro0iding mo"t %a0ora$le $lend o% &ualit! and o"t e%%e ti0ene"". he ore ompeten ! o%

    thi" 'roup lie" in it" a$ilit! to re"our e &ualit! material and manu%a ture omplete u"tom de"ign "olution. he 'lo$al 0i"ion and pro0iding %a"tener "olution" %or

    more than three de ade" ha" now made he 2ompan! one o% the 'lo$al Leader" %or manu%a turing high ten"ile pre i"ion %a"tener" and old %orged omponent".

    he 2ompan! i" one o% the large"t e/porter" o% %a"tener" in India. 8herea" =EF o% the total "ale" i" ontri$uted %rom the produ t" e/ported to a range o% ountrie" "u h a" he +nited State" o% meri a (+S ), u"tralia, 2anada, 5enmark, 5u$ai, 4ran e, 'erman!, Hong67ong, Indone"ia, Japan, Mala!"ia, Singapore, South

    %ri a, Swit>erland, Sweden et . he 2ompan! i" a partner o% the 'lo$al 4a"tener llian e ('4 ).

    he 2ompan! i" on"tantl! re"ear hing to enhan e it" &ualit! o% the produ t" keeping in mind the in rea"ing e/pe tation" o% the u"tomer" and the 2ompan!G"

    $rand. he 2ompan! i" delighted and thank%ul to all it" u"tomer" %or regular "upport and it" guidan e.

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    PRODUCTS wide range o% "tandard old %orged high ten"ile %a"tener" o0er utomo$ile "e tor", "tandard "pe ial m $uilding "e tor", te/tile

    "e tor", printing ma hinerie" et .


    Socket Head Square Head Rou d Head

    E!e Bo"t#

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg



    S"otted Rou d Nut# He$a%o Nut# He$a%o Nut W&t' A He&%'t O( )*+ D


    H 1 ' - S 27 S2R 8 7


    Ta-er P& Para""e" P& C"e. P& Grou d Do/e" P&

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg



    L.P.S i" manu%a turing nut" and $olt" and other produ t" u"ing di%%erent

    t!pe" o% ma hine" . hatG" wh! it i" important to know the introdu tion

    o% ma hine" $e%ore knowing manu%a turing pro e"".

    he %ollowing ma hine" are u"ed in L.P.S plant ,Rohtak to manu%a ture

    nut" and $olt" and other produ t".


    A) H 5 R M 2HI-

    ;) RIMMI-' M 2HI-

    =) * L M 7 R

    K) 4L R LLI-'

    E) R +-5 R LLI-'

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    Procee# o( (or%e o( 1o"t

    LPS ha" the apa$ilit! to de0elop and %orge highl! "pe ial part", *olt" S rew" Stud" et . along with the 0a"t range o% "tandard %a"tener".

    Hot For%& % D&a* Ra %e 0 M23 4 M56 Le %t' 0 73 88 4 5+3 88

    Co"d For%& % D&a* Ra %e 0 M)*7 4 M29 Le %t' 0 7 88 4 :33 88

    In 2old %orging, the grain "tru ture will $e uni%orm and will take the "hape o% the ontour o% the tool" u"ed while up"etting the raw material to the de"ired head "hape. So thi" will gi0e higher "trength o% the %orged part ompare to the ma hine part and the "ur%a e %ini"h thu" o$tained a G grade produ t. Part" like "el% tapping " rew", Ma hine " rew" ha0ing Phillip" and po>! dri0e an onl! $e old %orging. Hot 4orging, i" arried out diameter greater than ;D mm or %or "maller diameter where the length o% the " rew" i" $e!ond the apa it! o% the

    old %orging and al"o where the 0olume i" "maller &ualit! an $e hot %orged. Hot 4orging al"o en ompa""e" higher manu%a turing toleran e" whi h ha0e more po""i$ilit! %or additional head "t!le".

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    W&re dra/& %0

    ll manu%a turing pro e""e" are arried out in6hou"e with late"t te hnolog! and mo"t "uita$le ma hine" with $e"t in la""

    ualit! Management S!"tem.

    • W&re Rod Proce##& %0; he pro e"" o% 8ire Rod Pro e""ing ome" a%ter

    detailed C thorough in"pe tion o%ADDF raw material re ei0ed %or hemi al ompo"ition" and

    %orgea$ilit!. 8e ha0e well6 e"ta$li"hed - *L erti%ied la$ to 0eri%! the hemi al ompo"ition and do ha0e thorough 0eri%i ation in re"pe t to in lu"ion rating and grain" %low.

    • W&re Dra/& % 0; 8ire 5rawing i" arried out to get the re&uired wire

    "i>e %or old %orging the part" depending upon the "i>e o% %a"tener" to $e manu%a tured. 'enerall!, the

    per ent redu tion in area i" maintained $etween

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg


    A ea"& % Proce##0; a. Lo/ Te8-erature

    C= : It i" arried out at EDDN 2 to EDN 2 %or "tre"" relie0ing the produ t $e%ore ne/t operation. 4urna e" u"ed are PI %urna e" and 2ontinuou" empering Line.

    $. ?acuu8 A ea"& % C= : he purpo"e to arr! out thi" operation i" to a hie0e e/tra low hardne"" in 0a uum to ha0e de ar$uri>ation %ree produ t working range up to ODDN 2.

    . S-'erod&@ed A ea"& % C= : hi" t!pe o% annealing i" done to hange the lamellar pearliti "tru ture to Spheroidi"ed "tru ture in

    order to a hie0e "uita$ilit! %or 2old %orging. 2ompan! ha" a %a ilit! =DD onne" per month %or "pherodi>ed annealing apa it! in %ir"t

    pha"e, planning o% ADDD onne" per month in %uture.

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg



    t LPS, Se ondar! peration i" arried out a%ter the initial %ir"t operation 2old and Hot 4orged. he operation that i" arried out within it" premi"e" %or the ompetition o% the ertain ta"k" ma! in lude "ome o% the operation" a" mentioned $elow:6

    C&rcu"ar Ro""& % Ta--& %

    F"at Ro""& % K ur"& %

    CNC Tur & % Trau1

    Po& t& % Tr&88& %

    Ce ter Le## Gr& d& % Gro.& %

    C!"& dr&ca" Gr& d& % M&""& %

    C!"& dr&ca" Gr& d& % CNC Stra&%'te & %

    Dr&""& % Broac'& %

    S"ott& % Sta8-& %

  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg



    LPS 'roup ha" apa$ilitie" o% under taking %ollowing -ature o% Heat reatment Pro e"" like hrough Hardening C empering ,2a"e

    hardening through 2ar$uri>ing, -itriding , 2ar$onitriding et . Heat reatment o% %a"tener" i" arried out to a hie0e the de"ired me hani al

    propertie" like A. en"ile Strength, ;. Hardener, =.Impa t Strength, K. or&ue Strength, E. 4atigue Strength et Range" o% "i>e %or Hardening C empering : D&a8eter M: to M+3 Le %t' :88 to )+3388 .

    Harde & % Te8-er& %

    Car1ur&@& %

    N&tr&d& %

    Car1o &tr&d& %

    4or all Low 2ar$on ,high ar$on "teel", tool" o% heat treatment grade like H5S ,SP7 ,High Speed (HSS).

    Fur ace# A.a&"a1"e0 A 2ontinuou" Heat reatment Line ; PI 4urna e = 3a uum nnealing 4urna e K *ell !pe Spherodi>ation 4urna e E High emp empering line

    3erti al 4or ed ir 2ir ulation 4urna e < Shaker Hearth 4urna e O Salt *ath 4urna e

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  • 8/17/2019 Akhil Lpsg


    ""o iate"

    LPS i" well "upported $! "i"ter6 on ern %or arr!ing out operation" like old %orging o% Standard C Spe ial 4a"tener". nd al"o ha0e a "et o% "e ondar! operation" like 2-2 ma hiner! C 2-2 grinding operation" and other riti al ma hine operation". he li"t o% "i"ter6 on ern i" a" %ollow":6


    Sud'&r Auto8ot&.e I du#tr&e# P.t* Ltd* P. .3ill 7harawar, 5elhi Road, Rohtak (Har!