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    ALMAALY Recruitment

    Kingdom of Bahrain jdG Tel: 00973 770 22200 Fax: 00973 7702 2202

    Mob: 00973 3990 5077 / 00973 3999 7577

    `H``dG `e `jQ``L Arab Republic of EGYPT


    JISRALKHALEEJ Mob: 0020 12 7772 9506abdulla@almaalybh.comt

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  • AL MAALY Company was founded to meet the needs of the Arab market to Human Resources in all elds (Medical Technical Educational Hotels Restaurants Retail). Relying on modern thinking and scientic method with a broad data-base and highly qualied staff, AL MAALY achieves the highest level of accuracy in select-ing candidates and is proud to offer our custom-ers the best people from around the world:

    India - Philippines - Nepal - Pakistan - Indonesia - Sri Lanka - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Vietnam - Thailand, as well as from Arab countries: Egypt - Jordan - Syria - Lebanon - Yemen - Tunisia - Morocco, as well as from Africa: South Africa - Kenya Ghana, as well as from Turkey Cyprus, through headquarters in Bahrain.

    Our excellent reputation in the eld of human resources stems from trust, honesty and conden-tiality.

    ABOUT US....

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    We believe that human resources is the most important factor governing the quality of the workplace, and it is subject to the availability of efciently trained candidates with high levels of expertise to suit the nature of their work. We aim to nd the best candidates corresponding to the job description for the greatest enhancement to the workplace.

    Pursuit of excellence in service to our customers at every level. We strive for consistent top perfor-mance for all customers beginning from present-ing job candidates through screening CVs and conducting preliminary interviews, until the termination of contact procedures and work-place access.

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    @ We have a variety of ways to attract the best human resources required for our customers: Agents throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and East Asia A huge database of job seekers from around the world Quality recruitment from various work sites Contracts with all major newspapers around the globe Participation in career fairs, both locally and abroad

    @ We offer specialists to handle the nest details of work in all countries: Screen CVs and conduct initial interviews Welcoming candidates at the airport Well equipped interview rooms with the latest technology We contract with all major hotels to facilitate the booking Oversight for all candidate procedures from selection to company placement


    Stages of the work

    Screening & Shortlisting

    Final Selection

    Medical Test

    Travel Processing & Deployment

    Offer Letter Process




    Visa Process

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    We provide consulting and human resources solutions in all of the following specialties:

    Executive management Drivers and operators Engineers and technicians Caregivers Medical Nurses Beauticians Sales & Marketing IT Specialists Skilled Workers Hotels & Restaurants staff Construction workers HR Specialist Retail workers Financial & Administration Factory workers

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    We carry trust upon our shoulders, and must

    uphold this trust to select the best candidates.

    This trust comes from a strong network of

    partners and trusted agents throughout the

    Middle East, Africa, Europe, and East Asia, who

    put our principles to work with experience and


    Establishing the principle of belonging and responsibility

    in candidates

    AfG CGe ASQEGTd dG pih

    Legal Compliance

    Respect clients and candidates

    TGh AdG GMG

    Maintain the level of service in all stages

    of work

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    Importance of ethics,health and safety

    bNCH gGedGh dGh

    Our Principlesin work

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    fGdH GdEG

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  • Trust and reliance....

    Some of Our Clients... ...

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