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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>ALA SeminarNegotiating Pink and Blue</p> <p>Victoria Pynchon, Esq.She Negotiates Coaching and TrainingSheNegotiates.comShe Negotiates at ForbesWoman</p> <p>1</p> <p>Every negotiation is an attempt to resolve a conflict</p> <p>see the big picture work through steps share experiences learn what both sides could gainfocus on what both sides need attempt to satisfy both parties needsBargaining Advantages</p> <p>BARGAININGDISADVANTAGESValue relationship over moneyDont like anchoring highAfraid asking for too much will make bargaining partner withdrawWork faster and longer for same benefitDont recognize the opportunity to negotiate</p> <p>Bargaining Advantagesfeel advantagefeel entitled less likely to back downview negotiation from more self-serving perspectivestronger speakersseek more powerintimidate</p> <p>Bargaining DisadvantagesLittle inquiry into partners needs/desiresTends to move quickly toward threatWont share informationDoesnt believe win-win possible or desirable </p> <p>Perceived Relative Deprivation + Injurious Event = Naming, Blaming and Claiming$250 million antitrust lawsuitLose 3 associatesoriginating partner knows nothingclient hires new trial teamSeveral colleagues know Im lookingBusiness manager Im concerned for you Absent favorable recommendation, no move</p> <p>STAKEHOLDERSYOUME</p> <p>CLIENT</p> <p>NEW COUNSEL</p> <p>SENIOR PARTNER</p> <p>me</p> <p>What conflict?If you complain, you wont have this clients business ever again</p> <p>NEW COUNSEL</p> <p>meWHAT DOES EVERYONE WANT?</p> <p>SENIOR PARTNER</p> <p>NEW COUNSEL</p> <p>CLIENT</p> <p>meGetting Them to Do What They Dont Want to Do</p> <p>INGRATIATION</p> <p>PROMISES</p> <p>THREATS</p> <p>SHAMING</p> <p>GAMESMANSHIP</p> <p>PHYSICAL VIOLENCEMutual Benefit Negotiation</p> <p>ME</p> <p>CLIENT</p> <p>NEW COUNSEL</p> <p>SENIOR PARTNERAsk Diagnostic QuestionsWho What When Where WhyHow</p> <p>22Identify Interests</p> <p>Reason Giving98% compliance97% compliance60% compliance</p> <p>PUT AS MANY OPTIONS ON THE TABLE AS POSSIBLE</p> <p>MAKE CONCESSIONSDEMAND RECIPROCITY</p> <p>LOG ROLL</p> <p>Negotiating from a Position of Weakness</p> <p>Behind every accusation is a cry for helpBoard of Directors30</p> <p>Gloria Feldt, former PP CEO, No Excuses - Nine Ways Women Can Change the Way We Think about Power Value your piece of the puzzleView yourself as powerful &amp; an influence for goodPower of personality/presencePower of expertiseDeepen relationshipsSet agenda &amp; deliver the goodsLead staff rather than follow bossEmpower yourself &amp; take action</p> <p>Are they liars, cheats and thieves or do they have hidden interests.Personal (unrelated to you or deal)Relational (related to you but not to deal, i.e., face)Political, social, cultural</p> <p>Are they difficult or simply uninformed Educate them about their true interests, consequences of their actions, our BATNAHelp them understand what is in their best interestDetermine whether theyve misunderstood or ignored a crucial piece of information</p> <p>Are they irrational or are they operating under hidden constraintsInstitutionalPrecedentialPromises to othersHidden stakeholdersDeadlines</p> <p>Close!</p>