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Alberta Approved Alberta Approved Farmers’ Markets Farmers’ Markets planned for quality planned for quality Quality food Quality food Quality products Quality products Quality experiences Quality experiences

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  • Alberta Approved Farmers Marketsplanned for qualityQuality foodQuality productsQuality experiences

  • Lets talk aboutTrends & Survey Results

    Vision & Goals for the Program

    The Regulations

    Role of a Sponsor & a Market Manager

    Role of AAFRD & AFMA


    Grow West 2007

  • Farmers Market Industry TrendsIncreased demand for fresh and organicIncrease in unique & niche products Increased demand for homemadePopularity of shopping method increasingSome vendors becoming big businessGrowth in urban, near-urban & tourist markets

  • Trends (continued)Pressure on vendors to produce, market, sellIncreased role of market manager volunteer vs paid manager100% producer-based markets Product pricinghow high can we go?Aging vendor population

  • Why Do Consumers Go?More removed from the family farmBuild trust relationship with producerLearn where their food comes fromSample unique productsLearn about unique product usesSocial atmosphere destinationSavor time not save time

  • Community BenefitsMarkets tend to accentuate, perpetuate, and reflect the culture of the communityEconomic impact:shop in the areaeat or drink at neighboring facilitiesrun errands in the areaSocial gathering destination coffee bars, entertainment-meet friends

  • Market Quantification StudyConsumer study conducted in 2003Valuing Farmers Markets, Farm Direct Marketing, Ag Tourism & Regional CuisineCurrent (2003):Farmers Markets = $232 millionFuture (2010):Farmers Markets = $425 million$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/afu9649

  • MQ Study (continued)87% of Albertans know about farmers markets60% of Albertans shop at farmers marketsAverage expenditure: $35

  • VisionThe Alberta Farmers Market Program provides leadership and guidance so that entrepreneurs who make it, bake it, or grow it have community based direct market access.

  • Approved Market Program GoalsVenue for producers to sell products directly to consumers

    Provide direct market access of safe and high quality Alberta agricultural and agri-food products

    Maximize or increase vendor profitability

    Enhance community development

    To provide an opportunity for vendors and managers to acquire skills

  • Guidelines - OperationalNon-Profit SponsorNot-for-profit community group

    Chamber of Commerce


    Agricultural Society IncorporationNon-profit Society under the Societies Act (Alberta)

    New generation co-op under the Cooperatives Act (Alberta)

  • Guidelines - OperationalOperate under a board (if incorporated) or advisory committee (if sponsored)

    Elect, appoint, or hire a manager (preferably not also a vendor)

    Must carry liability insurance

    Encourage vendor insurance

  • Guidelines - VendorsPriority to:Alberta residentsagricultural producerspersons who make, bake or grow their products

    Minimum 10 vendors selling AB products which they, a family member, or staff have grown, produced or hand crafted

    80/20 rule distributors, franchises, existing store front owners, resale are discouraged

    Used goods/flea market items prohibited

  • What is included in the 20%Products that complement the market mix

    Products that will enhance the philosophy, intent and spirit of the market

  • What about out-of-province?Should not compete directly with Alberta product

    Must meet all provincial and federal regulations

  • Sponsors RoleBe strongly committed to the goals of the Alberta Farmers Market ProgramEnsure that the Market retains all the requirements of approved status Support the activities of the marketReview or audit financial records

  • So What Does This Mean?Help establish the clear rules for the marketAssist in selection and review of managerMake suggestions (criteria) on vendor selectionSupport educational opportunities for the managerAdvise on payment for the managerEncourage vendor participation on the market executiveProvide leadership that encourages growth and good community and customer relations as well as the ability to manage market issues.

  • Even More Specifically Ensure ThatYour market meets AAFRD guidelinesMarket structure allows vendors input in market operationAccurate vendor lists are keptBank accounts: 2 signatures required for a transactionAccurate financial records kept and submitted annuallyReports/filings to maintain corporate status maintainedMarket adheres to the Public Health Act Market and vendors are insured against liability. (AAFRD is not liable for any activities of approved markets)

  • Managers role:Make the rules for the market?Have signing authority for the market?Manage the market mix?Vote at market meetings?Oversee food safety issues?Ensure AAFRD guidelines are met?

  • Local market authorityWhen, where market operates

    Develop market rules (cannot violate AAFRD guidelines)

    Advisory committee or board structure

    Handle finances

    Develop job description and hire manager

    Liaise with sponsor

    Schedule annual meeting and other meetings

  • Roles of AAFRD & AFMAAAFRDRegulatory review and enforcement

    Support growth in all markets


    Production of MAP brochure

    Support to AFMA

    Integrate Farmers Markets with Farm Direct and Ag Tourism industryAFMAIndustry association





    Group insurance

  • Resources & EducationAAFRDWebsiteNewslettersPrinted fact sheetsBi-annual conferenceMarket Manager Resource Manual

    AFMAWebsiteRegional meetingsAnnual meeting & conferenceMarket Manager TrainingMarketing Food Safely

  • ObjectiveTo ensure safe food handling, strengthen consumer confidence, and enhance farm direct industry growth by providing food safety information to Alberta Approved Farmers Market managers and vendors

  • Consumer Confidence in the Safety of Food

  • Confidence in Food Providers (%)

  • Factors Affecting Managers & VendorsConsumer confidence

    Number of foodborne illnesses increasing

    Perceptions of enforcement agencies regarding farmers markets

  • Actions in Response2003 conducted 4 focus groups comprised of vendors and managers Market managers assumed a greater role in food safety at the marketIncreased information and workshops from AAFRD, ensuring consistencyWorkshops and presentationsFood safety articles in newslettersMarket Manager & Vendor checklistsMarketing Food Safely Farm Direct Advantage

  • Marketing Food SafelyDistance delivery education tool for farm direct marketers

    Workbook, reference guide and a planning tool

    Focuses on marketing activities, not production or processing

  • North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association

  • Based out of CalgaryFebruary 12 19, 2007Tour: February 12 - 14Workshop: February 15Conference: February 16 - 17Post-conference Event: February 18 - 19

  • Questions?Eileen [email protected] Penny [email protected]

    NAFDMA or the North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association is a trade association dedicated to nurturing the farm direct marketing industry.Its members support their family farms by selling millions of dollars worth of farm-grown produce directly to consumers at farm stands, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms, consumer-supported agriculture, agritourism venues, and other ever-growing innovations in direct producer-to-consumer agricultural marketing methods. Canadians have 3 very strong board members in Mark Saunders from Ontario, Brent Warner who works with the British Columbia ministry of Agriculture and Kerry Engel who leads the Farm Direct Marketing Initiative with Alberta Agriculture.Operating as a sub-committee of the Association is the Farmers Market Coalition, which brings farmers, market managers and others together for the good of the farmers market industry. We do have Canadian representation at this tableTheir annual convention and tour is their single biggest undertaking of the year. This is a 6 day event which attracts anywhere from 600 800 participants from across North America and England.

    Kerry Engel was instrumental in getting the NAFDMA convention brought to Alberta in 2007.It will be held from February 12 19, based out of Calgary. This conference will take the place of Explore Direct next year.This is our logo for the tour.