album cover analysis - gorillaz

Album cover analysis - Gorillaz

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Page 1: Album cover analysis - Gorillaz

Album cover analysis - Gorillaz

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All of the characters on this album cover all made to look like cartoon gorillas because of their facial features. Also they are made to look like each band member.

All of the characters are presented in a different colour to signify that they are all different and that they can be seen as a multi racial group.

Each of the band members are shown individually, they are shown in a white box which allows them to stand out easily to the audience. This shows that they are all of equal importance,

The titles on this album cover are very similar to each other, however the only difference is the size of text in which they are shown, the name of the band is shown in a larger text and this is because the name of the band needs to stand out to the audience and grab their attention first because the name of the album is not as important and will not persuade them to buy it as much as the band name would. This is also shown as the name of the band is at the top with the album name at the bottom, the rule of thirds suggests that the audience will look at the top first and then to the bottom. Also the simple white text allows the titles to stand out and be seen clearly.

Page 3: Album cover analysis - Gorillaz

Many other album covers for this band are shown in a similar way. This is because the images are shown In cartoon and the band members are made to look like gorillas which fits into the name of the band. Here are some examples of other album covers that they have released: