aldous huxley life and inspiration

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Aldous Huxley Life and Inspiration. Born on July 26, 1894 Wealthy, privileged Son of famous biology scientist, Thomas Henry Huxley, who contributed to the Theory of Evolution. Related to published authors and educators, very educated family Attended Oxford, published collection of poetry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aldous Huxley Life and Inspiration

Aldous HuxleyLife and Inspiration

1Growing Up HuxleyBorn on July 26, 1894Wealthy, privileged Son of famous biology scientist, Thomas Henry Huxley, who contributed to the Theory of Evolution. Related to published authors and educators, very educated familyAttended Oxford, published collection of poetryTravelled between London and Italy, visited India and US United States played big role in many of his ideas for writing.1984BNWSex forbiddenWork is mundaneNo freedomGovernment enforces behavior

Constant warNobody allowed to read ShakespeareWinston has questions, seeks answers

Limit information and control what is releasedNo need for progress. Status quo is preferred.Sex enforcedVacation is mundaneExcessive freedomGovernment and laws replaced by behavior training.No war or conflictNobody wants to read ShakespearePopulation takes soma anytime something confusing disrupts their happiness.Flood public with information and there is no need to modifyMisuse of science and technology masking as progress.

Huxley on 1984Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience. (Huxley letter to Orwell)

Upon visiting United States, Huxley observed a generous extravagance but he wasnt so sure that he liked the way life moved in this bustling and busy country. In places of public amusement, in dancing and motoringthere is so little conversationIt is all movement and noise, like the water gurgling out of bath, down the waste. Yes, down the waste. Those thoughts about a world driven by self gratification inspired many of his works, but especially in his design of Brave New World.Huxleys InfluencesMussolinis policy towards banning contraception for the improvement of man power in Italy.He was also greatly interested in the recent advancements in behavior training especially BF Skinner and Pavlov.His background with science combined with the fast movement of technology gave him interesting perspectives to consider about the direction of the human race.Its important to note BNW was NOT influenced by WWII, Hitler, Stalin, or Communism who would come after the book was published.

Brave New World was written in 1932 and considered one of the most popular dystopian novels. Utopia is a term used to describe an ideal society. The phrase is coined by Sir Thomas Mores novel called Utopia (1516) that takes place on a fictional island.The term dystopia is a sarcastic play off of the term Utopia and refers to a futuristic society that may appear to show the components of an ideal society, but indeed is far from it. The term is negative and typically, in writing, technology, science, and human disregard for the important aspects of the human spirit are lost.

Dystopia vs UtopiaHuxley is a critic and he writes the essay as a satire. Satires are meant to ridicule or draw out the absurdity of a particular topic and does not mean funny. Even in 1932, Huxley had little faith that humans would be able to manage moderation and think about the cost of so-called progress. One may think that Huxleys novel could be newly published considering the many current topics that are at the forefront of our society today.