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    LOCAL NEWS. Fair, colder weather is indicated for the Mid

    ii!e Atlantc.States to-morrow.

    The Storm..-The be.ivy snow storm v.liich set in early ytsterd ty morning con¬ tinued with unubattd sevesity, with only slight intermis>io: s, till a.'Oiu. noon to-day, by which time the ground >vih covered to a d»*pth ranging f.-om twelve to eighteen inches, and, inde'-d, ;.» some places. where drifts occurred, ifc me '..-tired nearly tLtte feet. The liver is n in /, n over arid covered with .-now, ptuii.-g a navi¬ gation, which, it is ieare(J, w.ii noc .soon b'j reopened. The transfer barge, moving on hoard a train of cars, and in low of the tit-* lirewerton, i:. attempting to make a trip to Sjhepheid's, was eaeight in th« -now broth which had formed in the river y;-.-t3rd/.y evening and lenmifts frozen in opposite ibw ship yard at this writing, the lug being uu- able to cxiri-ale the barge fj^ui *tno ke. The Washing! n ferry steamers iinVe been compelled io abandon their trips, and the New Y.^rk .steamer John tiib-un, which «r rived here from Washington yesterday, re¬ mains at her wliarf, being noulde to prooce;! on her route. The snow has mocked ail oi the railroads loading to ihe city, and moct of the freight trains have been ahandened. The passenger trains are uii rut.nip;:, rtw- ever, but are several hours behind litu*'. The southern mail train ri«»- A F. road, duo hem at. 10: Id .in- m ri!i:i^. had not lrft livhmond at ri'« .!;. cars t c- Tore the Slahouei.'cs got possession > t t! e Htate governmenr, a:.;? bisvccord i:i that ca¬ pacity shows his emitter.* iiines wnde the whole community will he p!ete.v;i ifuu he will have cbavg«s of the public inou ,i»ou oi the children. Mr. Came w:>s net an appli¬ cant for the position, though he hs-.d Ijeen unanimously requested to become a candi¬ date, in ra>e of a change, i»y ti:o public schooHoaell^rs. jlo whs uuwiiiing to take it again, becau-e, in order to find time for she proper performance of i!s du i -s, he would have to employ some cm* :o kvep the books, etc., at Si. Joi»n?s Academy, and would not, therefore, leally receive any sal¬ ary. It. hi ing repivs*. nicd to him, however, that his services were. de:-ired by the people .generally, he consented to accept tho cUke should it be tendered him. As an act of simple justice to Mr. W. F.

    (^n me, the retiring »cuperinto: dent, it can be Sh tdiut his adui'mialration of tho affairs of the bt eu vvry MViisfantory, and the dutk s fa^bfully ami ably performed.

    John's III *STAUi:.\nt..Col. Samuel Orr:- son, formerly t ^ Letsburg, au*as lt-uscil ibe. popular "John's" restaurai.'^* corner of /lb j;nd JD streets north west, \\ashiuglon. He has remodeled, re filter! restocked the entire establishment. It. &as Jong been fa¬ mous for its excellent o>>'ers, choice t^rra- pins, fish, game, wines, liquor* and cigars. The present genial proprietor baa determin¬ ed that it shall not )o>e au'.y of its former prestige, but by furnishing trie best the mar- kot affords, villi polite and prompt atten¬ tion add new laurels io its Jatuo in the fu¬ ture. His prices are moderate, with first class appointments. He will be glad to see and entertain his manv friends in this city at his m w establishment.

    Suicidk...Inlaws li. iiough, of the secret service division of ;h" Treasury Depart¬ ment, committed j-uicid .' in Washington at noon yest»«rday by shootisg himself iu the head, He was foilud dead on the lloor of his room, which Mas in the back part of the third story. He l ad on pants, shirt and was in iiis locking feet. A !aige hole was louud on tha right side cf hi.s head abovo the ear, where the? hu'Ief entered. The body was !vintr in a pool of blood, and near by wrs au English bull-dog revolver with an empty chamber. The muzzle was black¬ ened by the powder, and the shell was found under the hammer. Mr. Hough was a na¬ tive of Fredericksburg, and formerly was proprietor of a large china business in Balti¬ more.

    Delinquent Lands..Treasurer M. B. Harlow, iu an advertisement elsewhere in theGAz BTTE, nol i fi «»sSta !.e tax payers tha t he has now iu hand a list of all lands delinquent and in arrears for State taxes from the year lSt>5 to 1SSI inclusive, aud requests all per¬ sons in arrears lor State taxes to settle the same at once, as in a short time, under the provisions of the act of the General Assem¬ bly, all lunds delinquent and in art ears for such taxt-s wiil be advertised and exposed for sale at publicauction. Heor his deputy, "5ir. J. K. Caton, will cheerfully give all in¬ formation desired on the subject. Regatta..At a meeting of the Old Do¬

    minion Bout Club lass night, Mr. Francis Hufty, tb.»> president, was selected -to re;»te- i-ent the club at tho nifeiirg of the State Association of Amateur Oarsmen, lo be held at Richmond, on theol of March, for the purpose of selecting a sui'ablo pia :c for the annual regatta, on the 4?h of J->K and he was instructed to urge A!e>:-,wlr:a i-s the most suitable and p,f .«¦ (he con¬ test. In tho event ti' this eity ^ chosen ic is net improbable th:.t f.iv< r are out of placo and arc liable 1.0 mis- lead pilots when navigation reopens, llo says that tha Maryland Point buoy when last roon was off Cedar Point, and that many of the othars were misplaced by the running ice of lost week.

    Postponed..Ou account of thealoria,the meetitg of the Thursday Dramatic (Jiub, to havo been held to night, is postponed till next Thursday, when there will bea tableau and performance. The Club is progressing m .st satisfactorily and' ics entertainments a:e greatly enjoyed by all who attend, a good deal of histrionic talent being dis¬ played. Property Balk..Messrs. E. L. and W.

    B. D.iing«-rlield Uavo sold to Mr. Wtu. F. Brookes, for $151)0, tho lot of ground on the west side of Washington street, between King and Prince, immediately south of the M. E. Church, South, fronting G7 feet on Washington street and running back 110 foot.

    It is wise to provide against emergencies that are liable to ari>o in every family. A coid may be a dangerous thing, or not, de¬ pending upon the means at hand to combat it. In sudden attacks of cold, croup, asth¬ ma, etc., Ayer's Cherry Pectoral will prove the quickest and most ellcctivo curc, and your best friend.


    "Haudv to have in the house".Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, tho prompt and certain remedy for croup, colds, and pulmonary af¬ fections.

    No cth?r medicine has won approval, at home, equal to Ayer's SarsnpariHn in Low¬ ell and vicinity. Geo. Andrew, overseer of the Low0:1 Car¬

    pet Corporation, was f.«r over twenty ye-.r.-, before his removal to Lowell, j.lilic.'. d v.i.h salt rheum in its worst form. lis r::- t ions actual I ly covered more than half tkr- surface of his body and lirnhs. Ho en; iirely cured by Ayer's Sar^arari'i'a. 1 j certificate iu Ayer's Almanac foi 18SM.


    (\ LUAuauv; cuand opera Washington, I). C. l;ETUXIIs OF THE FAVORITES,

    Tlie Jeaiie Winston Ops tapj, \ Fer Throe '..'i;;;its Only r.i.d S'turduy I.. ;t«ii:¦ ¦¦. |

    Thnr.-disy, JSocaecio: Friday, b:i Pcriclio : ta'- uiday Matiuie, Piincesi of 'i rvlix »a.:« ; .Sr.'u.c, y evening, Coccaccio. ;

    Jiiis JEAN NIT. WltfSTOis, ?>ii s >c'uirl'\ 7>'iss l{t>so LeigMon, >Ii«i :iic Meyers Miss Minnie Te J£u-.\ Walter iij sliiri1. Walter Allen, A. If. lie! 1, Yiuccut :i. Jos. Fiiy.

    Regular prices. Next week.Tlio l&to&t luusicil w.-uiv.hy, i y

    (iil! aud Jcssnp. authors of "Adonis " enth'ui .'APHRODITE STILL IN TiiE I-l.v«



    ; OiiK'-' RESTAURANT,pj> COR 7th and 1") S S., Washington, D. C.

    SAi.'UEL ORlilSON, of Vir«inu, I'rojui.Vior. The lurder will be supplied with ev ry

    cy, f»id t!ie lor storked with the Uwt«1' i.i«,u i.-\ iMcals sitv il Kt a'.! hours in the l»C5t ii~.c d

    at n-.;.-on:ibli: ra'.ys k-.M.

    E] .. ../ ¦; .¦.¦l Vanhinn t .i.i I ¦: OMf KB5£ V»r Sl,r: oa such tables.

    Tin: milling would. Hi i-kai.o, N. V.. Jim. 25,1SS0.

    "VV. i . ''Viiiiev ti Sons, millers, of Washington, I). were lately 'boycotted' by the local coopers' union ('.>.- buying up and using :i second timo ihur i;M 'M .rre's. Tlic boycott wai considered uu- ju.:tii1:tl)le by the tabor onion." feb3-3t

    \ i.A i ()ii o SALL.

    < Mi TIJ UKSDAY, February 1-lth. 1886, at 10 a in., y.t the late residence of Mary Buck¬

    ingham, iheeased, oa Princo street, between St. iifiph and J'itt. treo;=, 1 will soil, at public auc- lion, tli - HOUSEHOLD and KITCHEN FURNI- i .»; ihe .-aid Mitiy Buckingham. T< tus of Sale-Cash. JVM-H W.M. II. LAMI'.ERT. Admr. . .: L I N «.> U E N T LANDS.

    : ,ji ...] ! suds delinquent and in arrears fur l:;.v -.una 1 ho year to 38S4 inclu¬

    sive .:a,&c. Tlio lilKlic«=t character of tbf many Una preparation has never been eleu6uie to the following:

    Sister Mary, Lady Superior iu charge Institu¬ tion of the N«itro Dame, Baltimore, says: Wo have used "Dr. Pilzold'3 German Bitters'* in this institution for a number of diseases and com¬ plaints, such as premonitory indications of Bil¬ ious Fever, Chills, Dyspepsia. Loss of Appetite and Goneral Dobility, aud lind it an unrivalled remedy for thuso complaints, ami a thorough tonic for those whose systems requiro a speedy building up.

    I take great pleasure in recommending "Dr. Pctzold's Germau Bitters" as a medicine of raro merit. William E. Jaynkh,

    Pastor of Wolfe St. I. M. Church, Baltimore. This great medicine is for sale by all druggists,

    grocers and dealers generally. Price


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