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    Great Reductions (FOE CASH ONLY)

    Iu all classes of goods kept by mo previous to stock taking, commencing with MEN'S, LADIES', AND MISSES' RUBBER

    W VTERPROOFS MEN'S GOSSAMER and MEDIUM-WEIGHT Waterproofs reduced to $1.65 and $2.50, formerly sold at $2.25 and $3.50.

    BOYS' GOSSAMER and MEDIUM-WEIGHT WATERPROOFS reduced to 80c., $1.(50, $1.75, and $2.25, formerly sold at $1.00, $2.00, $2.50 and $2.75.

    LADIES' and MISSES' JEBSEYS reduccd to $1.00, formerly sold at $1.50.





    IN NEW YORK a complete line of SHEETINGS in all widths at greatly reduced prices. A large lot of

    TURKISH BATH TOWELS at less than original cost.

    Closing out sale of PARASOLS. A large line of black and colors at a great reduction.

    Rare bargains in STRAW MATTINGS iu all grades. Pretzfelder k Co., my30 1-14 King street, Alexandria, Va.


    But Yet a Woman, by Haudy 50 Missy, by the author of Rutledgc 50 The Stillwater Tragedy, Aldrich 50 The World of London (Society of) 25 The Mahdi, Past and Preseut 25 John Needham's Double. Hatton 25 That Terrible Man. Norris 25 Mr. Butler's Ward, Robinson 25 Home Letters 25 The Tinted Venus 25 James Gordon's Wifo 25 Matilda, Princess of England $1 00 Revised Old Testament 80 Adrian Vedal 25 Midsummer London Illustrated News 50 Piano Souvenir, New Music 50

    " Vocal Music 50 New Books daily. j°29 GEO. E. FRENCH.

    ^JOTICE. We have fitted up in a neat and attractive style

    and are now occupying as our DRUG STORE AND SODA WATER MANUFACTORY, the Northwest corner of King and Pitt streets, and to our friends and the public generally wo solicitasharo of their patronage. Appreciating past favors wo intend by strict attention to our business to morit a con¬ tinuance of tho samo. Respectfully


    AGENT Liverpool and London and Globo Firo Ins. Co. N. Y. Underwriters Agency Fire Ins. Co. Petersburg Savings and In3. Co. Fire and Marine Ins. Co. Risks taken by tfcoso first class companies at

    current rates. Losses settled promptly and liberally. .fob7

    Window and door screens in aknocked down state, or put togethor. None but the best quality Screen Wire sold, either plain green or figured. No common Wire. No common frames, and prices lower than you can have the frame made and put together. Call and oxamine, get prices, see the quality of goods and be convinced. [jo!8] B. W. NALLS.

    Green and figured screen wire 24,30 and 36 inches, wholesale and rotail, at 88 King, corner of Royal street. You can buy wire, and havo Wiudow and Door Frames made of better quality, to cost no more than the com¬ mon Frames ottered for sale iu tho city. Call and soo. J. T. CREIGHTON & SON,

    je4 88 King, cor. Royal St. A A CASES CLARET and SAUTERNE WINES, 4:U from tho Millpark Wine Co., of Haymarket, \>.t just received and in store and sold at com¬ pany's prices. Orders for all kinds of Wines in bulk will be promptly executed. Call for prico list. GEO. McBURNEY & SON, ap7 S. W. cor. King and Washington sts.

    JUST RECEIVED TO-DAY a full line of AR¬TISTS' MATERIAL, consisting of New Art Studies, Canvas on Stretchers, Windsor & New¬ ton's Tube Paints, Brass Plaques, Panels, Acado- my Boards, Gold Paint, &c., at

    JOHN D. H. LUNT'S, mh27 N. E. cor. King and Washington sts.

    STEEL SHOVEL PLOW PLATES, with Boltscomplete, Plow Castings, Plow and other Bolts, Scythes, Scythe Stones, Trace. Hames, and other goods in same line, for sale cheap at 88 King, corner of Royal street, by apll J. P. CREIGHTON & SON.

    POLK, MILLER & CO'S. ITALIAN INSECTPOWDER..Just received a full supply of the abovo Insect Powder. Warranted to kill Roaches, Flies, Bedbugs, Ac., &c., 10, 25 and 50 cents per bottle, at W ARFIELD & HALL S, ap3 Cor. Prince and Fairfax streets.

    JUST FROM THE FACTORY.60 dozen A.B.9.SHIRTS; $3.75 a half dozen, unlaundried, and $4.75 laundried. These Shirts have the im¬ proved stay, and are the best value for the money ever offered in this place. For sale only by jan27 " AMOS B. SLAYMAKER._

    PARIS GREEN AND LONDON PURPLE OFbest quality for the destruction of Potato Bugs. Also Insect Powder of various brands and Leadbeater's Liquid Bed Bug Poison. my2S ' E.*S. LEADBEATER A BRO.

    GREEN MOUNTAIN ASTHMA CURE, a surecure for Asthma, just received and for sale by jelQ W. F. CREIGHTON & CO.


    POWELL'S PREPARED CHEMICALS for Vege¬tables, Tobacco, &c. For sale by my30 E. S. LEADBEATER & BRO.

    CARPET, FELT AND TACKS, all sizes, re¬ceived this day. B. W. NALLS, my25 Cor. King and Washington streets.

    USE THE GOLDEN HAM.Finest Sugar-Cured Ham in the United States. Sold by Je8 GEO. McBURNEY & SON.

    BASKETS..20 NESTSCORD BASKETS JUSTreceived for sale low by my29 J. C. MILBURN

    EDGAR SNOWDEN, A.t the Gazette Suilding, No«. 70 * 72 Frinoe at.


    One year . 16 00 One year $4 00 Sixmonths8 00 81x months 2 00 One month 50 Three months .... 100 All communications should be addressed to "Gazette Alexandria, Va."

    The Gazette office Is connected with the Telephone Ex¬ change. Advertisements, orders for the paper, news or any information or business can be sent by tele- phone.

    Persons leaving: the efty for the summer can have the Gazette mailed to them, post paid, for fifty cents per month, and the address changed as often as desired.

    Contract advertisers will not be allowed to excced their space, unless the excess is paid for at transient rates, and under no circumstances will they be allowed to advertise other than their legitimate business In the space contracted for

    itesolatlons in memoriam, of thanks, tributes ofrespect, resolutions adopted by societies or persons, unless of public concern, will only be printed in this paper is advertisement*.

    A. 11 transient advertisements must be paid for in ad¬ vance.

    Carriage and death noticesmust be paid for in advance. Price fifty cents, when not exceeding: six lines.

    I Entered at the Postoflice at Alexandria. Virginia, second-class matter.)

    ALEXANDRIA. [From tho St. Louis Beptiblicau.]

    A native of Alexandria, Va., living now across the river, has had old memories freshened by the unfeeling remarks of a correspondent of one of our esteemed con¬ temporaries, and writes this letter : Alton, 111., June 24..(Editor St. Louis

    Republican, j.What strange feelings are awakened when, after long years, we turn to treasured memories, seeking their sacred memorials. Gone the pleasures, liko the pretteut and to-morrow. The shifting tides of trade, the war and railroads did it.

    It requires no etf'ort to loosen a "native Alexandrian's tongue." They scorn sensa¬ tionalism and exaggeration*; they are digni¬ fied and refined, and are the representatives of the best blood of the Old Dominion. It is one of the enigmas of the day to mark how little changed are the native residents; with them religion, politics and patriotism have always meant one and the same thine. "They still long for the good old days be¬

    fore the war." As one in a dream the past is brought

    back into the present; its many years seem to have vanished as a vision. The good old days are missing, and we cannot find them. Where are they gone?

    If that old clock, which once struck the hours in Washington's home, could speak, how many tales it would tell of ancient grandeur, of courtly dames and gallant cav¬ aliers, of Old Dominion dinners and old Vir¬ ginia reels, "and wit that vied in brilliaucy with the sparkle of the rare old wines." The past loomed up before us with golden dreams, tinted with the rainbow of promise. To-day those dreams lie buried-in the past. We wish our names to be enrolled side by side with the distinguished of earth. We want to act well our part, not through the jaun¬ diced glasses of prejudice, ever leaving the result to that Great Being who "tempersthe wind to the shorn lamb," and who givethto the ravens their food. Various reminiscences of Washington are

    connected w;th various localities ofthe town. The town and Washington came together into active life. The first colony was Belle Haven, where Alexandria now stands. Washington's home when in Alexandria was on the south side of Cameron street, not far from the old Carey House, and not quite two squares from Christ church. Tho old house being considered unsafe, was torn down, I think, over thirty years ago, and much of it was carried away to be preserved as mementoes. Many years ago, wheu I loved to wander

    through the old Alexandria museum, and have Capt. Mumford tell me what relics be¬ longed to Gen. Washington, he said : "Here is a letter written by Gen. Washington to several gentlemen in Alexandria only one month before he passed away." Here is a copy of the letter: Mount Vernon, Nov. 12,179!)..Gentlemen :

    Mrs. Washington and self have been honored with your polite invitation to tho assemblies in Alex¬ andria this winter, and thank you for this mark of your attention. But alas! our dancing days »r0 no inoro. Wo wish, however, all those whoso relish for so agreeable and innocent amusement remains, all the pleasuro the season will afford them. I am, gentlemen, your most obedient and obliged humblo servant,

    Geobcje Washington. "Alexandria's g


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