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Alicia Keys

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Alicia Key's


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Alicia Keys

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Background•Born as Alicia Augello Cook

•Born on Jan 25, 1981

• Born in New York, U.S.A.

•R&B singer, songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer and actress.

•Begun Playing piano at age of Seven

•Wrote her first song at age of 14 “Butterflyz”, included in her first album

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Top Songs

•No One

•Empire State of Mind

•Girl on Fire


•If I Ain’t Got You


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Alicia Keys Facebook

•Over 30 million likes

•Over 300,000 talking about this

•Features Past and future events (tour info)

•Direct link to itunes store where you can purchase her top songs

•Chances to win tickets + autographed CD, great way to promote her tours, and events.

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Alicia Keys twitter

•18.4 Million followers

•Over 4,000 tweets

•Shares photos of rehearsing for tours, shows

• Tweets on a regular basis, interacts with fans

•Many tweets about her charitable work to reach women in U.S. about HIV

•Excellent use of her twitter account to reach many people.

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Alicia Keys tumblr•Links to short videos

•Links to News, Tour and Events , Music, and shop.

•Sells merchandises from t-shirts, hat, hoodie, poster and much more



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Alicia Keys Instagram

•Over 2 million followers

•Over 400 posts

•Photos from personal to professional life

•Keeps fan updated on future tours, sneak peak into future events.

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Other Social Media…

•Own website

•Also has Google plus, you tube and can also get email updates

•Also has pinterest with boards for individual songs

•Los of ways to connect with her through many social media sites, listed on her site

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Social MediaDescribes herself as social media junkie

Posts almost everyday on facebook & twitter

Posts lots of behind the scene videos

I believe she does more than enough through social media to engage with her fans

Posted pic before singing national anthem before superbowl.

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AudienceMostly adults 25+ in age

Everyone but specific audience includes Teenage/ Young women

Songs are usually about being strong independent women

Definitely has found her audience

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Alicia Keys has been on cover of many magazines.

Her website is very organized•Can easily find all her songs (with lyrics)•Past and Future tour and events information•Links to current news about her•Can use hash tags from her tour and your pics will show up on her site from that tour, example  #AliciaBUENOSAIRES

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Global Creative Director•Global Creative Director for Blackberry• For one year from Jan, 2013 to Jan,2014•Helped Promote Blackberry 10 Smartphone•Direct involvement in its operations • 4 year scholarship program that encouraged young women to enter specific science and technology fields •Form of synergy, where both get publicity

The reason why Blackberry chose her was because she is very tech savvy person.

Knows and is comfortable using technology with ease

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In Philippines after the typhoon

In 2010, led a celebrity social media blackout in order to raise money for World AIDS Day and her charity Keep a Child Alive

Is Co-Founder and Global Ambassador for keep a child alive (provides treatment, love & support to families affected by HIV/AIDS

In 2013, Keys teamed up with Greater Than AIDS to launch EMPOWERED. A public information campaign to reach women in the U.S., she speaks with five women whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS

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OtherSang national anthem at Super Bowl in 2013

Has won 15 grammy awards

Sold over 35 million albums and over 30 million singles

Has acted in four movies

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As described. Alicia Keys is very engaged with her fans. She loves sharing her songs, inspirations and other things with her fans

She is on almost all social networks sites that are out there (facebook. Twitter, Google plus, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, her own site, you tube channel)

Not only is she on all these sites but takes time and effort to upload meaningful pics, videos and other on these various sites

Overall she does great job to engage with fans, and let them know much about her professional and personal life as possible