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The ALIGN Program> A World-Class Master’s Degree: Bridge your

experience to your aspirations with an in-demand degree from a top-50, global research university

> Connect Education and Experience: Complete a full master’s degree with a customized curriculum that links your undergraduate foundation to your graduate studies, all while you gain paid work experience at industry-leading companies

> Transition into a Successful Career: Gain access to high-growth fields where employers across the globe are searching for qualified professionals

> Be Networked for Life: Graduate prepared, experienced, and ready to launch your new career with support from Northeastern’s global network of 3,000+ organizations and 200,000+ alumni




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2 The ALIGN Program

8 ALIGN Degree Programs

8 MS in Bioinformatics

10 MS in Computer Science

12 MS in Energy Systems

14 MS in Engineering Management

16 MS in Health Informatics

18 MS in Information Assurance

20 MS in Project Management

22 MS in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices

24 Northeastern University’s Network

25 Boston

26 Charlotte

27 Seattle

28 Your Next Step Toward Success

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THE ALIGN ADVANTAGECareer goals can shift as interests expand, new opportunities arise, industries change, and technology advances. If your professional

aspirations are now focused on a different career path, but your experience and education are not a match for that transition,

Northeastern University can provide the answer—ALIGN (Accelerated Link to Industry through Northeastern’s Global Network).

Our Program> Provides bachelor’s degree holders who have a strong analytical foundation with the powerful combination of graduate

education plus degree-related work experience

> Enables students to take advantage of growing opportunities in fields where there is a strong demand for qualified professionals

> Improves recruiting for corporations and organizations, providing a ready-made pipeline of talented and appropriately educated candidates

Our Students> Come from diverse academic backgrounds

> Prepare for their graduate studies and for their transition into successful careers through bridge courses that link their undergraduate studies to their new industry of choice

Our Format> Delivered in a hybrid format that integrates on-campus and online courses

> Combines the benefit of face-to-face interaction with peers and faculty with the ability to balance a busy schedule

Our Network> Maintains a keen awareness of current and emerging trends through our global network of employer partners, alumni,

faculty, and students

> Gives students the opportunity to gain work experience at companies that lead their industries

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ALIGN Master’s Degree Programs for High-Demand Industries

Working closely with industry leaders, Northeastern University has selected master’s degree

programs that closely align with the pressing need for qualified professionals across a broad

range of industries, both now and in the future.

> Master of Science in Bioinformatics*

> Master of Science in Computer Science

> Master of Science in Energy Systems

> Master of Science in Engineering Management

> Master of Science in Health Informatics

> Master of Science in Information Assurance

> Master of Science in Project Management

> Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices

Three Campuses, One Global Network

ALIGN programs are offered at our three Northeastern campus locations:

> Boston, MA

> Charlotte, NC

> Seattle, WA




Who Are Our Students? Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have experience in a wide array of disciplines. Whether your undergraduate degree was in the sciences or the liberal arts, whether you’re a recent college graduate or an experienced professional looking to change careers, ALIGN can work for you.

*Degree available in Boston and Seattle only

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4x 12%

BIOINFORMATICSThe global bioinformatics market is projected to nearly quadruple from $2.3 billion in 2012 to $9 billion in 2018.

COMPUTER SCIENCEComputer science jobs are expected to grow between 12% and 28% from 2010 to 2020.

ENERGY SYSTEMSOver the last five years, energy-related jobs have grown in share from 3% to 4.5% of all U.S. job postings.

ENGINEERING MANAGEMENTJob postings for engineering management have grown steadily, including a 50% increase between 2000 and 2006.



BE IN DEMANDWith an emphasis on meeting both the demands of industry and the aspirations and goals of our

students, Northeastern University has identified key industries with exceptional employment opportunities,

long-term career potential, and cutting-edge challenges. Our ALIGN master’s degree programs are

designed with those criteria in mind.

For statistical sources, please refer to

Page 7: ALIGN Program Brochure



HEALTH INFORMATICSOccupations such as Medical and Health Services Manager are projected to grow by 23% into 2020.

INFORMATION ASSURANCEThe number of information assurance jobs is projected to increase 23% into 2020.

PROJECT MANAGEMENTFrom 2010 to 2020, demand for project management professionals will grow by more than 12% in the U.S., leading to nearly 6.2 million jobs in 2020.

REGULATORY AFFAIRSFrom 2010 to 2012, the overall demand for regulatory affairs professionals in the U.S. grew by 36.3%.


36.3%23%23% 6.2million

“ We need to prepare our students to navigate the landscape of a global society and a swiftly-changing world. We need to prepare them for opportunities that don’t yet exist.”

—Joseph E. Aoun, President, Northeastern University

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Earn an In-Demand Graduate Degree

At Northeastern University, you will benefit from all the resources

a top-50 national research university can offer.

> Learn from dedicated faculty members who bring both academic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom

> Achieve a proven, competitive advantage through participation in Northeastern’s signature cooperative education (co-op) program

> Receive support for career growth from our university, employer partners, and an ever-growing network of loyal alumni around the globe long after graduation

Connect to a Campus

Each of our three campus locations—in Boston, Charlotte,

and Seattle—is at the center of a vibrant and exciting city.

> See the benefits of industry connections unique to each distinctive region

> Decide on which campus, and in which industry hub, to pursue your chosen program

Achieve Your Goals Faster

Without specific experience or training in a field, career

transitions are challenging.

> Eliminate the need for extensive supplemental coursework or a second bachelor’s degree

> Advance with degree curricula that incorporate bridge courses tailored to your needs

> Complete your degree program within a traditional, full-time master’s degree time frame

Build Your Resumé

Northeastern’s network of co-op employers—in business,

healthcare, government, and technology—extends to more than

170 cities around the world, providing unique opportunities for

real-world experience in your field.

> Fuse rigorous coursework with practical experience

> Apply your classroom learning in the workplace through co-op

> Build a resumé of professional experience and connections while completing your graduate degree

Offset Tuition Costs

Northeastern University students are highly valued throughout

our employer partner network.

> Earn compensation that can help offset tuition costs (salaries vary by industry)

Become Networked for Life

The combination of the knowledge gained through

challenging coursework and practical experience coupled with

Northeastern’s powerful global network will open doors to new

career opportunities.

> Connections in 150 countries

> Opportunities on every continent

> Partners with 3,000+ corporate and nonprofit organizations

> More than 200,000 alumni

1 4





Page 9: ALIGN Program Brochure


Networked for Success

Northeastern University was built upon an innovative idea: education is about engaging

with the world to solve problems and lead change. It’s a distinctive approach that infuses

our programs, our faculty, our students, and our alumni. And this same innovative idea

is foundational to ALIGN.

Our position as a top-50 research university, our expertise in graduate education, and

our proven leadership in experiential learning ensure that our students are Networked

for Success.

The Northeastern University network spans the globe:

> 3,000+ employer partners

> More than 200,000 alumni

> 1,157 full-time faculty of dedicated academics and industry professionals

The Power of Experiential Learning









A Top Research

University Graduate Degree

that Qualifies You for Your

New Field

Page 10: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

Big Data is today’s buzzword. It is also the driving force behind the explosive demand for trained bioinformatics

professionals in pharmaceutical research and development, medical and clinical diagnostics, and other life science

industries. With high-throughput genomic assays generating significantly more data, the life sciences are increasingly

data-intensive, and the need for individuals with the broad, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to plan, mine, analyze,

and interpret large-scale data sets continues to expand. The MS in Bioinformatics ALIGN Program is invaluable if your

goal is to enter this exciting and growing field.

The Program

Northeastern University is committed to delivering cutting-edge programs that foster interdisciplinary thinking, research,

and the pursuit of innovation-driven discoveries that have an impact on lives. That commitment and vision are at the

very core of the MS in Bioinformatics ALIGN Program. Combining challenging academics in biology, computer science,

and information technology with practical, real-world experience, this program will help you integrate the knowledge,

skills, experience, and confidence you need to play a pivotal role in an expanding range of life science fields.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to:

> Build a core of critical knowledge in bioinformatics computational methods, bioinformatics programming, statistics for bioinformatics, and ethics for biological research

> Integrate knowledge from biological, computational, and mathematical disciplines

> Prepare to assume leadership roles in a range of life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, including genomics, personalized medicine, drug discovery, and cancer therapy



*Degree available in Boston and Seattle only

Page 11: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Curriculum

The MS in Bioinformatics ALIGN Program combines core coursework in

bioinformatics computational methods, programming, and statistics with

graduate electives that offer you the flexibility to specialize and build

broader knowledge in both the life sciences and computer science.

A co-op, frequently completed with leading employers in academia and

industry, rounds out the program and assures graduates a competitive

edge in the dynamic field of bioinformatics.

The Experience

As a recognized leader in experiential learning and a trusted source of

high-caliber students, Northeastern enjoys relationships with more than

3,000 public and private sector employers on seven continents. Recent

bioinformatics co-op partners have included the Broad Institute, Harvard

Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Dana-Farber Cancer

Institute, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, and pharmaceutical giants

including Genzyme, Millennium, and Novartis.

The Faculty

Steven Vollmer, Ph.D., Director of the MS in Bioinformatics ALIGN Program

and respected geneticist, leads a faculty of dedicated academics and

seasoned industry professionals who bring interdisciplinary perspective,

experience, and collaboration to their classrooms and research, and

infuse graduate students with the spirit of discovery. The faculty also

provides you with opportunities to participate in research, including

next-generation genomics, drug discovery, personalized genomics,

and network analyses.

CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Bioinformatics Computational Methods > Molecular Cell Biology > Bioinformatics Programming> Statistics for Bioinformatics> Ethics in Biological Research> Bioinformatics Seminar

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Graduate Biochemistry> Molecular Modeling > Database Management > Web Development

“ Northeastern University’s Bioinformatics Program gave me the solid foundation in molecular biology and bioinformatics computational methods I needed to apply my systems development skills to biological questions.”

—Charles Roesel, MS Bioinformatics ‘13

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The Opportunity

In June 2013, Forbes reviewed salary and employment outlook data with the goal of identifying the best master’s

degrees for immediate job potential. Information systems ranked first, and computer science ranked fourth with a

projected increase in jobs associated with these degrees of 30 percent and 21.3 percent respectively. When you

combine that with national data on current salaries, it’s clear why an advanced degree in computer science offers

exceptional career potential.

The Program

The MS in Computer Science ALIGN Program is designed for students with strong quantitative and analytical

backgrounds. While students typically come from fields such as mathematics and engineering, the program also

supports students from a broad range of undergraduate majors, including history, economics, and physics. No matter

what your background, you will acquire both the knowledge needed to transition into a new career and the practical

skills to build the next great app or engineer the next great device.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to:

> Develop the ability to recognize and solve problems arising in the use of modern digital computers

> Assimilate ideas and concepts from theoretical studies and from in-depth, hands-on design and programming

> Acquire skills in software and application design, network infrastructure, and other essential computer science concentrations

> Prepare to innovate and thrive in the surging technology sector



Page 13: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Curriculum

Northeastern’s MS in Computer Science ALIGN Program combines

core coursework in program design, computer systems, and software

development to build on your strong analytical skills. Elective courses

in artificial intelligence, databases, networks and security, and software

engineering allow you to tailor your degree to your unique interests.

The Experience

After three semesters of study, students are able to apply for full-time

co-ops at some of the leading companies across the country, including

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Nectar Games, EMC Corporation,

and more.

Over the past five years, more than 98 percent of our computer science

students who have sought a co-op position have been successfully

placed. While you are building real-world experience and career-

advancing connections, your earnings can help offset up to 75 percent

of your tuition cost.

The Faculty

Courses in the MS in Computer Science ALIGN Program are taught

by a passionate group of faculty members who aren’t just devoted

academics—they’re active computer science professionals working for

industry leaders like Amazon and Google. Their real-world experience

will shape your learning through an understanding of essential industry

practices and leading-edge research.

CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Fundamentals of Computer Science> Discrete Structures> Program Design Paradigm> Algorithms> Computer Systems> Managing Software Development

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Database Management> Information Retrieval> Artificial Intelligence> Mobile Application Development> Network Security

“ As an aerospace engineer, I didn’t think it was possible to pursue a career path in computer science until I found the ALIGN program. ALIGN gives me the opportunity to get a master’s degree and opens the door to a whole new career path, one that combines my existing background with new knowledge.”

—Stephen Court, MS Computer Science ‘15

Page 14: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

Some of the most pressing global issues we face today are related to energy resources, conservation, and the effects

of energy production and increasing worldwide demand. As a result, professionals with knowledge in the design and

development of optimal methods to produce and utilize energy in ways that are both sustainable and marketable are

currently—and will continue to be—in great demand.

The Program

Northeastern University’s MS in Energy Systems ALIGN Program offers students with strong quantitative and problem-

solving skills the opportunity to gain the knowledge and practical experience necessary to enter this high-demand field.

The program integrates energy systems technology with business and financial planning principles. It will prepare you to

lead efforts in the design, development, planning, and implementation of new energy generation investments, to realize

energy efficiency improvements, and ultimately to have a lasting, positive impact on businesses, communities, the

economy, and the global environment.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to learn to:

> Effectively integrate energy system development over a broad spectrum of technologies

> Formulate financial requirements for successful systems implementation

> Apply fundamental principles in the global energy market

> Analyze problems faced in energy generation and transmission

> Propose clean energy considerations and challenges

> Examine renewable options for consideration in a systems solution



Page 15: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Curriculum

The program’s curriculum is firmly rooted in energy technology and includes

exposure to the critical interface with business and financial decision

processes. It is flexibly designed with a set of core courses in engineering

knowledge and finance, complemented by a broad range of electives

that can be taken across departments within Northeastern’s College of


The Experience

In the MS in Energy Systems ALIGN Program, you have the opportunity to

apply your classroom learning to real-world challenges. For example, a

recent co-op focused on the introduction and implementation of off-grid

renewable energy and lighting products to a local municipality. Another

involved analyzing and providing insights on energy usage in industrial,

municipal, commercial, and institutional applications. Through the support

and collaboration of our valuable employer partners, including companies

like Lumi•Solair, Dow Chemical Company, EnerNoc, Protonex Technology

Corporation, Nuvera Fuel Cells, and others, you’ll gain the experience and

confidence to make significant contributions in the field.

The Faculty

Program Director Gregory Kowalski, Ph.D., brings to the program his

expertise in energy systems, heat transfer, photonics, and thermodynamics

along with an enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference through

viable energy systems. Practicing professionals who have successfully

implemented energy systems or devices and policies are actively involved in

the MS in Energy Systems ALIGN Program as adjunct professors and invited

speakers. It’s an invaluable combination of academic excellence, timely

perspectives, and network connections that will be meaningful throughout

your career.

CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Linear Algebra> Multivariate Calculus > Fundamentals of Energy System Integration> Economic Decision Making> Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers> Value Creation Through Financial Decision Making> Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Wind Energy Systems> Power Systems Analysis> Environmental Issues in Manufacturing and

Product Use> Cities, Sustainability, and Climate Change> Engineering Project Management> Environmental Protection and Management

“ The MS in Energy Systems provided the springboard I needed to jump into the energy sector head first.”

—Kevin Johnson, MS Energy Systems ‘12

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The Opportunity

In the highly complex and evolving world of technology-driven industry, skilled professionals who have both technical

expertise and an understanding of the industry’s core theoretical principles are in great demand. Leaders across

industries are seeking qualified and talented individuals with the capability to direct and supervise development and

production processes. The increasing demand within technology and service-based industries as well as within state,

local, and federal governments has also driven exceptionally high salaries.

The Program

Northeastern’s MS in Engineering Management ALIGN Program is focused on developing future engineering leaders. It is

an interdisciplinary graduate program that bridges the gaps between engineering science, methods, and technology with

the art and science of business practices. The program provides a solid balance of engineering principles, leadership,

and project management skills and prepares students to take on leadership roles in areas of product innovation,

economic decision-making, statistical analysis, operations analysis, and project management.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to learn to:

> Effectively lead engineering management tasks including assessing cost efficiencies, formulating strategies to improve production, and analyzing elements of a company’s supply chain

> Solve complex business challenges with innovative, practical, effective solutions

> Serve as a key technical liaison to management on complex projects



Page 17: ALIGN Program Brochure

The Curriculum

The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum links engineering technology

and business with the theoretical, quantitative, and analytical skills

students need to address complex business challenges, including bringing

a product from concept through its development phases to its introduction

to the marketplace. Core courses in engineering decision-making are

supported by a range of electives across the College of Engineering.

The Experience

Engineering management is critical to the success of all technology-

based organizations. Thanks to this and the extensive network of

Northeastern University’s employer partners, students have numerous

co-op opportunities from which to choose. Recent co-op employers have

included Hydrocision, Research in Motion, The Dannon Company, as well

as many others. Career advancement benefits include the fact that 20

percent of students in the program are hired by their co-op employers.

The Faculty

Northeastern’s MS in Engineering Management ALIGN Program is led

by Thomas Cullinane, PhD., professor of mechanical and industrial

engineering and Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

The program faculty includes respected scholars and senior-level

professionals actively working in the industry who share their expertise

and perspectives on cutting-edge industry developments as well as

practical approaches and processes for today’s work environments.


CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Linear Algebra> Multivariate Calculus > Engineering Project Management> Economic Decision Making> Engineering Probability and Statistics> Deterministic Operations Research

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Financial Management for Engineers> Engineering/Organizational Psychology> Mass Customization> Logistics, Warehousing, and Scheduling> Fundamentals of Energy System Integration> Environmental Issues in Manufacturing

and Product Use> Environmental Protection and Management

“ An Engineering Management MS degree lays the foundation for an eye-catching resumé of the versatile, flexible, jack-of-all trades engineering manager that the current job market values most.”

—Yeliz Ozalp, MS Engineering Management ’99

Page 18: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

The American healthcare system is undergoing dramatic changes and improvements that center on the integration of

technology in patient care. Professionals in the field of health informatics, the union of information science, computer

science, and healthcare, are driving many of these advancements, including utilizing new data mining technologies and

artificial intelligence engines to improve clinical healthcare decision-making. Yet as a new and rapidly-evolving field—

one in which job postings grew four times faster than healthcare positions in general between 2007 and 2011—

there is an acute shortage of qualified talent to meet market needs.

The Program

The interdisciplinary MS in Health Informatics ALIGN Program helps you transition to this high-potential field and

prepares you to take a leadership role in addressing the combined clinical, technical, and business needs of health-

related organizations. You will gain the knowledge and skills to successfully integrate systems, improve workflow, help

people work together effectively, and make a real difference in the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery—

today and in the future.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to:

> Understand how information technology, people, health, and the healthcare system interrelate

> Use information technology and information management concepts and methods to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes

> Communicate effectively among healthcare practitioners, administrators, and IT professionals, and understand each group’s needs and constraints



Page 19: ALIGN Program Brochure

The Curriculum

Northeastern’s MS in Health Informatics ALIGN Program is a collaboration

between the College of Computer and Information Science and the

Bouvé College of Health Sciences. The curriculum spans vital topics

ranging from healthcare systems, data management and design, and

organizational change to clinical decision-making, business issues,

emerging technologies, and myriad ever-changing factors that impact the

field. Strong industry relationships with hospitals, health-care systems,

health-related corporations, and government health agencies assure that

the program remains at the leading edge of advances in the industry.

The Experience

The program’s capstone project provides you with the opportunity to

integrate the knowledge you gain in the classroom with real-world

challenges. Capstone projects consist of practical work and research

in a major area of health informatics with the goal of making an active

contribution to the field. You initiate and design your capstone project

in consultation with working health informatics professionals. Faculty

members provide guidance and mentoring throughout the project.

The Faculty

Northeastern was the first university to offer a master’s degree in health

informatics and has consistently attracted respected faculty who are

senior leaders in the field. Their extensive experience in world-renowned

hospitals and major health care organizations assures that your

education is rigorous, current, and relevant. An advisory board of industry

professionals also provides expert guidance in the program’s development

and ongoing curricular advancements.


CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Cyberspace Technology and Applications> Health and Medicine for Non-Clinicians> Introduction to Health Informatics Systems> American Healthcare System> Capstone Project

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Business of Healthcare Informatics> Database Design, Access, Modeling, and Security> Key Standards in Health Informatics> Organizational Behavior, Workflow Design, and

Change Management> Project Management> Management Issues in Health Informatics> Strategic Management and Leadership

in Healthcare

“ Northeastern has excellent faculty who have advanced healthcare information technology industry knowledge and are associated with reputed healthcare organizations. There is a huge growth opportunity in this industry.”

—Rakesh Kamdar, MS Health Informatics ‘11

Page 20: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

Ever-increasing cyber attacks against companies and governments are creating unprecedented risks and a tremendous

need for trained information assurance professionals. In fact, according to Burning Glass, a labor market analytics firm,

cybersecurity positions rose 73 percent in the five-year period ending in 2012—3.5 times faster than postings for

computer jobs as a whole. As a result of mounting risks, knowledge and experience requirements, and demand exceeding

available talent, information assurance specialists command premium salaries. For example, the median pay for an

Information Assurance Analyst—ranked #17 in CNN/Money’s “Best Jobs in America”—is $95,700.

The Program

Northeastern University’s recognition for academic excellence in information assurance education, research, and cyber

operations by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security attests to the high quality and

professional relevance of our information assurance curriculum.

This innovative interdisciplinary program combines computer systems and network security training with an understanding

of the social context of cybersecurity, giving you skills that are in high demand. Students gain the broad knowledge

needed to make the strategic decisions to combat information security threats, including identity theft, computer malware,

electronic fraud, and cyber attacks. Whether you have a background in technology, the social sciences, or another field,

Northeastern’s MS in Information Assurance ALIGN Program will prepare you for a successful career.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to:

> Build core knowledge surrounding computer system security and network practices, as well as relevant knowledge from the social sciences, law, criminology, and management

> Make strategic decisions about security issues and present recommendations to management

> Plan and implement security strategies to reduce risk and enhance protection of information assets and systems

> Understand the legal and ethical issues associated with information security, privacy, and digital rights



Page 21: ALIGN Program Brochure

The Curriculum

In the MS in Information Assurance ALIGN program, you’ll take courses

tailored to your background and interests. Those with social science

or other non-technology backgrounds will strengthen technical skills.

Those with prior technical experience will add to their understanding of

the context in which technology is applied. Every student, regardless of

background, will learn about the key issues in information security and

how technology can help resolve them.

The Experience

With information accessible everywhere, over multiple devices, systems,

and the “cloud,” few industries can ignore the need for information

assurance. As a result, Northeastern students have broad options for

co-op opportunities. Recent information assurance co-ops include Akamai

Technologies, Fidelity Investments, BitSight Technologies, DigitasLBi,

IntraLinks, and EMC Corporation, to name just a few.

The Faculty

Northeastern’s MS in Information Assurance ALIGN Program is led by

Dr. Themis Papageorge, a veteran senior executive with decades of

experience in technology, planning and process, information assurance,

and system redesign. The program faculty includes active, respected

industry professionals in positions ranging from Director of Technology

to Systems Engineer to Chief Information Security Officer. It is a faculty

invested in their profession and in the success of the students they teach.


CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Discrete Structures> Cyberspace Technology and Applications

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Law and Psychology> White Collar Crime> Terrorism and International Crime> Managing Software Development> Software Vulnerabilities and Security

TECHNICAL OR CONTEXTUAL TRACK COURSES:> Applied Cryptography > Network Security Practices > Information System Forensics > Cyber Law: Privacy, Ethics, and Digital Rights

“The program helped me find a dynamic field that interests me. I wanted to take away hard skills to become a practitioner in information security, and the program prepared me very well. It also has helped me think about technical aspects while keeping in mind that policy and human behavior influence technical solutions.”

—Samuel Jenkins, MS Information Assurance ‘12

Page 22: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies succeed or fail based on their ability to bring quality products

and services to market on time, on budget, and within specifications. As a consequence, the need for knowledgeable

project managers spans every industry—from banking, biotechnology, and construction management to non-profits,

performing arts, and entertainment organizations. The resulting shortage of talent has created expansive career

opportunities as well as rising salaries.

The Program

Northeastern University’s MS in Project Management ALIGN Program provides you with the theoretical concepts and

the practical skills you need to lead complex projects successfully—from initial planning, budgeting, and negotiations

through project oversight and final evaluation.

Northeastern’s program is also accredited by the Project Management Institute, one of less than 50 master’s programs

in the world with that credential. It certifies that our project management curriculum is built upon proven and established

best practices.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to learn to:

> Effectively manage multiple, sometimes interrelated, complex projects

> Implement enterprise-level project portfolio management based upon an organization’s strategic business goals

> Avoid common project management pitfalls

> Develop metrics for determining and reporting project performance



*Concentrations available in Boston and Seattle only**Concentration available in Boston only

Page 23: ALIGN Program Brochure

The Curriculum

Featuring real-world case studies, the MS in Project Management ALIGN

Program presents techniques and tools for managing short- and long-

term projects successfully and cost effectively, including project definition,

cost and risk estimation, schedule planning and monitoring, budget

management, negotiation and conflict resolution, and project presentation

and evaluation. Six discrete curricular concentrations enable you to focus

your knowledge within your field of interest.

The Experience

Students in the MS in Project Management ALIGN Program have the

opportunity to participate in Northeastern University’s signature co-op

program. This respected program enables you to gain invaluable work

experience, to apply classroom concepts, and to earn credit toward your

degree as you build the foundation of your resumé. Beyond graduation,

project management students find employment opportunities in almost

every field of human endeavor: if it’s a temporary endeavor that produces

a unique product, service, or result, then it is a project.

The Faculty

Effective project management requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

In the MS in Project Management ALIGN Program, you’ll learn from

PMP-certified faculty who are industry professionals, scholars, and

mentors dedicated to sharing their wealth of experience, insight, and

project-specific perspectives. Their talents and appreciation for the art of

project management infuse their teachings and provide you with the key

knowledge as well as the communication skills and ethical foundations

you need to excel in the industry. Our full-time faculty members,

Joseph Griffin and Art LaMan, bring a wealth of professional experience

to the program as well as the dedication of professional educators.


CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Foundations of Project Management> Project Management Practices> Capstone Project

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Risk Management> Global Project Management> Portfolio Management in the Enterprise Environment> Project Scheduling and Cost Planning> Negotiation, Mediation, and Facilitation> The Ethical Leader

CONCENTRATIONS INCLUDE:> Construction Management*> Geographic Information Systems*> Information Security Management*> Leadership > Organizational Communication > Leading and Managing Technical Projects**

“ A degree in project management can be universally applied to many different need great project managers, and this program provides you with the tools that you need to be successful.”

—Angela Knox, MS Project Management ‘11

Page 24: ALIGN Program Brochure


The Opportunity

As domestic and international laws and regulations change and evolve, the need for regulatory affairs professionals

who can help companies navigate this ever-changing regulatory environment and bring biomedical products to market

continues to grow. This escalating need makes regulatory affairs one of the most in-demand professions in the

pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Equally as important, through participation in development of

new treatments for debilitating diseases and conditions, it is an attractive career option for individuals looking to make

a real difference in the lives of people around the world.

The Program

Northeastern’s MS in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices ALIGN Program is designed to build

your knowledge of current regulations and their practical applications in the development and commercialization of

drugs, biologics, and medical device products. Through your studies in clinical fields, law, policy, and business, you are

prepared to work within a range of industry roles related to regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, and quality assurance. You

will be ready to take part in strategic planning and participate in marketing and reimbursement activities. Graduates may

also participate in the development of policies and laws within regulatory bodies.

As a student in this program, you have the opportunity to:

> Gain the essential knowledge and skills required to help companies navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment

> Learn the laws and regulations that govern the development, manufacturing, clinical testing, and commercialization of drugs, biologics, and medical devices in the U.S. and around the world

> Analyze how emerging development and trends are reshaping biomedical device regulations



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The Curriculum

The program’s comprehensive and evolving curriculum incorporates

real-world case studies, individual and peer group-based project work,

and classroom presentations. Content spans the complete medical

products lifecycle from R&D and clinical research to regulatory approvals,

manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and post-market surveillance.

Elective courses cover safety and surveillance, business and law,

development and strategy, and international procedures surrounding the

regulations in the life science industry.

The Experience

Students in the MS in Regulatory Affairs ALIGN Program have the

opportunity to participate in Northeastern University’s signature co-op

program. This respected program enables you to gain invaluable work

experience, apply classroom concepts, and earn credit toward your

degree as you build the foundation of your regulatory affairs resumé.

Recent co-op placements have included Takeda Pharmaceutical

Company, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, and Stryker Corporation.

The Faculty

Irina Kulinets, Ph.D., Director of our MS in Regulatory Affairs ALIGN

Program, brings to the program more than 20 years of senior executive

experience in clinical and regulatory affairs within the global medical

device and biotech industries. Dr. Kulinets leads an experienced, talented,

and committed faculty of industry professionals, scholars, and mentors

who provide valuable real-world experience and perspective to the

program curriculum and classroom learning.


CORE COURSES INCLUDE:> Introduction to Drug and Medical Device Regulation > Human Experimentation: Methodological Issues

Fundamental to Clinical Trials> New Drug Development: A Regulatory Overview> Biologics Development: A Regulatory Overview> Food, Drug, and Medical Device Law> Medical Device Development: A Regulatory Overview

SAMPLE ELECTIVES INCLUDE:> Clinical Trial Design Optimization and

Problem Solving> Global Awareness: Emerging Medical Device Markets> Understanding the Healthcare Landscape> Regulatory Writing: New Drug Applications> Managing International Clinical Trials> Combination Products: A Regulatory Overview> Regulation of Generic Pharmaceutical and

Biosimilar Products> Global Biotechnology Product Registration

“ With increasing globalization and ever-changing regulations, it’s a huge task for regulatory departments to stay abreast of country-specific requirements. You need a high level of expertise to manage the regulatory pathways. I’m now in a position to choose what I really want to do.”

—Avanti Sawant, MS Regulatory Affairs ‘14

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Industry Focused, Globally Respected, Regionally Connected

Three Outstanding Cities

Northeastern University thrives because of its industry-specific instruction and its commitment to serving the local community

with degree programs in areas of critical need.

This model and commitment, born on our university’s main campus in Boston, led Northeastern to develop modern, regional

campuses—platforms for graduate programs tailored to local industry. Each of our three campuses—in Boston, Charlotte,

and Seattle—is an innovative hub for rising professionals, and each is connected to Northeastern’s global network.

Northeastern’s ALIGN Programs are offered in these three vibrant, pioneering cities that boast strong employment growth in

high-demand industries, employer partners, exceptional resources, and co-op opportunities that are perfectly aligned with our

degree offerings.

One Innovative University

No matter which of our three campuses you choose, Northeastern University delivers rigorous academics, experiential learning

opportunities, an innovative faculty of prestigious scholars and respected industry professionals, and extensive resources and

services that you only find at a top-50 research university. Our supportive global network can help you open the right doors

throughout your career. Each of our campuses offers degrees that speak to industry needs, and each features unique employer

partnerships that fulfill the goals of our students as well as the region’s employment demands. It’s a powerful combination

delivering an unparalleled educational experience and a solid foundation for success.

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The Campus

Northeastern’s vibrant campus is one of a kind—a sanctuary of lush green spaces and tree-lined

pathways located right in the heart of Boston. With the city as our backyard, the university and our

students are an integral part of the local community, a connection that makes life on campus active,

creative, collaborative, and always interesting.

The Boston campus boasts some of the most advanced research laboratories and institutes in the

area along with high-tech classrooms, abundant student workstations, and live network access points

all across campus. Northeastern’s Snell Library provides award-winning research and instructional

services, and its websites serve users around the world, including students at our graduate campuses

in Seattle and Charlotte.

Information Technology Services provides central technology support. A Writing Center helps students

become better writers through in-person or virtual sessions. Additionally, the university’s Department

of Career Services offers lifetime career services to all alumni, helping to keep you Networked for Life.

The City

Boston is the economic and cultural hub of New England. Home to the world-renowned Boston

Symphony Orchestra and the world-champion Boston Red Sox, Boston is a city that is focused on

the future while staying true to its history. A thriving center of commerce and finance, it is also an

incubator for thought-leaders in many fields. Plus when it comes to breakthroughs in biotechnology

and medicine, the world looks to Boston.

Boston is also one of America’s oldest and most-beloved cities—an exciting urban environment with

a “walkable” town feel. Boston has done well to preserve its rich history and heritage while serving

as a modern cultural and educational center. Whether your interest is history, architecture, books, art,

the outdoors, dining, shopping, music, or anything else, you will enjoy the city’s and the region’s many

unique and interesting places to explore.

The Professional Environment

Northeastern’s long history and expansive local, regional, and global network of employer partners

offers students exceptional co-op and career opportunities. In particular, Boston is recognized for

the number and stature of organizations within the life sciences, financial services, informational

technology, defense, performing arts, and energy industries.


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The Campus

Northeastern University’s Charlotte Graduate Campus is located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte,

a global hub for banking, education, energy, and healthcare. Its proximity to these industries is a

direct reflection of the close connection that faculty and students foster with business in the region

and throughout the world.

Our state-of-the-art, 14,000-square-foot campus offers students high-tech classrooms, numerous

resource and lounge areas for study or team project meetings, and all the technology and support

necessary to facilitate your studies, from logging on to courses and posting assignments, to

connecting with the full resources of the university. The dedicated staff and faculty are always

available to collaborate to help meet your educational goals. The campus also serves as a direct

connection between our main campus in Boston and our extended global network of alumni and

employer partners.

The City

Charlotte, the 17th largest city in the U.S., consistently enjoys high ratings in surveys of the country’s

“best” categories. Most notably, it’s been ranked the second best place to move in the U.S. One of

the top 10 safest cities in the nation, Charlotte also recently ranked fourth in the nation for hiring and

among the top 20 “Best Places for Business and Careers.” The city has a high quality of life, low cost

of living, a well-educated population, and an abundance of resources including numerous cultural and

recreational venues and activities. A short drive east brings you to the ocean, and a short trip west to

the mountains. No matter the season, Charlotte’s convenient geographical location means residents

are never far from something exciting to do.

The Professional Environment

As the second largest banking center in the U.S. after New York City, Charlotte is a hub of the financial

services industry. It is also at the heart of some of America’s thriving industries, including healthcare,

energy, technology, and tourism. Charlotte is very young in terms of demographics—

60 percent of the population is under the age of 40, and the city consistently attracts an influx of

young professionals. It’s the perfect environment for Northeastern to leverage its long-standing

educational and corporate network to benefit our students and businesses throughout the region.


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SEATTLE The Campus

Northeastern University’s Seattle Graduate Campus is proud to be a part of the South Lake Union

neighborhood. An epicenter for innovation and discovery, South Lake Union is home to a wide variety

of companies and institutions that share in the university’s vision of a world where cutting edge

thought-leaders come together to inspire, create, and execute new technologies and, most of all,

to learn.

Our beautiful, state-of-the-art campus is located in a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental

Design) Platinum-certified building, the highest level of this certification and a reflection of the

university’s long-standing commitment to sustainability.

The Seattle team of faculty and staff—many with strong civic and corporate ties to the local

community—are on-hand to help you meet your educational goals. They also serve as a direct

connection between the main campus in Boston and Northeastern’s extended global network. The

Seattle staff includes an on-campus academic support specialist to help you with course planning

and a dedicated co-op resource whose sole mission is to assure that your co-op opportunities meet

your academic, personal, and career goals. Plus, of course, the full wealth of resources and services

Northeastern University offers is accessible to you as a student at our Seattle campus.

The City

Seattle is an exciting, youthful city that draws talented students and professionals from around the

globe to meet its expanding demand in the technology, progressive health, life sciences, and energy

sectors. It boasts a well-educated and diverse workforce, lively city life, a thriving music scene, and

stunning scenery—all contributing to its rank as Businessweek’s #2 “best city” to live in anywhere

in the U.S.

The Professional Environment

Seattle is a city synonymous with software development, Internet titans, information technology, and

biotechnology. As a top-tier non-profit research university, particularly in drug discovery, cybersecurity,

global health, and energy storage and conversion, Northeastern University offers the venue and the

extensive corporate and institutional relationships that will allow you to bring ideas to life.

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YOUR NEXT STEP TOWARD SUCCESSProfessionals with advanced degrees will remain central to our nation’s and the world’s economic vitality well into the future,

contributing to innovation, technological growth, and economic development. If you’ve made the decision to pursue a career

in one of these challenging and rewarding fields, take the next important steps toward making that a reality.

Visit, where you will:

> Learn more about each of the ALIGN programs available to you

> View specific admissions requirements for each ALIGN degree program

> Find links to request more information and/or request to speak with an ALIGN admissions representative

Apply to the ALIGN program of your choice using the link provided on the ALIGN website.> Remember, space is limited so be sure to submit your application early

Identify your campus location preference.

Northeastern University’s ALIGN master’s programs are offered at each of our three campus locations in Boston, MA;

Seattle, WA; and Charlotte, NC (with the exception of Bioinformatics, only available in Boston and Seattle).

On your application, you will be asked to indicate your first and second campus location preference.

If your primary campus preference is not available, you may be offered admission to your second campus selection.

Contact us to learn more:> Tweet us your questions @nualign

> Attend an Info Session or Webinar

> Email us at [email protected]





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