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<ol><li> 1. All about the Cookie Diet - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar Out of all the diet plans, the cookie diet is probably (and obviously!) the most appetizing. Everyone loves a good, wholesome, freshly baked cookie; just the thought of one conjures an image of warmth. However, tradition says that something that seems too good to be true, most often isnt true. So what are the facts behind this delicious-sounding diet? Lets find out. Products such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar are an example of cookie diet. History of the Cookie Diet The cookie diet was formulated in 1975 by Sanford Siegal, a Florida-based weight loss doctor. While going through a diet book, he developed a proportionate mixture of amino acids that could help control appetite. He baked the recipe into a cookie, giving birth to the now-called cookie diet. Sanford managed to sell a couple of weight-loss clinic franchises based on the diet, but somewhere along the way a split occurred and the doctor is no longer associated with the existing franchises. How to go about the Diet So this is how it works: you must eat six cookies during the day, one every two hours, to completely suppress your hunger. This equals to about 500 calories. Then, before calling it a day, you should have a 300 calorie meal. From a purely caloric point of view, almost any adult with an 800 calorie per day consumption will be able to lose weight. Weakness of the Diet As with every dietary regime, there are certain areas where the cookie diet lacks in effectiveness. These are as follows: </li><li> 2. Many nutritionists, along with the American Medical Association advise against adopting any dietary regime with a caloric intake of below 1200 without proper medical consent. Repeatedly eating the same cookies day after day can lead to boredom and a sense of giving up. The restriction to only eating cookies limited in complete supply of nutrients could lead to various deficiencies. The taste of the cookies may not settle well with everyone. Strengths of the Diet Nevertheless, the cookie diet does have its strong points. These include the following: Its simple! There are no complex rules or methodologies for dietary preparation, etc. Managing to eat according to the diet-plan has shown positive results in most adults. In the last 10 years, many programs have improvised the diet, adding components such as shakes and soups to it as well. The cookie diet isnt some random chocolate chip cookie nutrition regime its a short-term eating pattern that can help you lose and manage weight loss by improving your eating habits. public/ </li></ol>