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  1. 1. Allahabad RailwayStation Advertising(+91)
  2. 2. About Allahabad Railway StationAdvertising Railway Advertising thrives in Allahabad as trains are a primarymeans of long distance transport for the masses and have very highpenetration, especially in tier I & tier II cities. Due to this, they are a lucrative medium for branding andadvertising catering to a bevy of products. Allahabad Railway Station Advertising offers various media optionssuch as ticket advertising, chart advertising, OOH screens & ticketenvelopes.
  3. 3. Advantages of Allahabad RailwayStation AdvertisingAdvantages of Allahabad Railway Advertising are: Offers high geographical reach Offers high dwell time Cost effective medium High footfall in railway stations Offers various media options
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  5. 5. Pricing for Allahabad RailwayStation AdvertisingMedia Number of Units **Price/Month DimensionsNon lit Board at civillines side1 Rs. 7,875 15(W) x 3(H)Non lit Board at exitto city side1 Rs. 31,500 60(W) x 3(H)Non lit Board at cityside2 Rs. 10,500 20(W) x 3(H)Non lit Board at cityside1 Rs. 17,325 33(W) x 3(H)**The rates mentioned above are negotiable. Call us for best ad rates for Allahabad RailwayStation Advertising.
  6. 6. Advertise NowTo know more & obtain pricing details please visit or call (+91) 96-86-595443 forimmediate assistance.(+91)


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