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  • Alphabetical Listing of ATC drugs & codes.

    Introduction This file is an alphabetical listing of ATC codes as supplied to us in November 1999. It is supplied free as a service to those who care about good medicine use by mSupply support.

    To get an overview of the ATC system, use the “ATC categories.pdf” document also alvailable from

    Thanks to the WHO collaborating centre for Drug Statistics & Methodology, Norway, for supplying the raw data.

    I have intentionally supplied these files as PDFs so that they are not quite so easily manipulated and redistributed. I am told there is no copyright on the files, but it still seems polite to ask before using other people’s work, so please contact for permission before asking us for text files.

    mSupply support also distributes mSupply software for inventory control, which has an inbuilt system for reporting on medicine usage using the ATC system You can download a full working version from

    Craig Drown, mSupply Support

    April 2000

    A (2-benzhydryloxyethyl)diethyl-methylammonium iodide A03AB16 0.3 g O 2-(4-chlorphenoxy)-ethanol D01AE06 4-dimethylaminophenol V03AB27 Abciximab B01AC13 25 mg P Absorbable gelatin sponge B02BC01 Acadesine C01EB13 Acamprosate V03AA03 2 g O Acarbose A10BF01 0.3 g O Acebutolol C07AB04 0.4 g O,P Acebutolol and thiazides C07BB04 Aceclidine S01EB08 Aceclidine, combinations S01EB58 Aceclofenac M01AB16 0.2 g O Acefylline piperazine R03DA09 Acemetacin M01AB11 Acenocoumarol B01AA07 5 mg O Acepromazine N05AA04 0.1 g O Acepromazine N05AA04 50 mg P Acetarsol A07AX02 Acetarsol G01AB01 0.5 g V Acetarsol P01CD02 Acetazolamide S01EC01 0.75 g O,P Acetic acid G01AD02 Acetic acid S02AA10 Acetohexamide A10BB31 0.5 g O Acetohydroxamic acid G04BX03 0.75 g O Acetophenazine N05AB07 50 mg O Acetorphan A07XA04 Acetoxolone A02BX09 Acetphenolisatin A06AB01 10 mg O Acetrizoic acid V08AA07


    Acetylcarnitine N06BX12

  • Acetylcholine S01EB09 Acetylcysteine R05CB01 0.5 g O Acetylcysteine R05CB01 1.6 g Inhal.solution Acetylcysteine S01XA08 Acetylcysteine V03AB23 Acetyldigitoxin C01AA01 0.2 mg O Acetyldigoxin C01AA02 0.5 mg O Acetylglycinamide chloral hydrate N05CC03 1.7 g O Acetylleucine N07CA04 Acetylsalicylic acid A01AD05 Acetylsalicylic acid B01AC06 1 tablet# Acetylsalicylic acid N02BA01 3 g O,R Acetylsalicylic acid N02BA01 1 g P Acetylsalicylic acid and corticosteroids M01BA03 Acetylsalicylic acid, comb. excl. psycholeptics N02BA51 Acetylsalicylic acid, comb. with psycholeptics N02BA71 Aciclovir D06BB03 Aciclovir J05AB01 4 g O,P Aciclovir S01AD03 Acipimox C10AD06 0.5 g O Acitretin D05BB02 35 mg O Aclarubicin L01DB04 Acriflavinium chloride R02AA13 Acrivastine R06AX18 24 mg O Adapalene D10AD03 Ademetionine A16AA02 Adenosine C01EB10 15 mg P Adinazolam N05BA07 Adipiodone V08AC04 Adrafinil N06BX17 Adrenalone A01AD06 Adrenalone B02BC05 Adrenergic & dopaminergic agents - combinations C01CA30 Ajmaline C01BA05 0.3 g O Alanyl glutamine B05XB02 Alaproclate N06AB07 Albendazole P02CA03 0.4 g O Albumin B05AA01 Albumin tannate A07XA01 3 g O Albumin tannate, combinations A07XA51 Alclofenac M01AB06 1.25 g O,R Alclometasone D07AB10 Alclometasone S01BA10 Alcuronium M03AA01 Aldesleukin L03AC01 Aldesulfone sodium J04BA03 0.33 g O Aldosterone H02AA01 Alendronic acid M05BA04 10 mg O Alfa1 antitrypsin B02AB02 Alfacalcidol A11CC03 1 mcg O,P Alfaxalone N01AX05 Alfentanil N01AH02 Alfuzosin G04CA01 7.5 mg O Algeldrate A02AB02 5 g O Alginic acid A02EA01 Alglucerase A16AB01 Alimemazine R06AD01 30 mg O,P Alizapride A03FA05 0.15 g O,P Allobarbital N05CA21 Allopurinol M04AA01 0.4 g O,P Allopurinol, combinations M04AA51


    Allylestrenol G03DC01 10 mg O

  • Almagate A02AD03 Almasilate A02AD05 Alminoprofen M01AE16 Almitrine R07AB07 0.1 g O Aloglutamol A02AB06 Aloxiprin B01AC15 Aloxiprin N02BA02 3 g O Alprazolam N05BA12 1 mg O Alprenolol C07AA01 0.4 g O,P Alprostadil C01EA01 Alprostadil G04BE01 20 mcg P Alsactide V04CH04 Alteplase B01AD02 0.1 g P Alteplase S01XA13 Althea root R05CA05 1.6 g O Altizide and potassium-sparing agents C03EA04 Altretamine L01XX03 Alum S01XA07 Aluminium acetoacetate A02AB05 Aluminium acetotartrate C05AX01 Aluminium acetotartrate S02AA04 Aluminium chloride D10AX01 Aluminium chlorohydrate D09AA08 Aluminium chlorohydrate M05BX02 Aluminium clofibrate C10AB03 Aluminium compounds, combinations A02AB10 Aluminium glycinate A02AB07 Aluminium hydroxide A02AB01 Aluminium nicotinate C10AD04 Aluminium oxide D10AX04 Aluminium phosphate A02AB03 Alverine A03AX08 Alverine, combinations A03AX58 Amantadine N04BB01 0.2 g O Ambazone R02AA01 40 mg O Ambenonium N07AA30 60 mg O Ambroxol R05CB06 Ambutonium and psycholeptics A03CA07 Amcinonide D07AC11 Amfebutamone N06AX12 Amfepramone A08AA03 75 mg O Amfetamine N06BA01 15 mg O,P Amide anaesthetics, local, combinations N01BB20 Amifostine V03AF05 1.7 g P Amikacin D06AX12 Amikacin J01GB06 1 g P Amikacin S01AA21 Amiloride C03DB01 10 mg O Amineptine N06AA19 Amino acids B05BA01 Amino(diphenylhydantoin) valeric acid N03AB03 0.3 g O Aminoacridine D08AA02 Aminobenzoic acid D02BA01 Aminobutyric acid N03AG03 1 g O,P Aminocaproic acid B02AA01 16 g O,P Aminogluthetimide L02BG01 1 g O Aminohippuric acid V04CH30 Aminomethylbenzoic acid B02AA03 0.25 g O Aminophenazone N02BB03 0.5 g R Aminophenazone, combinations excl. psycholeptics N02BB53 Aminophenazone, combinations with psycholeptics N02BB73


    Aminophylline R03DA05 0.6 g O,P,R

  • Aminophylline and adrenergics R03DB05 Aminophylline, combinations R03DA55 Aminosalicylic acid J04AA01 12 g O Amiodarone C01BD01 0.2 g O,P Amisulpride N05AL05 Amitriptyline N06AA09 75 mg O,P Amitriptyline and psycholeptics N06CA01 Amlexanox R03DX01 Amlodipine C08CA01 5 mg O Ammonium chloride B05XA04 Ammonium chloride G04BA01 8.5 g O Amobarbital N05CA02 0.1 g O,P Amodiaquine P01BA06 Amorolfine D01AE16 Amoxapine N06AA17 0.15 g O Amoxicillin J01CA04 1 g O,P Amoxicillin and enzyme inhibitor J01CR02 1 g O Amphotericin A01AB04 40 mg O Amphotericin A07AA07 0.4 g O Amphotericin G01AA03 0.2 g V Amphotericin J02AA01 35 mg P Ampicillin J01CA01 2 g O,P,R Ampicillin S01AA19 Ampicillin and enzyme inhibitor J01CR01 2 g P Ampicillin, combinations J01CA51 Amrinone C01CE01 0.5 g P Amsacrine L01XX01 Amyl nitrite V03AB22 Anagrelide B01AC14 Anastrozole L02BG03 1 mg O Ancestim L03AA12 Androstanolone A14AA01 Anesthetic ether (diethyl ether) N01AA01 Anethole trithione A16AX02 Angiotensinamide C01CX06 5 mg P Anileridine N01AH05 Animals V01AA11 Aniracetam N06BX11 Anistreplase B01AD03 30 U P Antazoline R01AC04 Antazoline R06AX05 0.3 g O,P Anthrax antigen J07AC01 Anti-D (rh) immunoglobulin J06BB01 Antibiotics in combination with other drugs S01AA20 Antifungals, dermatological, combinations D01AA20 Antiinfectives, combinations S02AA30 Antiinfectives, combinations S03AA30 Antilymphocyte immunoglobulin (horse) L04AA03 Antimony pentasulfide R05CA07 0.2 g O Antithrombin III B01AB02 2.1 TU P Antithymocyte immunoglobulin (rabbit) L04AA04 Apomorphine N04BC07 Apraclonidine S01EA03 Aprindine C01BB04 0.1 g O,P Aprobarbital N05CA05 0.1 g O,P Apronal N05CM12 0.25 g O Aprotinin B02AB01 500 TU P Arbutamine C01CA22 Arginine glutamate A05BA01 Arginine hydrochloride B05XB01 Argipressin H01BA06


    Arsthinol P01AR01

  • Articaine N01BB08 Articaine, combinations N01BB58 Artificial tears and other indifferent preparations S01XA20 Ascorbic acid (vit C) A11GA01 0.2 g O,P Ascorbic acid (vit C) and calcium A11GB01 Asparaginase L01XX02 Astemizole R06AX11 10 mg O Atenolol C07AB03 75 mg O,P Atenolol and other antihypertensives C07FB03 Atenolol and other diuretics C07CB03 Atenolol and other diuretics, combinations C07CB53 Atenolol and thiazides C07BB03 Atenolol, thiazides and other diuretics C07DB01 Atorvastatin C10AA05 10 mg O Atovaquone P01AX06 2.25 g O Atracurium M03AC04 Atropine A03BA01 1.5 mg O,P Atropine S01FA01 Atropine and psycholeptics A03CB03 Attapulgite A07BC04 Attapulgite, combinations A07BC54 Auranofin M01CB03 6 mg O Aurothioglucose M01CB04 2.4 mg P Aurotioprol M01CB05 Azanidazole G01AF13 Azanidazole P01AB04 Azapetine C04AX30 0.15 g O Azapropazone M01AX04 0.75 g O Azatadine R06AX09 2 mg O Azathioprine L04AX01 0.15 g O,P Azelaic acid D10AX03 Azelastine R01AC03 0.56 mg N Azelastine R06AX19 4 mg O Azidamfenicol S01AA25 Azidocillin J01CE04 1.5 g O Azithromycin J01FA10 0.3 g O Azlocillin J01CA09 12 g P Aztreonam J01DF01 4 g P

    B Bacampicillin J01CA06 1.2 g O Bacitracin D06AX05 Bacitracin R02AB04 Baclofen M03BX01 50 mg O Balsalazide A07EC04 Bambuterol R03CC12 20 mg O Bamethan C04AA31 75 mg O Bamifylline R03DA08 Bamipine D04AA15 Bamipine R06AX01 0.1 g O Barbexaclone N03AA04 Barbital N05CA04 0.5 g O Barbiturates in combination with other drugs N05CB02 Barium sulfate with suspending agents V08BA01 Barium sulfate without suspending agents V08BA02 Barnidipine C08CA12 Batroxobin B02BX03 BCG vaccine L03AX03 Beclamide N03AX30 Beclometasone A07EA07


    Beclometasone D07AC15

  • Beclometasone R01AD01 0.4 mg N Beclometasone R03BA01 0.8 mg Inhal.aerosol/powder Beclometasone R03BA01 1.5 mg Inhal.solution Beclometasone and antibiotics D07CC04 Befunolol S01ED06 0.2 ml Belladonna total alkaloids A03BA04 1 mg O Belladonna total alkaloids and psycholeptics A03CB02 Bemegride R07AB05 Benazepril C09AA07 7.5 mg O Benazepril and diuretics C09BA07 Bencyclane C04AX11 Bendazac M02AA11 Bendazac S01BC07 Bendroflumethiazide C03AA01 2.5 mg O Bendroflumethiazide and potassium C03AB01 2.5 mg O Bendroflumethiazide and potassium-sparing agents C03EA13 Benfluorex C10AX04 Benorilate N02BA10 3 g O Benoxaprofen M01AE06 Benperidol N05AD07 1.5 mg O Benproperine R05DB02 75 mg O Bentiromide V04CK03 Benzalkonium D08AJ01 Benzalkonium D09AA11 Benzalkonium R02

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