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Programming Languages

Google DeepMind - AlphaGo

What is AlphaGo?A computer program developed by Google DeepMind that plays the board game Go

The most significant aspect of all thisis that AlphaGo isnt just an expert system, built with handcrafted rules. Instead, it uses general machine-learning techniques how to win at Go.

Technology Behind AlphaGoAdvanced Tree Search

Deep Neural Networks Policy NetworkValue Network

Reinforcement Learning

Google Cloud Platform

Advancements in AI DeepMinds techniques point the way to a future where real-world robots can learn to perform physical tasks and respond to their environment. Its a natural fit for robotics.

AI Capabilities Advising and Working Alongside Humans


Program ApplicationsVirtual Assistants

Medical Diagnostics

Climate Modeling

Data Analytics

Problem Solving

The implications of Googles achievement stretch beyond the realm of games. Neural networks can be used in all sorts of settings that demand the human-like capacity to evaluate various strategies under conditions of uncertainty. 6

Discussion QuestionsWhat other applications can you think of for this technology?

How is this relevant to us as IS developers?