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<ul><li> 1. Alternative Cookingby Eric &amp; Anna Scott</li></ul> <p> 2. Warming the stones on a gas grill 3. Pressure Cooker for hot rock experiment 4. Lined the bottom of pressure cooker withheated rocks 5. Foil wrapped pork chops on top of rocks 6. More hot rocks on top of wrapped porkchops 7. Seal pressure cooker and wait one hour 8. Almost!! Chops needed 10 minutes tocomplete 9. Prepping the veggies for radiant heatcooking 10. Grill heated for 15 minutes, left in closed hotgrill for 20 additional minutes = baked veggies 11. Radiant heat iced tea reduces brewingtime 12. One hour later 13. Sun Oven!! 14. Solar preheat ~ 300 degrees in 15 minutes 15. Chicken before 16. Chicken after 2 hours in oven 17. Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! 18. The best recipe so far 19. Veggie soup in sun oven 3 hours 20. Solar Oven tea brewing ~ 30 minutes</p>