alternatives to institutional care – community based services in bulgaria

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Alternatives to Institutional Care – Community based services in Bulgaria. AUTHOR : George Bogdanov Institution:  Social activities and Practises Institute (SAPI)                              Email : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • AUTHOR : George BogdanovInstitution: Social activities and Practises Institute (SAPI) Email: sapi@abv.bgAlternatives to Institutional Care Community based services in Bulgaria

  • The specialized institutions for children are almost the only possibility used for social support and care.

    The practice continues for the clients in the specialized institutions to be looked upon more as an object of impact, rather than as a subject of interaction.

    The reform regarding the existing services in the specialized institutions is entirely left in the hands of the directors and the staff in them. Practices in the specialized institutions

  • Understanding social services

    The undeveloped market for social services to a great extend is due to a lack of knowledge of the essence of the social service

    The limited expertise of the local institutions results in controversial interpretations of social services.

    There are no professional forums and discussions to build the understanding for the differences between care and services, servicing and taking care.

  • Practices in community services

    The community social services for children are sporadic. They are provided on the basis of the personal initiative of individual providers or are driven by donor projects.

    The community social services for street children, children dropping out from the school system, the work in the Roma neighborhoods, the work with drug addicted children, the prevention of drug addiction, etc. are not fully developed in the regulatory framework.

    A significant factor for the domination of institutional care over social services is the ensured financing for the institutions to differentiate from community services.

  • Roles of the state and the municipalities in managing social servicesThe experience of the municipalities in managing social services is limited. This, however, does not mean that they lack the capacity to hold tenders for their provision. The municipalities are in a position of conflict of interest ensuing from the right they were given to develop social services. The right of the municipalities to provide social services makes them privileged providers, which limits the access to the market of the rest of the interested parties. The high expectations for the NGOs and the municipalities to play a key role in the formation of a market for social services may prove unrealistic, if their capacity does not grow.

  • Provision of social services for children and families at the municipality of ShoumenChild Welfare project in Bulgaria is developed by the World bank and Bulgarian Government aimed to develop alternative social services in 10 municipalities in Bulgaria. One of them is in municipality of Shoumen.SAPI was selected as a services provider in ShoumenThe municipality of Shoumen comprises 26 centres of population, with a total population of 103 142 The child population of the municipality is 21692 Ethnic groups living in the country, namely of Bulgarian, Romany, Turkish There are six institutions for raising and bringing up children on the territory of the municipality

  • The project aim is

    Development of sustainable community-based social services, for children and families on the territory of the Shoumen municipality

  • The Complex for Social Services implements activities in three main sectors Sector Family Support;Sector Child support and services Sector Community work. These sectors cover the activities in the following directions: prevention, reintegration and direct work with the clients, community-based services, as well as empowering and mobilising the local community in provision of services for children and families.

  • Activities and services, provided by the Social Services Complex (SSC) in town of Shoumen

    Family Services and Support sectorFamily counsellingGroups for self-help of pregnant women and girlsInter-agency mediation Mother and Baby Unit provision of shelter, counselling, mediation between the institutionsFamily group conferenceTraining, counselling and group work with applicant foster families and adopters;Support to parents victims of abuseWork with families whose children are at institutions reintegration

  • Community Work sectorPublic campaigns for foster families and adopters; campaigns against violence, substance abuse and smoking; campaigns for enhancing the public sensitivity towards the problems of childrenBuilding and operation or a network of pedagogical advisors, teachers and educators for prevention of school drop-outMobile social workWork with volunteers (campaigns, recruitment, allocation of tasks and responsibilities)Public discussions with representatives of the professional circles working with childrenHot telephone line

  • Crisis admission for childrenIntervention and individual work with children victims of abuseWork with institutionalized children for reintegration into family environmentTraining and preparation of children leaving institutions for independent lifeSheltered house for children who have left institutionsCounselling of children with deviant behaviourDay centre at the CSC for street children and drop-out childrenOrganizing extra-curricular forms of support and occupations for childrenSchool support to children on specific subjects Child Services and Support Sector

  • Selection and management of the staff The selection of the local teams and to the staff management at the SSC is based on the motivation and career development theory. Testing period: applicants was employed on a civil- basis for three months contract. During this period will be delivered the basic training and the core trainingsTemporary employment contract until the end of the project July 2006Career growth and development: At this highest level of development, the specialists who have displayed outstanding working relationships will undergo specialized training and counselling to develop skills and competencies for internal supervision and counselling on cases.

  • The team and picture of Shoumen

  • Buildings

    TownsVillagesShare of some expenses in the structure of the total household expenses (%), 2002 Food and non-alcoholic drinksClothing and shoesHousing expenses & utilities (water, electricityand fuel for domestic consumption)HealthLeisure, entertainment, culture,recreation and educationSubsistence farming50403020100

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