always swim with a buddy! lesson #1. always swim with a buddy! don’t go in the water alone, no...

Download Always swim with a Buddy! Lesson #1. Always swim with a buddy! Don’t go in the water alone, no matter how old you are or how well you can swim!

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Always swim with a Buddy! Lesson #1 Slide 2 Always swim with a buddy! Dont go in the water alone, no matter how old you are or how well you can swim! Slide 3 Play and swim at pools and waterfronts supervised by lifeguards. Slide 4 If you see someone in trouble, call 911! Who can call? You Your buddy A friend A parent Another adult Lifeguard Slide 5 Being safe in a boat! Everyone in the boat MUST wear a lifejacket that fits correctly! Check the weather before boating. Always tell somewhere where you plan to go boating. Do not stand up in a boat, especially when it is moving! Slide 6 Who is the Lifesaving Societys mascot? Buddy the Lifeguard Dog You can tell that Buddy is a Lifeguard Dog because he wears a lifeguard uniform of course! Slide 7 Water safety at home! Always drain the bathtub or small pools when not in use. They can be dangerous if someone slips and falls into one! Slide 8 Slide 9 Check the Ice! Lesson #2 Slide 10 No ice is without some risk! Always have an adult check how thick the ice is BEFORE you go onto it! Measure clear, hard ice in several places to be sure it is thick enough! Slide 11 Slushy or dark ice is unsafe! Ice should be at least 10 cm (4 inches) thick before you walk or play on it! Slide 12 Do not go onto slushy or recently refrozen ice! Sudden temperature changes will cause even clear hard ice to start thawing. Stay away from ice that is recently refrozen, or is near moving water such as rivers and currents. Slide 13 Avoid going on ice at night! Stay away from ice you dont know. Do not go on the ice at night you will not be able to see weak or thin spots! Slide 14 Wear a special thermal flotation suit, or a lifejacket with your snowmobile suit! Wearing the proper clothes can increase your chances of survival if you do fall through the ice. Slide 15 What do you do if you fall through the ice? Read the story Dont Break the Ice! to learn how to help someone who falls through the ice. Slide 16 Wear a lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Lesson #3 Slide 17 Slide 18 A lifejacket or PFD helps keep a person in the water at the surface. PFD Lifejacket Slide 19 A lifejacket is like a seatbelt! It should be worn to protect yourself if you unexpectedly fall overboard. Slide 20 A lifejacket is more buoyant than a PFD! Lifejackets MUST turn an unconscious person face up PDFs DO NOT have to do this! Slide 21 It is the law for every person in a boat to have a lifejacket or PFD that fits them! Slide 22 Everybody should wear a PFD or lifejacket! Everybody!!! If a boat tips over, you wont have time to put your lifejacket or PFD on! Slide 23 Non- swimmers or poor swimmers should always wear a lifejacket or PFD in the water! Slide 24


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