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  1. 1. Amazing App Stories from Customer Trailblazers
  2. 2. GIVE Volunteers Increases Lead Response withSMS-Magic Challenge: Inability to effectively engage with leads. Many unanswered calls. Multiple email bounces. Low sales conversions. "Focus on customer service, projects and volunteers instead of communication difficulties." Katence Olson Co-Founder & COO, GIVE Volunteers 60% 30 75Decrease in email bouncesIncrease inresponse rate % Increase inconversions CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: GIVE Volunteers Lead Response SMS-Magic APP: %
  3. 3. Datadog Streamlines Lead Routing Process with LeanData Needed to scale rapidly. Inaccurate lead distribution process. Lack of effective, timely follow up. Hacer Demiroers Director of Sales Operations, DatadogAnnual revenue doubled "We're selling to a whole company...I wanted a way to accurately reflect what a sales rep was doing." 2x 5,000 Leads routed per monthEach week Sales Increase 10 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: Datadog Lead Routing LeanData APP: Hours saved
  4. 4. MercerAdvisors Manages Client Experiences and Gains Efficiencies with TaskRay Lack of standardization. Inconsistent delivery of new client experience. Customer retention issues. Multi-step complex processes. Shala Schultz Senior Operations Manager Mercer Advisors 50 20 Step process streamlined "Work to integrate as much as possible into Salesforce in order to use the data to its full potential." % 0Projects fall through the cracks In client retention CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: MercerAdvisors Project Management TaskRay APP: Increase
  5. 5. YPProtects Data of 20 Million+ Business Accounts with OwnBackup Massive data. Long data backup process. Complex datasets. Lack of proactive notifications. Difficult to compare and find missing data. Alex Tiplitsky VP of Technology Operations YP, The Real Yellow Pages 90 100Indata backup and recovery "Be committed to proactively protecting the data in each and every one of your accounts." % 20,000,000+ Business accounts backed upIn databackuptime % CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: YP, The Real Yellow Pages Data Management OwnBackup APP: Reduction Peace of mind
  6. 6. Paycor Modernizes Sales Management by Driving High-Value Activities with LevelEleven High-velocity team needed real-time sales management software. Cant rely on dashboards and reports to drive growth. Janet Jansen Director, High Velocity Sales Paycor 50 In key account meetings Decrease "Course-correct in real time. This takes the noise out, so my reps can focus on the critical things that will move the sales needle." % 55 1 Tool to manage sales team In on-boarding time Increase % CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: Paycor Sales Management LevelEleven APP:
  7. 7. Increases Efficiency with Intacct's Cloud ERP Software Struggles with revenue recognition for corporate grants. Financial system not integrated with Salesforce. No visibility into grants received by partner team. Taylor Chang VP OF FINANCE, DONORSCHOOSE.ORG 50 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: DONORSCHOOSE.ORG LOW EFFICIENCY INTACCT APP: finance team efficiency shorter close rate "Invest time and resources integrating your systems. This will ensure everyone is working with the same information when making decisions." % 20 per month on revenue recognition, reporting, and accounts payable 50HOURS SAVED % INCREASE
  8. 8. Xirrus Implements CallidusCloud CPQ to Handle Complex Product Bundling Quotes on spreadsheets. No way to automatically select product SKUs. Complex product offerings. Manual data entry and calculations. Rick Austinson DIRECTOR, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY XIRRUS 90 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: XIRRUS PRODUCT BUNDLING CALLIDUSCLOUD APP: All in Salesforce ATTACHMENT RATE AUTOMATED SOLUTION "In order for a CPQ solution to be successful, it needs to be maintainable by all, including those who manage their own content." % 1 Partners using CPQ 7KUSERS Sales reps adopt CPQ
  9. 9. Box Scales Customer Operations & Manages Retention with Gainsight Lack of scalable customer processes. Needed to track and forecast retention. Looking for a market-leader instead of building internally. Reviewing accounts Identifying at-risk customers 20 Jon Herstein SVP, CUSTOMER SUCCESS BOX "Start with a solid foundation for Customer Success and then overlay best practices and thought leadership to achieve your business objectives." 50 HOURS SAVED PER WEEK CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: BOX CUSTOMER OPERATIONS & RETENTION GAINSIGHT APP: Automating customer processes % TIME SAVED 20INCREASE IN VISIBILITY %
  10. 10. O2 Transforms its Business using CPQ Software from CloudSense Transform into a digital business. Become a B2B IT services player. Need to evolve from just selling traditional handsets and mobile phone plans. Brendan O'Rourke CIO, O2 8 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: O2 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION CLOUDSENSE APP: Individualized pricing and packages GROWTH CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE To bring a vision to life, have confidence in the technology. Be confident that it has the capability and flexibility to deliver your digital vision. % Digital attachment rates 1 LARGEST OFFICE365 RESELLER IN THE UK
  11. 11. Solomon Edwards Hires Jobscience to Create a Better Applicant Tracking System Big merger resulted in a new applicant tracking system. Sought a highly configurable and nimble solution. Jamie Bartlett BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYST SOLOMON EDWARDS 100 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: SOLOMON EDWARDS APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM JOBSCIENCE APP: All in Salesforce ADOPTION SOURCE OF TRUTH "Be honest about your current business needs. If you're in a fluid situation that requires an immense level of flexibility, find a platform that can provide that to you." % 1 Gained visibility that never existed before 2MONTHS
  12. 12. GLOBALFOUNDRIES Improves Visibility and Produces Quotes Faster with Apttus Complex data requirements. Rapid production schedules. Manual processes. Weeks of engineer time. Need for faster, more accurate quote generation. AVERAGE ANNUAL BENEFIT 3 KING OU DIRECTOR OF SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS GLOBALFOUNDRIES 419 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: GLOBALFOUNDRIES QUOTE GENERATION APTTUS APP: Time reduction $4,121,513ROI WEEKS TO DAYS "Creating a guide that focuses on your customers is the key to success when building and implementing a new solution." %
  13. 13. SolarWinds scales for growth with Fairsail Inefficient manual HR processes. Employee information scattered. Needed an agile HR system to keep pace with current and future growth. Rapid implementation One HR platform 80 Jen Alessandra SVP HR, SOLARWINDS 90 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: SOLARWINDS SCALING FOR GROWTH FAIRSAIL APP: in HR operations productivity employee growth enabled DAYS 1 6x TOOL TO MANAGE THEM ALL % INCREASE "Think: Will the app keep pace with the current and future growth of your workforce?"
  14. 14. National Head Start Association Grows Memberships and Donations with Fonteva Clunky old system. Hard to manage renewals and pay orders. Performance and functionality issues. INCLUDE DONATIONS Lori Christianson DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY, NHSA 80 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: NHSA GROW MEMBERSHIP & DONATIONS FONTEVA MEMBERNATION APP: In payment processing time SAVED DECREASE "Always have a good understanding within your organization of what people want out of your system when you are designing it. What you get is dependent on what you put into it." % In card processing time % 50 10% OF ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS
  15. 15. Digineer Taps Kimble to Improve Consulting Sales Forecasting Data integration frustrations. Lack of sales pipeline and forecast accuracy. No acceptable mobile solution. Forecast accuracy Training time 1 Bryce Austin CIO/CISO, DIGINEER "Having a sales tracking and ERP system that works with your business is critical to your business's success. 80 TOOL TO RULE THEM ALL CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: DIGINEER SALES FORECASTING ACCURACY KIMBLE APP: One source of truth % INCREASE 75TIME SAVED %
  16. 16. Twitter Transforms Compensation Management with Xactly Sales compensation practice was manual and outdated. Unsustainable compensation solution. Lack of visibility into sales compensation and commission. Visibility and transparency. Ease of use. Flexibility. REAL TIME ONLINE, SELF-SERVE, REAL-TIME COMPENSATION PLATFORM 100% Platform. Solution. Preetesh Bengali SALES COMPENSATION MANAGER, TWITTER "Build a solid yet flexible solution that can adapt to the company's growth." 1 MORE CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: TWITTER SALES COMPENSATION XACTLY APP: MOTIVATION & ENGAGEMENT
  17. 17. MobileIron Increases Call Center Efficiency with NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld Rudimentary integration with call center phone system. Need to scale customer support. Cannot hire additional staff. Shorter call times SAVINGS PER YEAR 25 Mike McCarron VP, CUSTOMER SUCCESS, MOBILEIRON 50 CHALLENGE:CUSTOMER: MOBILEIRON HIRING & INTEGRATION NEWVOICEMEDIA APP: In productivity $150,000TIME SAVED % GAIN "Technology that exists today and that will exist in the future will only make customers' experiences better. It's best to embrace that." %
  18. 18. Revolution Group Gains Company-Wide Visibility with FinancialForce PSA Three separate practices. Lack of transparency. Revolution Group needed company-wide collaboration and access to information via a single platform. hours/ month SAVED CALCULATING UTILIZATION TARGETS 100% BUSINESS Jessika Botruff SALESFORCE ADMIN, REVOLUTION GROUP Leverage the Salesforce Community and super users. It's like going to a psychologist. Lay out your problem, and they will give you a fresh perspective on how to approach the solution. CHALLENGE: APP:CUSTOMER: REVOLUTION GROUP COLLABORATION FINANCIALFORCE PSA 1 60 MOBILE + Entire company visibility into its three practices
  19. 19. Scott Fetzer Electrical Group Transformed Business Processes with Kenandy Too many spreadsheets, reports, and emails. Too much confusion. Scott Fetzer Electrical Group needed to move thei